Danko Jones with support on Fire Music European Tour 2015 – Swedish leg – Kulturbolaget Malmo, Sweden

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Danko Jones
Fire Music European Tour 2015 – Swedish leg –
Giuda – support act

Kulturbolaget, Malmo, Sweden
17/10 – 2015

Live review and pictures by: Anders Sandvall


Danko Jones is back with a brand new studio album called FIRE MUSIC which is the bands seventh album and the band also got a new drummer which also is their seventh one in Rick Knox. The Canadian act is quite huge in Europe and since their break through in 1996 they have been a favorite of mine. I saw the band perform live at Wacken Open Air this year and had huge expectations on the up coming show this night. Besides the band Jones is busy touring with his spoken word shows, doing podcasts and writing a column for the Swedish metal magazine Close-Up Magazine, amongst other things. Why the band isn’t huge in America and Canada is a mystery to me.

The place for this nights show was Kulturbolaget and since the band is so popular the venue was almost sold out. Prior to this show the band had done 9 shows in Sweden on the tour and the Swedish leg closed this night in Malmo as for this leg of the European Tour. The doors opened at 7 and the support act was scheduled to be on stage a 8. The night club kicks off at 11.30 and by then the show had to be over. A long line of people waited outside in the cold when I arrived and it took a while to get inside. As always my first priority was to check out if there were a photo pit and to my luck it were. Three mic stands stood on the stage along with a drum set and the club was filled with more and more people as the night proceeded. The audience was mixed with men and women of all ages. It seemed that Danko Jones music appealed to both teenagers as well as middle-aged rock n rollers. The time flew by pretty fast and shortly it was time for the Italian support act to mark the beginning of this rock n roll night.


The show began with an instrumental piece and the singer made his way on to the stage after the first song. Two songs were played after which the singer thanked the crowd and said that We are Giuda from Italy, it’s nice to be hear and play for you all tonight. He said the band wanted to thank Danko Jones for letting them join forces on the tour. The band members are:

Tenda – lead vocals
Michele – guitar
Daniele – drums
Danilo – bass
Larenzo – guitar, vocals

The songs all followed each other in a hasty tempo and Tenda did his best to get the crowd in the right mood letting them clap their hands to the music. The bands music is a mix of 70’s glam rock and rock n roll and they have a lot in common with early Sweet or Slade but with a little heavier sound. Giuda was the perfect choice of opening act for Danko Jones and I guess that it wasn’t only me that got seduced by the bands music and approach this night. “Wild Tiger Woman” were sung by both Larenzo and Tenda and they completed each other perfect on vocals and even though their native language is Italian Tenda sang on perfect English. “Yellow Dash” were sung by Larenzo and Tenda went off the stage during the show putting all lights on the singing guitarist.


In “Number 10”, Danko Jones ran out on the stage dressed in a t-shirt from the local soccer team throwing out blue beach balls into the crowd. Our soccer team is currently playing Champions League and since it’s the hometown of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, it’s easy to understand why this is a soccer crazy town. The guys in Danko Jones made all of the people clap their hands while the boys in Giuda seemed a bit confused with all the commotion (this was done because it was the last show on this leg of the tour this night). Tenda said that this was an unexpected way of performing the song and said that it now was time to play the new single “Roll The Balls”. “Hey Hey” and “Roll On” then ended the show and the band thanked Danko Jones and the crowd.

I was pretty impressed by Giuda and their music and I’d wished to hear more than only 40 minutes. The band was tight and really talented and Tenda was a great front man. Despite lack of space on stage they did a solid show and their 70’s glam rock n roll seemed to work perfect in Malmo. Giuda was the perfect opening act for Danko Jones!

Set list
Racey Roller
Tartan Pants
Back Home
Coming Back To You
Teenage Rebel
Maybe It’s All Over Now
Get It Over
Wild Tiger Woman
Yellow Dash
Get On The Line
Number 10
Roll the Balls
Hey Hey
Roll On

The club was now almost jammed with people waiting for Danko Jones and the crew had now brought out the bands stuff on to the stage. Except the instruments and the gear a back drop with the band’s name and logo was placed behind the drums. The change of gear went really fast and about 20 minutes later it was time for the headline act to enter the stage. It was now time for the Malmo favorite Danko Jones to kick off their show.



Danko Jones

The trio came out and faced the roar from the excited fans and kicked off the night with “The Rules” as the first song. Jones had the crowd in the palm of his hand from the very start and they did everything he told them to. “Play The Blues” followed instantly and both Jones and Calabrese used the ramp in the middle of the stage to walk out on and come closer to the fans. “Sugar Chocolate” continued the night and already now the temperature inside the club had gone tropical. The band is:

Danko Jones – lead vocals, guitar
John JC Calabrese – bass
Rich Knox – drums

Jones stood on the left side of the stage and Calabrese on the opposite side, Jones looked at the crowd that was applauding and screaming and said that this was the last show on the tour and that Malmo is a winner, who won the national cup in soccer he asked and the crowd clapped their hands and shouted Malmo. And just because this is our last show he said, I’m going to scream as loud as I can when I sing that I’m going to crash the speakers. Do you want to have some more he asked , this is a song about fucking which we are the best at he said and fired off “Forget My Name”. The fans sang a long with Jones in almost every song during the night and he seemed to be really satisfied with the respond. “The Twisting Knife” taken from the new album FIRE MUSIC followed and Jones and Calabrese used the ramp during the entire show to walk out on. In the middle the guys changed the song into the Misfit cover “Die Die My Darling” before they changed back. “Samuel Sin” continued the night and both the band as well as the fans had by now worked out a sweat. Jones thanked the fans again asked if everyone was ready for some more rock n roll and fired off the epic “First Date”. He stopped the song in the middle and let the fans sing the chorus on their own after which the song proceeded.

