Vader- Interview with James Stewart @ The Classic Grand, Glasgow

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@ The Classic Grand, Glasgow

 8th April, 2016

Interview by Pete Mutant


It has been a year since we at last sat down with James Stewart, drummer for Polish death metal titans Vader.

This time round  we were here to intrude on the band’s narrow window of time for setting up for their supporting role in Overkill’s UK leg of the Killfest tour 2016.

Although it was a fairly brief encounter, we managed to get some fairly big announcements from James who, although being strapped for time, was able to sit down and talk about the past, present and future of Vader.

PM: Sitting with James from Vader, how you doing James?
JS: Great Thanks

PM: Fourth stop on the Killfest tour, a whirlwind tour with 8 stops in 9 days, how’s the tour been so far?
JS: So far it’s been really really cool. One Machine guys are great, Overkill guys are great, crowds have been good, you know. We’re a few days in now and everything is coming together everybody is really happy with it.

PM: How did you get involved with the Killfest tour?
JS: We were invited to play it so we said yeah, that was really it.

PM: It must take a lot of energy to get through something like this, how does Vader keep doing this consistently night after night on the spin?
JS: Well it’s our job you know we’re professionals; our job is to just do this everyday. I mean, you build up some momentum and get into the routine and you crack on with it really.

PM: Do you find it difficult on deciding on a setlist before going out?
JS: Yeah totally. We totally have trouble with the setlist always because we have way, way too many songs.

PM: It’s a very extensive discography isn’t it going back over the years?
JS: It’s almost 35.

PM: It’s incredible isn’t it?
JS: So there’s a lot of things we have to take into consideration on a tour like this when we are playing to Overkill fans we need to sort of do a, suppose you can call it a listener’s digest version of Vader you know, just the hits and a couple of songs from the last album, and just prepping the ground really for when we come back either later this year or earlier next year as a headliner.

PM: That’s good to hear. Now 2016 is quite an important year for Vader as it has now been 30 years since what some may consider the breakthrough gig Metalmania back in 1986, from the history you know was this the gig that put Vader on the map?
JS: It’s hard to say what specifically broke Vader, I mean Metalmania is definitely the first real start for Vader but I think, and if it weren’t for that gig and for Vader doing all the groundwork then, they never would of released ‘Morbid Reich’, which is actually the EP that really broke the whole thing you know- that is what brought them to the attention of Earache and the rest is history.


PM: 2014’s ‘Tibi Et Igni’ got some excellent press, and again it’s another consistent Vader album, plenty of excellent material there, can we expect a new album anytime soon?
JS: Yes we’re in the studio this month, so we’re starting the follow up now, just straight after Killfest we are heading into the studio so there’s, there’s a lot coming.

PM: It has been fairly settled since you joined the band back in 2011 and been on Nuclear Blast since 2009 do you think this is the best time to further expand Vader?
JS: It’s definitely been going up. We’ve noticed a increase in fans, a lot of people because, Vader have just done their thing for years and years and years and some people have kind of got bored of the band and people are coming back to it now because so many bands are taking risks and fucking it up that I think they want to see some consistent, consistent death metal you know.

PM: Got a couple of dates in Germany after this and as you’ve said you’ve got some plans for this Autumn.
JS: We’ve got a lot planned for the autumn period but we don’t, we’re not able to make any announcements just yet as we are still finalising the details.

PM: So Vader were here last year in Glasgow just around the corner at Audio.
JS: Yeah that’s right.
PM: Today we’re at the Classic Grand can we expect anything different from Vader this time round?
JS: Certainly, certainly. We’re not focusing so much on ‘Tibi Et Igni’ like we did so there’s only, there’s not too much from ‘Tibi Et Igni’ it’s more like a greatest hits set like as I said before we’re not playing a headline show. We’re not playing to people who necessarily know the band so we thought it was important to, to hit the key songs and show, especially because, you know, we have two other thrash bands, show what makes Vader different and show people what Vader really do.

PM: Well this will be my first experience of Vader tonight and looking very much forward to it, thanks very much for your time.
JS: Thanks my man.