KATAKLYSM take home Juno award for Heavy Metal Album of the Year.

Spread the metal:

12933163_10153750157448375_5250099466444286459_nKATAKLYSM took home the award for “Heavy Metal Album of the Year” at the Juno Awards (the Canadian Equivalent to the Grammy’s) this past weekend in recognition of their latest masterpiece, Of Ghosts And Gods.

Comments the band:
“It was a great weekend in the KATAKLYSM world! First off singer Maurizio Iacono and his wife Suzzy were busy welcoming a healthy beautiful little girl into the world named Arianna on April 1st. During this joyful time, the rest of the boys were in Calgary attending the Juno Awards, where the band took the honors for “heavy metal album of the year “ for our latest album Of Ghosts and Gods. So the band is in full celebration mode as anyone can imagine! 

“What a crazy ride its been. We started over 20 years ago in high school playing a form of music that was totally not accepted by the masses and we didn’t care. We were rebels with a passion and we were determined to spread that through our music. Fast forward to today and that hasn’t changed a bit. That same passion and determination is still very present and stronger then ever. What HAS changed is the view and acceptance of this form of music.

“We thank the Juno’s for thinking forward and giving metal a voice to the masses. We are honored to have been recognized with our latest album Of Ghosts And Gods, which we are very proud off, but this doesn’t change who we are. It is the fans that carry us though it all and our label that believed in us from the beginning. We urge labels to do the same with developing bands and artists, that need that attention the most, especially in today’s music industry climate. We are humbled and we thank you all.“