Hrom – Legends Of Powerheart-Pt. 1

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Reviewed: January 2016
Released: 2015, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

For my tastes in music Hrom is one of the better local acts in Calgary. They created quite a bit of buzz locally with their debut BLESK several years back. After a long and unwelcome gap between albums the Calgary based Power Metal act have returned with their second album, LEGENDS OF POWERHEART PT.1

The CD it’s self is well done for an independent job, it has a nice cover with an old seer reminiscent of the cover art of albums by Apocrypha and Nostradameus and others, but it is a classic image. There is a simple booklet with lyrics and a brief explanation of the concept behind the album.

The album is a straight up nine tracks of Power Metal with no filler. Pretty much everything since the debut album is an improvement; song-writing, performances, production presentation, the band has grown considerably into a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude. In the intervening years Jan has taken on the exclusive role of front-man and the band has added local axe-wizard Matt Ries who also does double duty by playing with another hot local band, Gatekrashor.

The band is just pure, classic Power Metal, ultra high vocals by Jan lead the charge overtop some really nice harmonized twin lead soloing and lots of good shred pieces. The pace of the songs is largely fast and the songs are catchy with good big crowd-pleasing choruses. The album kicks off with a burst of thunder and dives right into the opening cut, ‘Powerheart’ which is appropriate way to start the album because Hrom means ‘Thunder’. Every song is strong highlights being ‘Time Diamond’ and ‘Hellhound’.

The full title implies LEGEDNS OF POWERHEART Pt. 2 will be in the bands future, let’s just hope we don’t have to wait for another five years. The band has nicely captured lightning in a bottle emulating the classic early 80’s Power Metal sound of bands like Scanner, Chroming Rose, Viper and Heaven’s Gate. Their last album was called BLESK which means ‘Lightning’ and with their new album Hrom prove that lightning can strike twice and can be even more deadly than before.


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Track Listing:
1. Powerheart
2. Citadel of Heroes
3. Hellhound
4. Virtues Decay
5. Savior
6. Ancient Scrolls
7. Time Diamond
8. Power of the World
9. Terminal Velocity

Jan Loncik Vocals, Drums
Matt Ries Guitar
Alex Langill Guitar
Shawn Vincent Bass