Moonspell + SoulLine @ Audio, Glasgow

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Moonspell + SoulLine

@ Audio, Glasgow

28th March 2016

Review & photos by Oliver M.

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Four months after the second part of their massive Road to Extinction tour, gothic metal masters Moonspell are currently touring throughout Europe to promote their last critically acclaimed masterpiece “Extinct” again. In January, the Portuguese supported Dutch symphonic metallers Epica for their North American tour. The third part of this successful Road to Extinction tour is far shorter than the previous ones and consists of dates in Portugal, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

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We at Metal Rules have recently attended their last shows in London and Glasgow. It was the first time Moonspell did a mini tour in the UK. That’s not really surprising as this country has never been an important market for the Lusitanian werewolves. Even though they have a solid and old fan base in Great Britain, they have never been very popular there.

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On the 26th of March, Fernando and his friends offered an amazing live performance as headliners at the Doom Over London festival VI. They played at the Dome which is well-known for providing an excellent sound. It was a great success for them and all other bands as well.

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Then, they went to Manchester for the first time ever and the show was nearly sold out. I heard they received warm acclaim from the audience. After that, the wolf pack headed to Glasgow to give a very intimate concert at the Audio. They hadn’t come back to Scotland for 18 years! The first time they performed there was at the Cathouse in Glasgow.

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I can tell you the band was very happy to have this great opportunity to play there again. I had the pleasure to interview their talented bassist Aires Pereira for the first time before the beginning of the gig. The Audio is an extremely small venue (especially for a big band like Moonspell) but offers a very good sound. I like this place a lot because it gives the impression of attending a private concert.

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SoulLine (3/5)

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There was just one support act: SoulLine. Formed in Switzerland in 2000, those Melodic death metallers have been struggling to spread their name for a long time. They’ve released two demos and four albums so far (most of them are self-produced). The band is currently looking for a label and I sincerely hope they will sign a record contract soon.

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They delivered a good set in general and the few last songs were clearly the best ones. The Swiss play Melodic death metal in the Swedish traditional way. Their compositions remind automatically bands like Dark Tranquillity, Omnium Gatherum and At The Gates for example. The pre-recorded keyboards and guitar solos were interesting but Ghebro’s voice was not convincing at all.

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His vocals sounded more metalcore than death metal. Apart from that, the riffs were powerful enough to attract any fan of the genre. I think SoulLine’s tracks could have been more striking with a better vocalist. Anyway, the small crowd enjoyed their show in the end.

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Moonspell (5/5)

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I’m very surprised that Moonspell has chosen this Swiss underground act for the third part of their European Road to Extinction tour. Let’s hope we get bigger names for the next gigs. This Glasgow show was nearly sold out and it was the sixth time I saw them live. I’ve been blown away by their fantastic performance once again.

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I saw them playing in several different places (England, France, Germany, Scotland) and I could feel that same magic every time. They performed 15 tracks in total, including many songs from their last gothic monument “Extinct” (“Breathe”, “Domina”, “The Future Is Dark”, “The Last of Us”, “Malignia”, “Extinct”).

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As always, the Lusitanian didn’t forget their roots and offered several old classics from the cult “Wolfheart” and “Irreligious” masterpieces (“Vampiria”, “Alma Mater”, “Ataegina”, “Opium”, “Awake”, “Full Moon Madness”). I’m still a bit surprised they didn’t even perform a few more songs from “Irreligious” as the wolves are celebrating the 20th anniversary of this cult opus in 2016.

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It was also a great pleasure to hear some other excellent compositions such as “Everything Invaded” (in which Ricardo Amorim showed his talent of guitar hero) and “Em Nome do Medo” (from the “Alpha Noir / Omega White” double album). Moreover, Fernando Ribeiro remains one of the most charismatic singers I’ve ever seen on stage.

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Moonspell conquered Glasgow that night. The Scots will definitely remember this incredible show for a long time. By the way, let’s hope Napalm Records will release their new EP and long-awaited second DVD very soon.
Muito obrigado Moonspell!

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Special thanks to Napalm Records, Moonspell, Luis Filipe and Sarah for everything.

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