Madame Mayhem – Following her Musical Passion!

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Madame Mayhem – Following her Musical Passion!

Interview by Robert Cavuoto

Madame Mayhem
Madame Mayhem

Madame Mayhem, is a true rocker with an eclectic style in every aspect of life. Armed with a new CD, Now You Know, written by Corey Lowery and herself, she is an extreme artist on the rise to stardom.

Now You Know features a powerhouse team of rock’s most talented musicians including; Billy Sheehan [Mr. Big, Winery Dogs] – who produced and played on the album, Ray Luzier [KoRn] Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal [Guns N’ Roses], Russ Parrish [Satchel from Steel Panther], and Corey Lowery [Saint Asonia, Stuck Mojo]. With friends and musicianship like that backing you, how can this not be a stellar CD!

I caught up with Madame Mayhem to talk about her diverse musical upbringing, the new CD, and working with Billy Sheehan.

Madame Mayhem
Madame Mayhem

Robert Cavuoto: When did you start playing guitar and singing?

Madame Mayhem:  I have been singing since I was a very little girl – for as long as I can remember. That has always been and will always be my passion. Then I learned to play piano, followed by guitar.

Robert: When did you start performing live?

Madame Mayhem:  When I was a young kid, I started out my career in musical theatre. I was classically trained. Being a huge fan of hard rock and heavy metal, it made sense when it came time to pursue my career and my dreams to go in this direction of the genres I love so much and relate to.

Robert: What do you consider to be your “big break”?

Madame Mayhem:  My career as a whole is something very special to me. Every time I have the chance to get on the road and perform, it gives me a “big break’ type of feeling.

Robert: Is it difficult breaking into heavy metal as a woman?

Madame Mayhem:  I think breaking into the music industry as an artist in any genre is difficult. I’m not sure if it makes a difference if you are a woman or a man and it really shouldn’t matter. I know there are advantages and disadvantages for both men and women that you just figure out as you go and make it work for you.  I feel people should focus on the music first and foremost.

Robert: Do you think the pop world is an easier ride for woman nowadays than metal?

Madame Mayhem:  I think it’s easier to do what you feel passionate about. I learned that during my career that it’s all hard, but if you love what you do, perform in the genre you are a fan of, and love to express yourself in – then it’s so much easier. Just because I can write in many different styles, I know my current path is where I want to be.

Robert: Tell me about the creation of the new CD?

Madame Mayhem:  I am really proud of this album. I was able to take creative control, and really express myself, with the help of my incredible co-writers Billy Sheehan and Corey Lowery. It is really an introduction: “Now You Know” who Madame Mayhem is. It’s only just begun and I am not going anywhere. It was also incredible to have Billy, Corey, Ray Luzier, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, and Russ Parrish play on this CD and help bring these songs to life.

Robert: How did you get involved with such great artists like Bill Sheehan, Bumblefoot and Ray Luzier?

Madame Mayhem:  Billy Sheehan has been a mentor and dear friend of mine for years. Once we were done writing the songs that Billy loved, I completed them with Corey. Then we thought about who we would like to help us bring these songs to life and lucky for me Bumblefoot, Ray, and Russ, were able to help us do that.

Madame Mayhem
Madame Mayhem

Robert: What have you learned from them?

Madame Mayhem:  I have learned so much from working with and watching such talented established artists, I love collaborating. It really helps make you better if you find the right fits.

Robert: What do you think has been your biggest challenge, both musically and professionally, so far in your career?

Madam Mayhem:  Just constantly pushing through, and breaking the barriers. I just want to be able to perform for the rest of my life as a career in addition to as a passion.

Robert: With all these experiences you have gone through in your career, if a young musician was to come to you for advice about working in this industry, what would you tell him or her?

Madame Mayhem:  Just keep pushing forward. If it is your passion you cannot let any hurdles prevent you from finding a way to pursue your dreams.

Robert: As a new artist how important is it to have contact with the fans, for example on Twitter, Facebook and other social medias?

Madame Mayhem:  It’s so important, even if it’s just one person who has a connection with you and your music. I feel like people who love and get my music, get me and therefore I love them. It’s a connection that is so important and special. Social media also helps me reach people that may not have discovered my music. But I don’t like how at times it can seem as if the number of likes, follows, or views overshadow the quality of the music and the talent of an artist.