Netherlands Deathfest – Tilburg Hollan

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by iñaki pinhead of SHOOT EM ALL PHOTOGRAPHY!!

(Please note the translation from Spanish to English is rough and we thank Inaki for covering this show and writing this story in a language other than his own. We tried to limit the editing to a bare minimum to capture the original words. )



This  classic phrase like something out of the TV series Game of Thrones could be likened to the situation we witnessed in this first edition of the festival NDF, which is nothing other than a continuation of the extinct and NEUROTIC DeathFest.  NDF last year decided to close down after several years with big bands here and there, in the most extreme scenario to the delight of lovers of the most extreme sounds.  Well, some leave, others arrive, and it is better when practically all the logistical work is already done: an organization of 10, a fully renovated room and possibly the best bands we have on this continent.  It is the same idea, only nuanced and perhaps with the intention of creating more Europe version “light” of his classic MARYLAND DeathFest.

I think with all these elements in their favour, it would not be difficult to succeed as it was seems to have been since before to end of  of NDF,  the organizers were already announcing a new version.  Recently the first names were given, and the line continues like, to follow without a doubt the guidelines marked from the States, and mix the more extreme sounds, but keeping a great broad-mindedness, that maybe was missing from its predecessor, which is positive in some cases, but not both others.

But let’s get to the point: 3 days, 3 scenarios (one, a classic in another festival held in the locality at other times, and that is more than a classic, I mean the Roadburn) and a lot brutal music .


As I mentioned, this NDF, resembles more the Maryland Deathfest, and is more open-minded when it comes to creating a wild line up, although not as diverse as the American, the first day is dedicated to GRINDCORE, HC- GRIND, where there were a number of bands which we have killed at another time to see, but as they say, time does not pass in vain, and we could see some of them.  As usual you might as well forget to see the first bands on the first day … First you have to get to Eindhoven (get something in Tilburg is impossible) settled in the hotel, and then take the train that takes you to this small town, about 30 minutes train about. The first thing that surprised me to get there is radical change, in every way, not just the room change that was radical, but the entire area which seemed to have become a meeting place for artists and other entertainment, with places to see their work etc.

Once inside, the thing was to try and locate things in this new complex, which has increased in size.  Now it is not that everything is bigger, is immense. Gone is the Batcave, which was used as 4 scenario Roadburn, and now is the balcony of the Green Room, or second stage. But the surprise was when we entered the main stage MOTHER OF GOD !!!! THIS LOOKS LIKE A FOOTBALL FIELD !!  These and other expressions out of our mouths, to the astonishment of seeing something so huge for the first time.  Already in place it was time to start enjoying the event and started with the catchy music “light” and madmen Russians, who practice a Slam brutal crushing death musically, although they seem to copy the last videoclip of any hip-hop star.

After that, perhaps, and as staff one of my thorn stuck for a long time was going to be uprooted, starring DROPPED, who promised to be unforgettable, and it was, but on the downside, as despite the attitude and desire, they sounded horrible,  Perhaps the sandman was drunk or had gone on vacation, which among veterans to Neurotic think a little unlikely.   We asked ourselves, “Is this perhaps too large enclosure for bands of this caliber?”

With a halo of bad feeling and semi-depression we move once more in the second stage to see a modern version of Suffocation, and the whole scene NYNJ, but in their version more wild.  Disentomb satiate our thirsty throats for blood with ultra-technical, brutal Death Metal; a totally devastating show.  I stood there astonished.  The difference between the sound of the main stage and this side, also re-modelled and expanded was palpable, and perhaps Dropped here had washed away.  It was a matter of checking if that had happened was because I had a deaf, or na band low hours, I choose the former, as DOOM, blew off the bench.  They sounded like a cannon, and were in enviable shape, playing all classics and creating a huge moshpit the style of the old school, and even more when you heard a classic like “Police Bastard”.  TREMENDOUS sounds !!

With hardly any time to breathe, MAGRUDERGRIND did to us what they wanted and we destroyed the few remaining neutrons inus. This first day, which was originally was not the most interesting, ended up being one of the best.

And finally came the moment awaited by many, including many fans I met…just what we expected from a concert of a band like AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, which are led by the Scott Hull madhouse?  It was a unique and unrepeatable experience. Grindcore, wild machining between two voices, a male-female duet, which left us all with faces of imbeciles, looking at each other without knowing what to say seeing the tremendous display  of brutality.  Does the band belong on a festival bill?  Yes, they are, if not the best, but certainly one of the best.  I already felt dizzy, having hardly eaten anything, moving from stage to stage, where I was given a local dish to eat, but little did I know of what was to come.

