Marduk + Immolation @ G2 , Glasgow

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Marduk + Immolation + Origin +Bio-Cancer

@G2, Glasgow

10th March 2016

Review By Pete Mutant


The Glasgow sun was beating down on a day in which several metallic titans were encroaching to blast fourth with such apocalyptic brutality the likes of which could have been prophesied as being the four metal bands of the apocalypse. They all came baring different styles of destruction, each one more iniquitously cataclysmic than the last- something there for every headbanger to willfully catapult themselves towards their own annihilation.

The venue was the Garage G2, a small but worthy arena for the ‘ear piercing Thrash’ of Greek outfit Bio-Cancer, the ‘debased humanity’ of Origin, the ‘swarm of terror’ induced by Immolation and the ‘steel inferno’ of Marduk. These four bands have the combined force of nothing short of a supernova and to have them in a confined space such as G2 may have been the scheme of some nihilistic cult. This was of course one scheme that we could all get behind.

The doors were announced to open half an hour earlier than listed; only a few hours before the music was meant to begin. This had the undesired effect of shortening the bands’ set times- curfew can really be a monumental bitch. Of course we have to just accept these things as they are way outwith the realms of our control. There was still plenty of time afforded to cram in some chaotic music in our humble digs for this evening and first up we were about to get a taste of some Greek carcinogenic thrash.

Bio-Cancer [3.5/5] were more invigorating than malignant. Due to constraints, the beginning portion of their set was missed but what was on show was quite impressive. They had a fluid brand of riffs matched with intense vocals and potent rhythm. Their brand of thrash brought some early bouts of headbanging throughout the, at that time, sparsely populated crowd. Packed with plenty of groove and the dark, harsh vocals of Lefteris, Bio-Cancer went full throttle, smashing through their set at a blinding pace. The dual guitar solos came off with great effect as Bio-Cancer brought their set to the crowd in a ferocious manner, at maximum velocity.

Bio-Cancer had got the show off with an impressive display of modern thrash, butt was Origin [4.0/5] up next and the abrasive quartet from Topeka, Kansas were about to provide the ultimate backing to the soundtrack of oblivion that was being churned out in the dark setting of G2. Origin were intense- intense beyond intense. The mad combination of technical prowess and brutal savagery that the band employed was a sight and sound to behold. Their ravenous appetite for chaotic scenes of movement was a pivotal feature of their live show with vocalist Jason Keyser not accepting a scene of mosh-pit-less stagnation. They brought plenty of inspiration to the crowd which was still yet to get down and physical.

But luckily they did, and the pits began. Only a few dared to contribute whilst the sonic abuse was getting blasted out by the mighty Origin. Keyser didn’t seem too be all to impressed with the early efforts and pushed for more involvement. He managed to coordinate a wall of death by splitting those there for the Death Metal on the left and those there for the Black Metal on the right. There was one attendee in the middle who Keyser assumed to be the guy that came for the Thrash which brought out a few laughs from the crowd. Being the first genre split wall of death that I have been in the vicinity of, I had to get involved and it was a blast.

Seeing Bassist Mike Flores go up and down the fret board, tapping, sliding and generally looking like he was holding onto the bass for dear life was mesmerizing. The band  were utterly potent and had a powerful force of music that was as insane as it was articulate. Keyser constantly stoked the flames of bedlam from the crowd. He even singled myself out for being on the phone, taking notes for this review. He naturally thought I was texting, called me a cunt and said he hated my face but I guess I would have done the same on that stage seeing someone staring into their phone whilst such effective music was being played. Guess I should take notes a bit away from the band’s view next time or at least dim the brightness on my device!

They played a blinding set and next up we were going to get some more Death Metal from New York legends Immolation who hadn’t been to Glasgow since 2007. There was a lot of time to make up for.

Immolation [5/5] are one of Death Metal’s all time greatest acts and to have them in Glasgow once again was incredible. Some fans had waited nine years since their last trip round these parts and you could tell that Immolation had pulled a large crowd as the G2 was filled up all the way to the back of the venue. The crowd cheered excessively when the band took the stage before opening with ‘All That Awaits Us’ to bring proceedings underway.

At first something seemed a little off and there wasn’t much impact through the sound  mix, but by the third song ‘Father,You’re Not A Father’. whatever it was that was causing this had been sorted out, and the thunderous music was at a deafening extreme. We were getting treated to a mix of old and new with Immolation taking us all the way back to ‘Dawn Of Possession’ with ‘Into Everlasting Fire’ being rammed down our throats. Their presence was gigantic, their music was traumatic. To see Bob Vigna up on stage appearing to be conducting the crowd with rash spins and jolts of his six stringed scepter whilst moving through the gears of some blinding solos was spellbinding. Ross Dolan’s sweeping headbangs in between his filthy guttural vocals set an extraordinary scene.

The pits were in full swing and the crowd were soaking up every putrid drop of down right rotten Death Metal unleashed by Immolation. We got the title track of ‘Kingdom Of Conspiracy’, ‘Majesty of Decay’ and ‘What They Bring’ before Immolation took a brief pause to announce their intentions to hit the studio next month to begin recording their tenth album. The crowd loved the announcement and were ready to join Immolation in a push for a grand finish when ‘Spectre Of Lies’ brought their set to a glorious end.

What a hard act to follow, but if any band had the ability to recapture the impetus, Marduk [5/5] certainly was that band. This was their show after all, being on the fourth leg of the European tour for ‘Frontschwein’, and they had to steal it back, which was no easy task! As the band entered with the corpse paint to full effect, the crowd went delirious and as the smoke was billowing, Marduk began to play.

They opened up with ‘Frontschwein’ then brought a bit of bounce to the night as ‘The Blonde Beast’ reared its ugly head. We were taken through the years as ‘Still Fucking Dead’ from Marduk’s first album, ‘Dark Endless’, was played to the still energetic crowd.The set list was well chosen by the band as each song furthered the crowd’s ballistic nature towards even more sadistic fury. We got a mix of fast and chaotic with with dark and slow when ‘Cloven Hoof’ bled through to ‘To The Death’s Head True’ both from 2003’s ‘World Funeral’, leaving the audience in a state of eager anticipation as to what would come next.

The four piece band of Marduk were clinical in their delivery. The sound was incredible as every note played, every cymbal struck and every icy vocal was breathtakingly hurled towards us and was absorbed and exonerated by the crowd. Mortuus cut a demonic silhouette in the darkness and a fiery form in the light. Morgan Håkansson’s guitar playing was a force to be reckoned with,  backed by the grim rhythm of Devo and the cacophonous fury of Widigs drumming who all combined to such merciless effect.

Their set was drawing to a close as ‘Panzer Division Marduk’ signalled towards a ruthless finish. The final curtain of the evening was called with ‘Souls For Belial’ which brought one last serving of Marduk’s mighty Black Metal ire. The crowd still wanted more but alas no encore was done and we all vacated the venue ecstatic with the show that we had just witnessed. The bands were all on true form that night and it goes to show just how the bands such as Immolation and Marduk have been successful in their longevity. Glasgow won’t forget this gig and will have an insatiable appetite for more shows of the same ilk.