20 years of Brutal Assault Festival in hardcover

Spread the metal:

On the occasion of 20th anniversary edition of Brutal Assault, organizers published a truly unique book that summarizes the entire history of the festival from the very beginning in 1996 to the present. The publication simply entitled “Brutal Assault: 20 years (1996-2015)” describes in detail a growing festival from a small event for a few hundred people to one of the biggest metal festivals in Europe. A total of 442 pages in Czech and English offer comprehensive information about every single edition of the festival ­ memories of headliners as well as loyal fans. An intergral part of the book are also behind­the­scenes stories about preparation and organization.

“Some stories seem adventurous, if not crazy,” says author Pavel Kriklan. “Would you pawn your own house to get money for headliner?” asks Kriklan. The text is accompanied by hundreds of photos. A series of photos, for example, is about reconstruction of the fortress in 2007, when all those wooded areas with old houses have become a place for a huge metal event.

The book also contains a summary of all the best that occurred over the years including a comprehensive index of all performing bands.

The book “Brutal Assault: 20 years (1996 – ­2015)” is available for 32 EUR (799 CZK) at brutalassault.cz/en/eshop/