Brett Miller – Oath Of Dagon

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Reviewed: June 2016
Released: 2016, Indie Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Digging deep into the underground and unearthing new artists is what we like to do here at Although not a brand-new artist, this is our first time reviewing a CD by independent American Metal guitarist Brett Miller.

Brett has just released his third independent full-length CD, (and 5th release overall) entitled OATH OF DAGON. The ten-song, 48 minute (mostly) instrumental album is top quality! The overall theme of the album is based on he work of American, horror-fiction author HP Lovecraft. A self-professed Lovecraft freak, Miller has taken the time to develop and compose ten songs based on the Lovecraftian mythos to great effect. I must admit that I have never read Lovecraft so many of the references are lost on me, but, I also appreciate the influence and impact that Lovecrafts work has had on many Metal artists. The end result is dark, horror themed album of instrumental guitar work ranging from progressive styles to some shred. Although the songs are instrumental there are many spoken word parts scattered through the songs. The songs are like mini-suites very much like a movie soundtrack in style, especially little sections like the opening of slower cuts like ‘The Plateau Of Leng’. The production is solid and although I would have liked to hear the spoken words parts a little higher in the mix, I’m sure they were set back on purpose to add to the creepy effect of semi-audible whispers in the dark background. His playing is quite angular and disjointed adding to the mood of the album. There is lots here for fans of unconventional guitar to enjoy.

There is a visual component as well as the CD includes a 26-page download of Lovecraft inspired artwork provided by Marcelo Blanco. There is a physical edition of the Dream Journal available, it comes with a download card designed to fit in with the artwork. OATH OF DAGON is an ambitious piece of art and one that deserves more attention.


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Track Listing:
1. R’lyeh
2. Old Zadok Allen
3. Sentinel Hill
4. Plateau of Leng
5. Al Azif: The Howling of Demons
6. House of Jermyn
7. Mr. Noyes
8. The Gilman Hospitality
9. Plate XII
10. Nyarlathotep

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