Best of 2015 – Anders Sandvall

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Top 20 Albums

  1. Iron Maiden “The Book of Souls”

    Iron Maiden - The Book of Souls
    Iron Maiden – The Book of Souls

    Maiden is the best band in the world nothing can take that away from them. The new album is great and Iron Maiden is one of the old bands that continues to make great albums today.


  2. Backyard Babies “Four By Four” – The new album rules in every possible way and I’m so glad they are back.
  3. Michael Monroe “Blackout States” – Monroe have done it again with this album. The legendary singer is not capable of releasing anything remotly bad.
  4. Close Quarters “Always Alot, Never Little” – this second album from the Swedish glam/sleaze act is amazing. The guys are the next big thing from Sweden.
  5. Nonexist “Throne of Scars”
  6. Grenouer “Unwanted Today”
  7. Nightwish “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”
  8. Slayer “Repentless”
  9. Hardcore Superstar “HCSS”
  10. Black Star Riders “The Killer Instinct”
  11. Saxon “Battering Ram”
  12. Jørn Lande & Trond Holter “Dracula – Swing of Death”
  13. The Resistance “Torture Tactics”
  14. Civil War “Gods and Generals”
  15. Mustasch “Testosterone”
  16. Ammunition “Shanghaied”
  17. Dark Sarah – Behind The Black Veil”
  18. Kiske/Somerville “City of Heroes”
  19. Nightrage “The Puritan”
  20. Paradise Lost “The Plague Within”


Best Cover Album

Whitesnake “The Purple Album”

The Purple Album by Whitesnake
The Purple Album by Whitesnake

Why Coverdale chose to re-record old Deep Purple songs is a mystery since they sure still manage to stand on their own. However you can’t take away the fact that the man can sing! But for next time please record a new Whitesnake album David.


Best DVD

U.D.O. “Navy metal night”
U.D.O is U.D.O and he still deliver some rock solid music. Nothing can go wrong when this German tank is on stage.

U.D.O. "Navy metal night"
U.D.O. “Navy metal night”


Best Concert

  1. In Flames with support on 15 Scandinavian European Tour 2015 Swedish leg  at Kulturbolaget Malmo, Sweden
  2. At The Gates Copenhell Festival 2015 at Refshaleoen in Copenhagen, Denmark
  3. Rob Zombie Wacken Open Air Festival, Gemany 2015
  4. Savatage Wacken Open Air Festival, Gemany 2015

Best local band

Andromeda – a progressive metal act from Malmö that are about to release a new live dvd next year.

Best Discovery

Dark Sarah – Behind The Black Veil” 
Singer Heidi Parviainen new album that was released this year. Symponic/goth metal from Finland.

Close Quarters “Always Alot, Never Little”
For some reason I have missed this band from Sweden. They have released one album and some ep’s before this one and the album is so damn good that you’re going to fall off your chair. The first single and video “My Way Or The Highway” is one of the best songs this year.

Major events in the Metal world

The Death of A.J. Pero from Twisted Sister – it was sad to hear that A.J past away earlier this year. Twisted Sister which is one of my childhood heroes is no longer a band without A.J.

W.A.S.P. “Golgotha” – the new album from Blackie and Co was pretty much as I had expected….not good at all.

The Death of Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor from ex-Motörhead – I was sad but not shocked to hear that Philty passed away. Even though he wasn’t the best drummer he sure was an amusing character with a lot of heart and personality, RIP Phil.

Motörhead “Bad Magic” – the band hasn’t released a solid album for years now and since Lemmy’s health isn’t the best then maybe it’s time to put the band to rest.

Primal Fear – why can’t the band keep a solid line-up? Is it valid to call Primal Fear a band with all these member changes going on all the time?

The Death of legendary Lemmy from Motörhead came as a shock to say the least, despite his troubled health, cancelled shows and tours during the recent years I was shocked to hear about his passing. After all isn’t Lemmy immortal? My history with Motorhead began at the beginning of the 80’s (that’s how old I am) and he is a legend in every possible way for me. R.I.P Lemmy I hope that you have fun with Ronnie James Dio and the guys from The Ramones, your memory and music will live for ever and never be forgotten.

Predictions for 2016

New albums with Evil Masquerade, Avantasia, The Cult, Primal Fear, a lot of albums to look forward to.

A new tour with Iron Maiden that’s going to hit Europe and Sweden next summer.

The Avantasia tour next year is sure something to look forward to.

The farewell tour with Twisted Sister next year

The single show with The Hellacopters at Sweden Rock Festival with Dregen on guitar ought to be a blast. It’s 25 years since the band released the brilliant debut abum SUPERSHITTY TO THE MAX, an album that today is iconic.

I hope to hear a new album from D.A.D next year, it’s been a while since the band released a studio album.

U.D.O. – the farewell to Accept tour where he is going to sing all the classic Accept songs for the very last time. It’s going to be the last time we’re going to hear all the classic tunes from the razor vocal chords of Dirkschneider, sad but true.