Split Heaven – New video for “Speed of the Hawk” + short Q&A with band’s drummer

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Split Heaven has just released their brand new video for the song “Speed of the Hawk” from forthcoming album, DEATH RIDER (details here).

SPLIT HEAVEN - DEATH RIDER - Release Date: March 25th 2016
SPLIT HEAVEN – DEATH RIDER – Release Date: March 25th 2016

Here’s a really quick Q&A with Split Heaven’s drummer, Tomas!

Tell us about the new video – how the concept came about, where it was filmed, etc.

It was filmed in our hometown, Querétaro, at Sonic Attack studio during the recording process of the new album “Death Rider”. We had to be quick or dead because Jason had only 17 days to sing the whole album, shoot the video, make the photo session, drink beer & tequila and partying like hell haha. The concept was easy: to shoot a classic heavy metal video, raw and direct as the recording was, having fun and enjoying our life as metalheads.

Why did you choose the song “Speed of the Hawk”? Is it representative of the music on the rest of the album?

Well, Speed Of The Hawk has everything that a good heavy metal song needs, speed, a sticky chorus and twin guitars haha, so it was easy to choose it. You know, is the classic concept: party, beer, tequila, Jack Daniel’s, studio, good vinyls, good friends and playing live! The other songs on the album have more meaning and some express our non-conformity with the shit happening in our country, so it was more difficult to shoot a video, we had no time to produce something bigger.

What do you think is different about the new album (DEATH RIDER) from your previous material?

Every album is different, but honestly with Death Rider we’re back to the roots and its much more professional in every way. First of all we decided to make the things we as a band like and that is speed; second, Jason on vocals makes our music reach the top levels, we understand each other very easily. Third point is the sound, old as hell and finally the songwriting, we are all participating in the composition with the main objective in our heads: have fun and playing traditional heavy metal.

Do you plan to do any other videos from the album or is it too soon to say?

It is too soon to say, maybe a lyric video but we need to wait a little bit more.

What other plans for 2016 do you have that you’d like to let people know about?

Not too much to be honest, maybe some festivals outside Mexico and some special gigs in our country, we had to cancel two summer festivals in Germany due to economic reasons. But wait for the next year! cuz we’re hitting the road on Europe again! Fuck yeah.

Thanks to you man, play it fucking loud!

Website: www.splitheaven.net

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