Orden Ogan – The Book of Ogan (DVD)

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Reviewed: June 2016
Released: 2016, AFM Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Erich



If you are a true fan of Orden Ogan then you should be purchasing THE BOOK OF OGAN immediately. The package is the band’s first DVD release and they have filled it to near bursting with goodies. Essentially, you get 2 DVDs worth of material which includes all of the band’s videos, documentary footage of most of the members from their early days to present, 2 full live concerts, and more. There are also 2 CDs of music, one being the band’s greatest hits from 2008-2015 and the other being the first official label release of the band’s 2004 demo TESTIMONIUM A.D. Added up and there are over six hours of Orden Ogan here. So kick back, free up your weekend, and prepare to be entertained and educated about everything you ever wanted to know about the band.

The first DVD contains a 90-minute documentary spanning about 2 decades, all of the band’s music videos, as well as interviews with band regarding the making of each studio album. There is plenty of backstage footage as well. The second DVD contains the two live shows, the first being from the Rock Harz Open Air in 2015 and the second is from Brose Arena Bamberg in 2015. Both performances are inspired, showing the Orden Ogan at their peak abilities. Excluding the indoor versus outdoor setting, the shows are quite similar, with the set lists for each being virtually identical. Only 3 songs at the Bamberg show are absent from Rock Harz performance. The signature moment for me comes as the band closes with perhaps their most beloved song, “The Things We Believe In” to the delight of the fans at Rock Harz.

One of the strengths of the live shows is the outstanding sound quality, which does justice to the often speedy and intricate passages of many of the songs. Included as bonus content are a couple of live songs from different shows, one being “Easton Hope” from Wacken in 2010, and “Angel’s War” from Summer Breeze in 2013. A couple of interviews and an animated video round out some of the bonus content. Credit AFM for putting together a complete package for a rising and excellent band. There is something here for everyone, and THE BOOK OF OGAN should more than serve to tide fans over until the next album is released.


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Track Listing:
DVD 1: Documentary – The History Of Orden Ogan
01. Introduction
02. Part I: 1996-2008 – Becoming A Band
03: Part II: 2008 – Vale
04: Part III: 2010 – Easton Hope 05: Part IV: 2012 – To The End 06. Part V: 2015 – Ravenhead 07: Part VI: 2015 – ? – Conclusion

Music videos:

2004: Angels War
2008: The Lords Of The Flies 2010: We Are Pirates!
2010: Easton Hope
2012: The Things We Believe In 2012: Land Of The Dead
2012: Masks
2015: F.E.V.E.R

Bonus content:
– The Making Of “To The End”
– “Rhapsody”-Tour Report
– The Making Of “The Things We Believe In”

DVD 2: Orden Ogan Live
Orden Ogan Live At Rock Harz Open Air 2015
01. Orden Ogan
02. F.E.V.E.R
03. Deaf Among The Blind
04. We Are Pirates!
05. Farewell
06. Ravenhead
07. Here At The End Of The World
08. Sorrow Is Your Tale
09. Announcement
10. The Things We Believe In

ORDEN OGAN Live At Brose Arena Bamberg 2015
01. Orden Ogan
02. F.E.V.E.R
03. To New Shores Of Sadness 04. The Lords Of The Flies
05. To The End
06. Ravenhead
07. We Are Pirates!
08. Deaf Among The Blind
09. The Things We Believe In

Bonus content:
– “Angels War” Live At Summer Breeze 2013
– “Easton Hope” Live At Wacken 2010
– “Rites Of Vale” Animated Comic
– “Masks” Alternative Clip
– Festival Report 2013
– EMP/Rockinvasion Interview At Summer Breeze 2013
– Rock Hard Interview At Bang Your Head 2015
– Sons Of Metal Interview In Paris 2014 / 2015

CD 1: “All These Dark Years – The Best Of 2008 – 2015”
1. To The End
2. F.E.V.E.R
3. All These Dark Years
4. The Things We Believe In
5. To New Shores Of Sadness
6. A Reason To Give
7. Farewell
8. We Are Pirates!
9. The Lords Of The Flies
10. The Ice Kings
11. Deaf Among The Blind
12. Masks
13. Ravenhead
14. Requiem

CD 2: “Testimonium a.d.” (Demo 2004)
1. Testimonium a.d.
2. Ethereal Ocean
3. Angels War
4. Moods
5. Y, U, Id Ant My
6. Golden
7. The Step Away

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Production Year: 2016