Acid Death – Hall Of Mirrors

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Reviewed: May 2016
Released: 2015, 7Hard/7us
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Acid Death is one of the oldest death metal band in Greece. After a ten-year break up (2001-2011) they are back with a strong and brutal death metal anthem, HALL OF MIRRORS, their sixth death metal effort.

Death metal field is a serious and difficult metal subgenre to create any new songs and performing new ideas. Almost all metal bands eventually run out of ideas and revert to imitating their influences or repeating themselves. The latter have no plan beyond releasing the expected new record every eighteen months more or less or so to put a product on the shelves that the label can push and the band can tour to support on a release schedule.

Acid Death belong to those few chosen ones that can make a difference and have something new to say with their own deadly way as we speak of a proficient quartet that are not teenagers. This means that their songs are grown up and well-constructed battering rams.

Savvas Betinis sounded just as rabid as ever but in every song sprouted off the title of the song in the chorus of the song as a vocal hook. All the players here are aware of what they are doing and expected to do. Practically every aspect of this album is sufficient, but my favorite out of it all is the guitar work. John Anagnostou and Dennis Kostopoulos give riffs and solos that are almost as powerful as they are technical. You can tell that they both knew what they were doing when they went into the studio to record this album. It manages to run strong throughout the album and never at any point weaken. Everything else is good enough about this album as well. Kostas Alexis worths a great mention of giving his own soul via his percussion that was excellent!

This is some of the best work that Acid Death has ever released. It isn’t one of those albums that you forget about, musically. You can’t remember everything it contains, but that’s practically impossible. It is an album where you can marvel and greatly appreciate due to the immensely sufficient and sophisticated technicality that is heard on it. This is an album that I greatly recommend to fans of progressive metal, death metal and anyone who isn’t too close-minded to not get past the guttural vocals. We are all proud of those musicians who still have the star upon them.


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Track Listing:
1. Hell’s Maw
2. Mental Slime
3. Truth Revealed
4. Life and Death
5. The Unfair Fight
6. Hall of Mirrors
7. Taste of the Erratic
8. Ghostship
9. Planes of the Eternal Dead
10. Supreme Act of Heroism

Savvas Betinis – Bass, Vocals
Kostas Alexakis – Drums
John Anagnostou – Guitar
Dennis Kostopoulos – Guitar