As the Italians CRIPPLE BASTARDS played, we still remained.  My friend had claimed to see DROPPED, but he never imagined he would see INFEST, and he was about to enjoy one of my favourite bands on a huge stage, which made me feel an excitement and an enormous desire to enjoy them like I’ll never have, including, the time I saw them on the vastness of the main stage in 2013.

Tremendously the shows were marked by  smooth sound and showing that they are a classic that despite the years, they are still  amazing.  I literally flew with their fast hard-core, power-violence, or whatever the hell you want to call it!  THANK NDF for bringing them !!!

And I just as I caught my breathe,  an all-out attack was perpetrated by well-trained murderers who came from Swedish lands (who were waiting in the Green Room, or second stage) to give us the coup de grace.  IN CRUST WE TRUST hit the stage  nd upended the festival.  We saw Wolfbrigade all watching quietly from the balcony of the stage, and not stopping to dance to the rhythm that marked this machine demolition !!! And with this I just the first day, as it was impossible to access the Patronaat and see UNDERGRANG, the organization should improve a lot if you want to follow in the footsteps of its predecessor … until tomorrow or maybe not?


Earlier, I had eaten some Kebabs, disgusting fucking food,  this one did nothing but get me sick and spend all day which band spewing gore-grind in a dream of its wettest.  What my friends told me, was that the day was quite normal, and that mixture of Thrash bands and Black and Death, did not work, but there was incredible performances like ANGEL CORPSE, FLESH PARADE, PIG DESTROYER, REVENGE, THANATOS, and pulling in two of the best bands of our country, each in its style, WORMED And HAEMORRHAGE.


Even with the aftermath of a battered stomach, but eager to compensate me, because this if it was my day, I went to see a band that had long been wanting to see live, after enjoying his music again and again, and this was none other than MORPHEUS DESCENDS, which I literally went down to the inferno where swallow enough sulphur to destroy the bug that was fucking my stomach and let me enjoy an unforgettable evening. I have no words to describe his performance, only the enjoyment as if there were no tomorrow, and that the big stage, did not in this case cause havoc on his performance and what the first day were all lamentations cheers and thanks again of all those present.

Another of the best bands to emerge in recent times waiting for us to bury us with their Death Metal, (a  cadaverous kind old school Death, like Derkerta and Exhumed, but these more dirty and nasty)  were GRUESOME !!!

After these, a short break to see some of SQUASH BOWELS and prepare for the best band of the festival, one that would be no doubt but that the number 1 is placed, with unmatched performance. See, I have seen them sometimes, but this time was exciting as any. New singer, totally androgynous, which seemed like a idol if you looked at the face, but when he sang for a demon. The entrance of this member has been given more focus and that we could check them out with a really huge sound and amazing performance. I personally, after that, and even being many things, I thought to myself that this was becoming unhinged,  first because my gastric distress would not leave me alone and fatigue was evident.  But much remained to taste as up next were DEMILICH, which had problems before coming to Antti with the fucking doll, and with the help of a friend of those that appear in Finnish lands kicking the stone could terrorize us with his death old school style metal.  With that deep, non-human voice we knew that it would be our best concert as he made it clear who’s boss.  There was still to see another of the pleasant surprises of the event, FUNEBRARUM, a compendium of members, which is Daryl ex Assück, among other bands and make a death metal perfect for your funeral. IMPRESSIVE!

ASPHYX never disappoints, but I had to dine, and missed them but was in time to see headliner AUTOPSY.  The only thing that could can be said against them, that after having seen them three times, this was not the best, by otherwise a near perfect show, playing classics here and there and Chris Reifert very happy to be back on the 013 after a few years ago they played NDF.

Unfortunately, I am not a wealthy man who can afford the extortionate prices of the city of Tilburg and accommodation we missed SEVERE TORTURE and INTERMENT, as I had to catch the train back to Eindhoven.  I can’t wait for a new edition of Netherlands Deathfest next year where I hope they improve on the few things that are missing, and to eventually reach the level of its predecessor.  However, already there is a sign that if you visit the  official  festival Facebook Page, the early announcements will make your mouth water, and even though we have to wait almost a year…