Damn Pigeon – Whisky Sinners

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Reviewed: June 2016
Released: 2016, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Southern Ontario’s Damn Pigeon return with an edgier follow-up to 2014‘s RE-COOP. The slightly heavier new disc is not a drastic change of pace than previously heard but enough to notice and give the tunes that extra little bit of oomph. As much as I liked RE-COOP, I like this one more already.

WHISKY SINNERS is a more uniform album with a more cohesive sound. It flows better as one song works off the next with no drastic change of pace. A solid disc from start to finish as it incorporates many different styles, yet remains true to it’s Metal roots. From the first single, “Starlight” to the last track on the CD, “Everywhere” you’re in for a beautiful listening experience. Doug’s vocals echo back to the late 80’s Melodic Hair Metal while the drums and bass give it the heaviness and the guitar is the glue that gels them all together. The track “Whisky, Sinners, Devils and You” is the perfect example of this formula. The guitars crunch, the vocals are melodic and the backbeat is heavy. The perfect mix. Another example is the faster paced, “Kill Switch” with its double kicks. Easily one of the many stand out tracks on the album as is the somewhat humorous, “Stripper Crotch” that is listed as A Cautionary Tale.

Overall, an enjoyable album that takes some of the aspects of 80’s Metal and make them fresh again. WHISKY SINNERS is a new classic Hard Rock album.


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Track Listing:

Joe Edmiston – guitars and vocals,

Doug Weir – guitars and lead vocals

Steve Proctor – guitars

Jason Latimer – drums

Steve Proud – bass guitars