Interview with Terji of Tyr

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Interview with Terji of Tyr 

by JP


Hello!  Congratulations on your first solo album.   After all these years, what made you decide it was time for a solo album?

Thanks! I have wanted to make a solo album since I started playing guitar. And since TÝR has had some time off, it was perfect timin for me to record and release it.

I noticed it is on the Tutl label.  That is the same table as the first few independent Tyr albums.   Are you going to shop you album around to other labels?

When I have recorded my second album I will see if other labels are interested in releasing that one. And possibly this one as well.

 TerjI live
What are the main challenges of doing everything yourself?  Conversely, do you feel you have more freedom because you don’t have to collaborate?

The main challenge is the songwriting and to get everything together. But this album is meant as a guitar solo album, so that’s mainly in focus. The next album will be more diverse and possibly vocals on some songs.

I noticed your songs are quite traditional and melodic, perhaps even with a bit of an 80’s feel at times.  Who are some of your favourite guitarists that inspired when you were working on this album?  Do I hear a few little hints of Joe Satriani? 

Yeah I’ve always been inspired by the 80’s Rock/metal. Favourite ones as far as solo albums go would be Marty Friedman, Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen. Those are the main inspirations. But I’ve heard that before that people hear hints of Joe Satriani, myself I have not thought about that.

Did you ever consider having vocals or bringing various guest vocalists onto your album?

Yes, the plan was to have vocals on the album but I changed my mind mid-process cause like said I have always wanted to release a instrumental solo album.

What kind of gear and set-up did you use for the recording of your solo album?

Guitar wise was very simple: guitar-Radial JDI-Kemper profiler into Logic Pro. I used various guitars on the album but mostly Ibanez.

This is perhaps a predictable question, but can you explain some of the inspirations behind a few of your songs?  In my experience, many instrumental albums each song has a specific meaning behind it. 

The song Beloved is written to my son when he was newborn. Destiny has some classical inspiration, the main riff/melody I had written about 10 years ago. Finally had some use for it.

Do you plan to tour or do some clinics in support of your new solo album? 

Not at the moment. We are working on the new TYR album now. Maybe after that album is out.

What was the most satisfying aspect of releasing your debut solo album? 

To finally being able to get the music released. It’s been on my mind for too many years now. And now it will only be easier to get the second album started.

Thank you for writing and performing on an excellent record!  

Thank you very much!