Cannibal Corpse & Krisiun : Nosturi Helsinki Finland

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Cannibal Corpse /  Krisiun

The 21st of April 2016
Nosturi Helsinki Finland

Cannibal Corpse has managed to maintain such a loyal and renewing fan base during these years. When the gore death metallers made the first visit to Finland back in 1998 with Dark Funeral and Infernal Majesty, I dare to claim the audience was totally different and none of those who attended that show, hardly arrived at Nosturi to witness Cannibal Corpse along with the Brazilian death metal trio Krisiun. However, it was overwhelming to note as between 400-500 deathbangers crawled to Nosturi on Thursday to share the pit of zombies and get devoured by vermin.

The evening got kicked by an relatively unknown Italian band named Hideous Divinity. The five piece delivered and sounded tight and of course brutal as hell.  The group did an uncompromising, yet technical death metal with the extreme skilled playing. Even though Hideous Divinity handled the aspect of the technical death metal, but otherwise the material sounded a bit too modern for someone’s taste. All in all if the technical death metal with the skilled playing appeals, check out Hideous Divinity.

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Krisiun is known for being a savage and more than brutal live sounding band and above all with tight playing without slowing down and no unexpected compromise. Krisiun sounds truly brutal. The trio definitely know how to unleash a pure blitzkrieg of brutal death metal with one guitar. The band stands for the fiery and furious DIY attitude on the stage as the hardworking trio who has conquered the metal world with the ultimate passion. Singer Alex Camargo’s deep and dark growling sounds pure godly and brings the death metal vibe. Moyses Kolesne’s guitar playing is tight and extremely skilled and Max Kolesne’s drumming crowns the black force domain by these Conquerors of Armageddon. Krisiun stands for true to the roots death metal.


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As stated above, Cannibal Corpse made their debut visit to Finland back in 1998. Since then the corpses have visited Finland nearly every second album and have done a few small tours. When getting to the CC gig, it is known what to expect from them and their set. They rely on the simple and safe way of bursting the death metal out. Each one of the five piece has the exact spot on the stage where the gigantic frontman with his big bull neck and tremendous hairwhip stands in the center as a war general commanding the audience to go berserk. The setlist was tremendous covering songs from 12 albums in all in all. Even though the latest album A Skeletal Domain came out in 2014, however three songs were the part of the massive listset. Above all, the older, and of course fastest songs, got the wildest and most brutal response on the floor and in the pit. Webster’s spiderfinger playing style has become a trademark for the creation of the deadly sounds of Cannibal Corpse whereas the double guitar work by Barret and O’Brien brings the lethal sounds and vibes. Of course George Fisher’s growling.  The band hasn’t lost inch as for the credibility and shared the common core of their death metal attitude, just keeping it real and pushing it forward year after year.


Evisceration Plague
The Time to Kill Is Now
Scourge of Iron
Death Walking Terror
Stripped, Raped and Strangled
The Wretched Spawn
Pit of Zombies
Kill or Become
Sadistic Embodiment
Icepick Lobotomy
Covered With Sores
Born in a Casket
I Cum Blood
Unleashing the Bloodthirsty
Make Them Suffer
Hammer Smashed Face
Devoured by Vermin

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