Four By Fate – Relentless

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Reviewed: June 2016
Released: 2016, The End Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

My introduction to Four By Fate was through my friend Sean Kelly who was there at the group’s humble beginnings. Unfortunately Sean’s stint with FXF was short lived and he moved onto other project’s. The band kept going and here in 2016 we get this killer debut CD.

Four By Fate is two parts of Frehley’s Comet from the late 80’s and after listening to this disc it’s easy to tell the massive contribution they made to Ace’s band. Without John and Todd, Frehley’s Comet would have sounded quite different in my opinion. After listening to RELENTLESS you can hear some of the similarities in the vocal harmonies and in the song melodies.

The album kicks off with the insanely catchy “These Times Are Hard For Lovers”. This is melodic Hard Rock at it’s finest. It has all the grooves and hooks that make it stay in your head for ages and this upbeat style carries on with “Moonshine” which is another all out rocker. Good stuff. The third track, “Hangin’ On” is one of the heaviest of the album. The intro is just bass and drum heaviness to the N’th degree. They continue this heaviness on to “Levee Breach” which is the heaviest on the album. Pure Metal magic that takes the heavy and mixes in some great grooves. This and the album opener are my personal favourite songs. The entire disc is not full on, balls to the wall Hard Rockers unfortunately. They do have a few slower numbers on the album that can rival many from yesteryear. Some of it will have you thinking of Tod and John’s former band.

Whilst this album has me reminiscing about years gone by when I bought a new tape without hearing a single note of it beforehand, it is still fresh and modern. The songs are fresh, catchy and just make you smile. RELENTLESS is the album for those warm sunny Summer days out on the back deck, cranked up with a cold beverage. An album that is meant to be cranked up and enjoyed.


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Track Listing:
1. These Times Are Hard For Lovers
2. Moonshine
3. Hangin’ On
4. Levee Breach
5. It’s Over Now
6. Follow Me
7. On My Own
8. I Give
9. Don’t Know
10. Back In The 80’s
11. Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo
12. Amber Waves
13. Amber Waves (Acoustic)

Tod Howarth
John Regan
Rob Affuso
Patrick James