danko_jones_live_kb_malmoe_2015_1danko_jones_live_kb_malmoe_2015_2danko_jones_live_kb_malmoe_2015_3danko_jones_live_kb_malmoe_2015_4“Do You Wanna Rock” followed and the sound system worked perfect but it was worse with the lights. The engineer blasted the red and blue lights like a maniac which made it hard to take pics and there were also quite a lot of smoke. The bands heavy garage rock n roll worked perfect and the fans was in heaven. The trio worked so hard to get the crowd going that it was hard to understand there were only three people on the stage, they behaved and ran around like a at least a 5 piece act. It’s not many bad that manages to create such a atmosphere and feeling like Danko Jones can. Calabrese had the fans to clap their hands in “Had Enough” taken from BELOW THE BELT and even though the show now had lasted for a while there were no signs of tiredness amongst the members. It was full speed ahead from the beginning to end and that is probably one of the reasons the fans loves the band. It was the fifth day in a row the band performed but it could might as well have been the first day of the tour to judge by the band. Jones thanked the band in Swedish and said that last time they played at Kulturbolaget there weren’t any poster up on the walls with Danko Jones but this time there are. Kulturbolaget is the best club in Europe and the band loves to play here he said. However, I see that some bands have two posters up but we only have one, the next time we are here we want to have two posters up as well. He said that even though the band is far from home Kulturbolaget and Malmoe feels like home and we love this place a lot. The next song was dedicated to the engineers that had toured with the band, and Jones asked Calabrese if they had played the song at Kulturbolaget before and they had, it was “Papa”.

danko_jones_live_kb_malmoe_2015_17The crowd sang all of the choruses in the next song “Legs” and Jones didn’t have to do much, he just smiled and looked happy. The band was as always solid as a rock and Jones sang as good as ever. Calabrese took on a more central role and it was fun to see that he took a bigger part in the show than before. Knox did a great job behind the drums and blended in perfect with the rest of the two band members. The next song was about women and what they do the men, “Invisible” followed and the fans followed and did everything Jones told them to. A guy came up on the stage with a framed poster of Danko Jones who laughed and said that he wanted to see this poster up on the wall the next time the band stops by Malmo. Jones said that the next song was about the bands favorite topic – girls and it was “Watch You Slide”. The club was now really sweaty and hot and it was the perfect circumstance for a great and intimate rock n roll show. Jones walked out on the ramp and played the first notes to the next song and when the fans heard which song it was they screamed at the top of their lungs. It was “Cadillac” and then followed “Sex Change” after which Jones introduced the band and then fired off the brilliant “Lovercall”. Calabrese jumped up and down on the stage and seemed to be having a great time. “Gonna Be A Fight Tonight” followed instantly and that song ended the show. Jones thanked the fans on Swedish again and the band left the stage. 60 minutes flew by and the fans screamed for more music.


The guys except for Jones came out in the soccer shirts they wore earlier and Jones said it was great fun to end the tour in Malmo, he tanked the crew and Giuda for tagging along on the tour and he wanted Giuda to come up on the stage and the fans to give the band a warm welcome. Singer Tenda joined Jones and together they did the a cover of the Thin Lizzy song “Are You Ready” which was an excellent choice of song. “Body Bags” and “Full Of Regret” followed and the encore session ended with “Mountain”. In the middle of the song Jones said that when everything was over and he stood at the mountain looking down on everyone he was standing together with Eric Carr, Joey Ramone, Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone, Johnny Cash, James Brown, Tupac Shakur and Ronnie James Dio. The crowd cheered after each name he said but the name that was most celebrated was Ronnie James Dio. The song continued and then Jones said that everyone is sexy in heaven. He introduced the band once again and Jones said that this was a wonderful way of ending the tour and that the Malmo crowd was the best one. That ended the really long last song and the band took of their instruments and thanked the crowd and left the stage. Another 25 minutes had passed and the clock was now 22.30 and it was time to head home.

danko_jones_live_kb_malmoe_2015_13danko_jones_live_kb_malmoe_2015_12danko_jones_live_kb_malmoe_2015_11danko_jones_live_kb_malmoe_2015_10danko_jones_live_kb_malmoe_2015_9danko_jones_live_kb_malmoe_2015_14This was just another brilliant Danko Jones show filled with energy, power and rock n roll. After having toured a lot in Sweden the band is really popular here and it was pretty clear which one the Malmo fans think is the king of rock n roll. The show was just as intense, sweaty and powerful as I had anticipated and Danko Jones never lets anyone down. The only thing that didn’t work OK was the lighting but that wasn’t the bands fault. I had also wished to hear some more songs and think the show was too short but on the other hands is that maybe a positive thing? I really hope that the band comes back to Malmo soon because I want another dose of some excellent rock n roll music soon. This was just another great show at Kulturbolaget and thank you for booking Danko Jones!



Set list
The Rules
Play The Blues
Sugar Chocolate
Forget My name
The Twisting Knife/Die Die My Darling
Samuel Sin
First Date
Do You Wanna Rock
Had Enough
Watch You Slide
Sex Change
Gonna Be A Fight Tonight
Are You Ready
Body Bags
Full Of Regret


Thanks to Totte Lundgren head at Kulturbolaget for help with press/photo pass to the show.

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Thanks to the always friendly staff and security at the club.


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