The Ultimate Revenge Of Heavy Metal – Nosturi Helsinki Finland

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The Ultimate Revenge Of Heavy Metal is an entire new two day indoor festival based on the more underground and a bit obscurish metal onslaught. All in all four domestic metal outfits and nine foreing bands hit the stage to deliver the real old school metal offering. However the generation between old and new bands are balanced perfectly for example Ranger’s speed metal along with Oz’s old school flashback from the 80’s suited together more than perfectly. Metal-Rule.Com was at present during these two days, enjoying the fabulous metal assault.

When entering the venue, a couple of dozen metalheads had arrived on time to witness the previous unknown Russian band Blazing Rust. The five-piece outfit out of St. Petersburg. The combo heavily relied on the old school heavy metal elements by having the certain influences from Iron Maiden and above all Mercyful Fate. Even though the band has got a demo release out,  but a bit more rehearsing needed in the rehearsal basement to metallize the old school heavy metal sounds.


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Ranger’s ultimate and intensive hyper blasting speed metal sounded merciless and extremely tightplayed. Ranger has become more and more clockworking outfit on the stage. The four-piece’s hysterical and merciless and uncompromising brutal speed metal is just like a flashback to the heyday of speed/thrash blitzkrieg of the mid 80’s. The intensive playing with the severe headbanging and banging the drums are the catalyst for Ranger’s speedy metallic assault.


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Trial from Sweden definitely turned out to be one hell of an unexpected surprise. Trial’s occult sounding trad metal with the obvious Mercyful Fate influences sounded so spellbounding. The singer’s eccentric personal voice crowned the heavy Mercyful Fate influenced soundworld . Trial definitely came out of blue for sure. Obviously most of the crowd didn’t realize the brilliance of Trial at all cos most of the audience fled to smoke or order the beer.


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The Danish Witchcross hit the stage next  to give a lesson of the traditional metal of the heyday of the 80’s. The band seems to enjoy the cult following in the catacomb of the underground worshipped by the true old school trad metallers. The singer Kevin Moore has been involved in Son Of A Bitch formed by the former Saxon guys. However Witch Cross gave another spin of the old school heavy metal blitzkrieg. Witch Cross did what the crowd were expecting from them. The current frontman Kevin Moore was resemble to Jimmy Bain because of his habitus and look.  Witch Cross’ metal still has the flavor of sounds of both old and of course timeless aspects. The set consisted of both the old old material and the newer cuts from the latest offering  Axe To Grind. The Danish metallers brought the  positive feeling with the performance.



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The legendary Finnish OZ had the honor to conclude the opening night. The band had gone thru some changes in the line-up and the main duet of OZ, drummer and singer, had recruited the new guitarists Aas well as bassist. However OZ offered the real flashback return to the heyday of the 80’s by doing a plenty of highly worshipped songs from that era. The frontman Ape De Martini sounds as strong as back in the day. In general OZ breathes and eats the true old school metal by turning the cross upsidedown. The golden gems are still and without any doubts timeless and immortal ones.


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The second day was kicked off by a new young metal band named Satan’s Fall. Judging by the name the obvious Mercyful Fate connotations may rise up. After all It didn’t go that far from the Mercyful Fate thoughts.  Satans Fall as well relies on the old metallic gimmick. The outfit sounded pretty good, even better and more organic than on the EP release.

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Evil-Lyn had undergone the radical vocalist. The female vocalist had dismissed and was replaced by a male vocalist. The female fronted band was more interesting as the high energy filled lade kept whipping the audience on each gig. The current singer definitely sounds more professional and even a bit better in terms of the technical use of the voice. However Evil-Lyn relies on the trad metal approach with the strong pure metallic attitude, but something is missing from the flaming spirit of the performance of Evil-Lyn…

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Lord Fist relies on the old school metal approach as expected. The band sounded pretty mellow, but also vicious and tight.


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Evil Invaders literally blew the audience away and the ceiling off by giving a real lesson of the ultra brutal thrash metal. Frankly the four piece Belgian thrashers turned out to be an extreme relentless and merciless and savage at the stage. The frontman’s insane rioting playing and performance give the impression of the man would have got the brutal shock thru his skinny body. Evil Invaders hammered the Finnish crowd down and left the audience with the jaws wide open.


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Savage from the glorious years of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal had those glorious years over 30 years.  Even though the band has been on the second run since 1995 and unleashed a bunch of albums like the latest one called 7 a year ago, but they have never surrendered. The four piece offered a lesson of the true old British metal with the tight grip. Unfortunately the major audience may recognize them due to Metallica’s cover version “Let It Loose” on the demo releases. However Savage is more it is metal and old school.

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The first ever arranged the Ultimate Revenge Of Heavy Metal indoor festival was concluded by the long time German power metal veterans Scanner. As a matter of fact Scanner is quite odd band on the German power metal map as Scanner has been soldiering on since 1986, but having released only six albums. Well the only original surviving member guitarist Axel Julius hasn’t been that active with Scanner and besides the line-up seems to be altering more or less quite often. However Scanner could be as big as for example Primal Fear, if the cards had been dealt with the luck. Anyway. Axel Julius offered a highclass power metal for the Finnish metal bands by covering nearly every album that Scanner had got. The current singer, who has been Scanner for about 12 years, Efthimios Ioannidis sounded excellent and did the justified job for the older material. It has to be admitted the HYPERTRACE album sounds timeless and powerful even though the album saw the light of day back in 1988.  Scanner sounded damn good indeed and hopefully metal festivals would realize to book them.


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The festival offered a wide range of metal from the old school British metal via brutal thrash to the old German power speed metal, therefore the whole event was great and interesting. Unfortunately the major and mainstream audience who claim to be metal fans didn’t find the festival for a reason or another. Hopefully the might metal forces who were involved in the organization will be able to arrange this kind of event in the future.