Dimlight: New Videoclip for “Invoking The Hunter” from new album “The Lost Chapters”

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Dimlight recently released their new album, ‘The Lost Chapters,’ via Sliptrick Records. The band’s music can be characterized as Symphonic Death Metal blended with dark symphonic elements, aggressive guitars, sharp female vocals but also deep and eerie brutal shouts. Dimlight enjoys live performances and their dynamic and energetic stage presence engages the audience.


Although the Band was formed in 2006 it was almost three years later until they released their first full length album called “Obtenebration” under the label Emotion Art Ltd. The album was recorded at Baseline studios, got mixed by Spiros Aspiotis and mastered in Tailor Maid Studio by Peter In de Betou.

Around mid-2010, Dimlight started working on new material and in 2012 released their second studio album called ‘Psychosynthesis”. The album was recorded at Dimlight personal studio, mixed by Fotis Benardo (SepticFlesh) and mastered in Tailor Maid Studio by Peter in de Betou. Among the guests of the album were Seth Siro Anton (SepticFlesh), Ilianna Tsakiraki (Enemy of Reality, ex-Meden Agan) and Stelios Mavromitis (ex-Astarte, ex-SepticFlesh). The Band’s success brought on an invitation to be in the lineup of one of the biggest metal festivals in Europe, the Metal Female Voices Festival (MFVF) on its tenth anniversary in 2012 The Band’s desire for new music didn’t not allow them to remain stagnant and in the same year they started working on their third album. In August of 2014, the main singer Sanna Salou left the band and Eva Fourlanou replaced her.

In December 2015 the band established collaboration with Sliptrick Records and released their third album “The Lost Chapters”. The album was recorded at Soundflakes studios and is both mixed and mastered by John Mcris. Among the guests of the album are Jean Baptiste (Randomwalk), Maya (Meden Agan), Maria-Melissanthi Routi (Kinetic), and Alfred Shtuni.


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