Interview with ABBATH

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Interview with ABBATH

Conducted by Robert Williams
Videography courtesy of Sandra Torres

Norwegian black metal pioneer Abbath is a busy man these days, promoting his debut self-titled solo effort after enduring a less than amicable split with his past cohorts in Immortal. The new album has already been introduced to the masses by way of the “Count The Dead” single and “Winterbane” music video. Abbath is joined on the new album by fellow black metal stalwart King ov Hell and confirms that the camaraderie  that was missing from Immortal is firmly in place with his new lineup. We caught up with Abbath the afternoon of his headlining appearance in Austin, Texas and discussed the new album, the current lineup, the recent reunion with Old Funeral, his thoughts on American beer and more… Watch our grim and frostbitten chat below!

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Fun Fact: According to Wikipedia: Jester King Brewery in Austin, Texas has a character similar to Abbath on the label of their Black Metal Imperial Stout. Prior to our on-camera interview we met with Jester King Brewery owner Jeffrey Stuffings who donated a bottle to give to Abbath. Thanks to & Jester King Brewery, Abbath and Black Metal Imperial Stout were finally brought together.

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