Yngwie J. Malmsteen – Live Animal (DVD)

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Reviewed: January 2016
Released: 2009, Rising Force Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP


One of many excellent Yngwie Live DVD’s.

When Yngwie J. Malmsteen started his own label Rising Force Records he put out a series of DVD’s in quite rapid succession and LIVE ANIMAL is one of them. It is in fact his 11th home video release. The title is quite appropriate because this show was filmed in Brazil of the FACING THE ANIMAL tour.

The DVD is bare bones no booklet and no bonus features just the one hour and 20 minute concert filmed in Sao Paulo. The film and sound quality are very decent, it was a multi-camera shoot in front of a pretty massive crowd a testament to the enduring global popularity of the maestro. The show looks like it might have been filmed for TV as there are some split screen shots and simple graphics. The band has lots of room to roam around the stage and the light show is simple but very decent. There are a few effects, smoke and pyro and he ‘curtain of sparks’ at the end of ‘I’ll See The Light’ is impressive. Musically of course the band is flawless and the set-list is different enough from his other concert DVD’s to make it worthwhile. Mat’s Levens handles all the material with ease and even does a little bit of windmill head banging!

Now here is the interesting part. This is basically the audio (or part of it) of his album DOUBLE LIVE!! The two shows were recorded in Sao Paulo and Rio on May 5, 6,and 7th. The set-list is the same but unfortunately three songs, were left off the DVD. I think you would have to be a pretty loyal Yngwie fan to be able to tell the subtle song differences between the live album and the DVD. It is unclear which night this show was shot and we do know the live album was a blend of three nights.

LIVE ANIMAL is marginally better than his LIVE IN BUDOKLAN and LIVE IN KOREA concert DVD’s but only barely. It’s good for die-hard Yngwie guys like me. I wish he would add more content and features. It doesn’t even say who is in the band at that time. Hell, even a menu would be nice. Presentation flaws aside this DVD captures Yngwie on a high note in this excellent concert.


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Track Listing:
1. Resurrection
2. Facing the Animal
3. Rising Force
4. Bedroom Eyes
5. Far Beyond the Sun
6. Like an Angel
7. Braveheart
8. Seventh Sign
9. Trilogy Suite
10. Never Die
11. Black Star
12. I’ll See the Light

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Run Time: n/a
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Sound: n/a
Production Year: 2009