Lee Aaron – Fire and Gasoline

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Lee Aaron
Fire and Gasoline
2016, Big Sister Records
Rating: 4.5

Canada’s ‘Metal Queen’ returns!

Lee Aaron is arguably the ‘Metal Queen’ despite the fact that she has released more Non-Metal albums than Metal ones. To me, personally she will always maintain that title. When I heard that Lee was back in the studio recording a ‘Rock’ album I was psyched beyond belief and expectations were incredibly high. The teenager in me hoped and dreamed for a full on Metal disc like those early albums but deep down I knew it wasn’t to be.

When I first had the chance to stream the album I was impressed and knew it would sound incredible cranked up. Yes, the album is NOT METAL but it does ROCK. It has that BODY ROCK vibe to it. Hooks and groove aplenty in this release with some really tasty guitar licks. Nothing over the top, just some real nice melodies that really make the songs pop. Lee’s voice is stronger than ever and has a real edge to it, especially on a track like “Bad Boyfriend” which is probably the heaviest track on the album. Guitarist Sean Kelly (Helix/Crash Kelly) really delivers some 80’s styled Metal riffs. The song has a bit of that Joan Jett & The Blackhearts style to it with a little more aggression. Similar with “Wanna Be”, it has that 80’s Jukebox feel to it. In fact, the entire album has the flair from that decade yet doesn’t come across as dated.

FIRE AND GASOLINE is NOT a METAL QUEEN ‘Part Two’ so if that is what you’re expecting then you will sadly be disappointed. If you are expecting a solid Rock album in the vein of Joan Jett, Cheap Trick, and the like then you are in for a treat. This is an album that Rocks from start to finish and desires to be cranked up. Yes, even the slower songs need to be turned up a notch.