Tampere Metal Meeting 2016 – Tampere Finland

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What would the summer be without metal festivals? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Finland is the real promised land of metal with festivals arranged all around Finland from the north to the south, from the east to the west. A new comer to the Finnish metal festival map is called Tampere Metal Meeting arranged for the first time. The debut year of the festival looked tremendous temptating and fabulous as far as the line-up is monitored ; Finntroll, Moonsorrow, Destroyer 666, Nocturnus AD, Tiamat etc. Metal-Rules.Com made the visit to Tampere Metal Meeting…


Whispered inspirited by the ancient Japanese culture and older visual-kei  approach, is quite a strange band on the Finnish metal map. After releasing three albums, the band is still relatively unknown. The playing by the four piece was tight and sharp, but especially fast melodic riffs crowned the whole samurai battle and melodic death metal. Whispered have developed the interesting concept and the guys are extremely skilled as for playing. Therefore it is odd they still play quite rarely up here in Finland.


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Lord Fist presents the more old school heavy metal approach by relying on the trad metal gimmicks. The solid melodic metal riff  flowed in the central park when the vocalist’s a bit out of tune voice brought the vibe of its own. Lord Fist strongly relies on the old school metal approach and a few unessential points don’t ruin that.


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The melo death combo titled Omnium Gatherum started the set when Lord Fist was still doing their own. Obviously there was some kind of a lack of communication between the stage staff. Apparently the band draws the attention cos people started leaving Lord Fist for Omnium Gatherum. But the vocalist’s eccentric and out of sense speeches and hassling at the stage started getting more annoying aspects that their set caused more second-hand embarrassment.

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Baptism presents the Finnish black metal genre and have been one of the leading names for years.. Baptism’s don’t rely on the chaotic headfirst based on the approach, instead dark and melancholic riffs sounded quite mellow and even harmonic  in the festival park. The vocalist Lord Sarcofagian’s eerie voice crowned the unholy mass of Baptism despite the minor sound failures. The newer material of the forthcoming album fitted well along with the older ones. However creating the utter blasphemic atmosphere these sorts of bands may need some grim places for black masses.


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The Man-Eating Tree is kind of a combination of Tool, Katatonia and even a little bit Type O Negative. At least all these melancholic and soft with the polished music may get the one a bit sleepy. The Type O Negative cover called Everything Dies is a nice addition.

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Circle was definitely the weirdest act of all bands booked at the festival. They are not metal at all, instead an odd combination of alternative stuff, psychedelic and a bit of metal aspects. Well nevermind after all, cos they were entirely out of control at the stage. Especially the keyboardplayer acted like having escaped from a local asylum. The weird mix and combination of chaotic performance and insane sounding songs as psychedelic meets metal drawn the interest and attention of the audience resulting the packed field in front the second stage.


Moonsorrow’s latest opus is definitely one hell of a masterpiece called Jumalten Aika. Unfortunately due to the limited playing time and massive long running time of each song Moonsorrow were only able to play five – six songs. Despite that Moonsorrow sounded bombastic and tremendous Bathoryish from time to time.  The audience got into the trance mood when songs such as “Raunioilla”, “Suden Tunti” etc cut the air. Killer gig with the killer songs.


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Demilich brought the real old school death metal vibe from the early 90’s. As the singer stated all the material was from the era. Well they haven’t published anything as stuck on playing the songs from the album. The old school death metal with the downturned gutted brutal death metal growling still sounded as brutal and barbaric as in the early 90’s. Besides Demilich guys have never been that mobile on the stage, instead focus on creating the brutal death metal.

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Insomnium have gained a good following in Finland during the last few years. The band’s albums have received good respond. Therefore seeing the huge crowd in front of the main stage wasn’t any surprise after all. The band kicked the set off with Mortal Share and continued the melancholic set with the catchy songs. The set balanced the newer and older material. In wake of Insomnium’s ethereal and atmospheric hymns it was a good way to conclude the first day.


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The four piece speed metal patrol Ranger doesn’t slow down, instead setting one gear ahead. Ranger usually sheds in clubs and indoor venues. Even though Ranger usually creates the speed metal hell in cubs, but for some reason they couldn’t the blistering ultra speed metal passion at TMM, but however the band kept the speedy metal rage on.


Jess And The Ancient Ones did a magicial show at the Jalometal fest at a small indoor venue. That was definitely full of magic and spells. The stuff of the Jess gets definitely justified in small venue whereas bigger stages don’t create the essential magic. The Jess got more and more into the metaphoric psychedelic atmosphere and the hippy feeling at the main big stage at TMM. Apparently that kind of psychedelic stuff needs to have a certain surrounding atmosphere. Originally the Jess was predicted a short lived band and compared to be another occult rock outfits, but they managed to crawl of that genre and survived.

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Barathrum that one of the oldest Finnish black metal compos usually rises the controversy due to the singer’s manners. The frontman was drunk as usual and the band started a bit late. Despite the lousy start and being a bit rusty, the frontman speeded up and got even better song after song. The band hammered each song with the filthy black metal grip. The barbaric vocals and raw metallish styles are those elements fitting to Barathrum.


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Nocturnus A.D. hit the second stage to deliver the entire album of The Key. It took a bit from the Florida guys to warm up until the riff started roaring out perfectly and the playing got on the right track. Playing those insane amount complicated riffs of The Key album ain’t that easy task for sure. The drummer/vocalist Browning was pounding the drums and handled all the vocals. The classic riffs of The Key cut the air with the magical sounds of the keyboards. Besides playing the whole KEY album, Nocturnus performed one brand new song and finally Chapel Of Ghouls to conclude the show when the heavy rain started pouring down


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Finntroll is always fun to watch as they usually arrange a good show with the polka forestmetal. The audience went totally beserk like dancing and hassling in the pit.   When Jaktens Tid was about to be started, the electrics went down, taking several minutes until they returned. The Trolls didn’t let the audience down and offered an enjoyable show.

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Destroyer 666 is basically the constant visitor up here in Finland. The outfit has established the true following and fanbase as their gigs are pretty much crowded and has the real feeling of the Australian steel. The band sounded extreme aggressive and brutal. The classic Destroyer tunes hammered the audience tremendous well as they got extreme wild reception. So got the Motorhead tune Iron First dedicated to the late frontman of Motorhead. Destroyer 666 always offers the guaranteed brutal set of fist pumping metal to the bone. The band does not compromise, just giving the total full attack of brutal blackened thrash metal.

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Tiamat seem to divide the opinions about their  style of the nowadays amongst metal fans to two different camps. The one would like it whereas the other dislikes it.  Well Tiamat’s frontman performed with the sunglasses on and in general the whole gig started being quite boring. The band focused on the material of the later era. The older songs were Gaia and Sleeping Beauty. In wake of Tiamat’s gothic performance, the people started leaving the area.


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