Haiduk – Demonicon

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Reviewed: January 2016
Released: 2015, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I have been following the career of Luka the force behind the dark entity that is Haiduk for quite some time now. There are many local bands here in Calgary, Alberta but Haiduk is one of the more unique and mysterious projects.

DEMONICON is the bands second full-length album and as always Luka spent a lot of time developing the packaging and presentation. The dark, eight-page booklet features a very intricate piece of cover art, and has full lyrics, credits and…a map. Why a map? Well, DEMONICON is a conceptual piece about a realm of demons that is quite elaborate in it’s development. Each song elaborates on part of the concept without telling a literal, linear storyline with protagonist and so on.

Sonically, the album is a continuation of SPELLBOOK from 2012, very fast, very dark and guitar heavy. Once again the lyrics are minimal, preferring to let the songs breath and run across the astral planes. Blackened Speed Metal, (or is speedy Black Metal?) might be the best genre descriptor but there are certainly some minor progressive elements as well. The album is average for this genre, nine songs running 3-4 minutes for a run-time of 33 minutes. The production is thin, but on purpose giving it a traditional black Metal sound and it is well mixed with vocals sitting where they should be. The vocals are harsh, maybe even a touch more extreme than last time but as mentioned the words take a backseat to the riffs and solos. DEMONICON is pretty relentless start to finish.

The band has been getting some really good publicity and buzz across the world as Eastern European magazines and websites seem to be noticing the high caliber of work. DEMONICON is sure to please any disciple of the dark.


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Track Listing:
1. Syth
2. Nazon
3. Deamris
4. Azyr
5. Sarxas
6. Corloch
7. Nergion
8. Vordus
9. Xhadex