Philip Lynott – Solo In Soho (LP)

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Reviewed: May 2016
Released: 2016, Music On Vinyl
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Being a relatively new Thin Lizzy fan, I had not heard this album until now. Again, the folks at Music On Vinyl have released another top shelf album. SOLO IN SOHO was originally released while Lynott was still in Thin Lizzy and it features guest appearances by most of his bandmates. You have Scott Gorham, Brian Downey, Gary Moore and Snowy White. Even Brian Robertson co-wrote a song. It’s no wonder the album has a bit of a Lizzy-vibe to it.

Even though this was a fairly dark time for both Phil and the band, he managed to release an album that many fans could enjoy. Similar to the Duff album that I reviewed this month (that coincidently came out on the same label), it is the debut solo album from a bass playing musician from a famous band. Both albums are a slight departure from their band’s work but not to the point of totally alienating their fans. While Duff had the (C)Rap track, Philip has the Disco song “Tattoo”. I’d much prefer the latter as it is listenable. With that said, it’s the album’s weakest part which is not too bad. It is immediately followed by the Reggae-tinged title track to keep that ‘Party’ mood flowing. Definitely a sign of the times with the heavy use of keys. This plays out through the album on several songs making for an inconsistent release. When Phil is on, such as during a song like “Ode To A Black Man” or “Jamaican Rum”, he’s on and in full Lizzy mode.

My overall thoughts on this LP are twofold. One way it is refreshing to hear some different styles from the Thin Lizzy frontman. If we want a Lizzy album we can buy one. On the other hand, there was no new album at the time so to hear Philip’s music, this was it. There are some great songs on here and some cool guitar playing. It may be a guilty pleasure to listen to some of the songs but overall it’s an enjoyable listen. I hope that Musoc On Vinyl follow it up later the year with his second solo album, THE PHILIP LYNOTT ALBUM.


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Track Listing:
Side A
1. Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
2. King’s Call
3. A Child’s Lullaby
4. Tattoo (Giving It All Up For Love)
5. Solo In Soho
Side B
1. Girls
2. Yellow Pearl
3. Ode To A Black Man
4. Jamaican Rum
5. Talk In ‘79