Lost Society – BrainDead- listening party at Sonic Studios Helsinki

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The Finnish thrashers Lost Society got thrown into the larger attention after winning the Global Battle Of The Bands and inked a deal with the prestigious Nuclear Blast. The four young thrash maniacs took the metal world by storm with the intensive fast and furious speed/thrash maelstrom, but with the obvious sense of humour. The debut album titile FAST LOUD DEATH got the overwhelming respond and with the second opus TERROR HUNGRY gained more and more attention from the metal world.

Now it was a brilliant timing for Lost Society to conquer the world with the passionate metal hymns. Therefore the combo hit the legendary and wellknown Sonic Pump Studio with the long-time and Finnish metal icon and producer Nino Laurenne 20151120_182650

(Thunderstone fame by the way) monitoring the recording process as well as the mixing stage. It is usually said and written the third one is the most difficult output in a band’s history. Therefore the listening session of the upcoming third Lost Society album is far more interesting than expected in the first place. The album had been named with pretty a suitable title BrainDead and the due out in the 12th of February 2016 on Nuclear Blast.


However now it is time to sit down in the studio of Sonic Pumpu and check out what the guys with Nino Laurenne have created in the catacomb of the studio environment


  1. I Am the Antidote

kansiThe song kicks off with the groove metal elements with the melodic hooks. The song is definitely the obvious headbanging one, with the Panterish references popping up here and there. Especially the solos are blood awesome, based on the catchy melody lines. The opening song is without any doubts a major surprise as Lost Society rages with the full force ahead, but this groove heavy influenced song is beyond the belief


  1. Riot

Another heavy one with the groove touch with the double drum starting the songs. Elbanna definitely abuses his lungs by screaming from the bottom of his tortured lungs. Yes Riot turned out to be another unexpected heavy groove song.


  1. Mad Torture

Lost Society toured with Destruction thru Europe, obviously Mad Butcher references may have influences the guys because of the name and especially the sounds of a chainsaw as an opening intro. After the intro the head ripping guitar riff goes thru the head and speeds up to the thrashing rage, but the whole song ain’t the pure thrash one as the groove midtempo elements are the essential part of the song. However Elbana once unleashes the voice by showing no mercy


  1. Hollow Eyes

The song stars with the catchy opening riff and in general the strong riffs play the leading role throughout the construction of songs. Especially harmonic double guitar riffs sounds splendid. As for the vocals, the vocalist normally screams his lungs, but in this case he doesn’t rip the lungs and throat to the pieces.


  1. Rage Me Up

As the title of the song already tells it has to be the fast one and it was. Rage Me Up is pure extreme aggressive and energic thrash hymn for sure. Rise the fist into the air and bang that head fits to describe this song.


  1. Hangover Activator

Another fast one, but the song slows down a bit in the middle. The song has the vicious and killer sounding solos.


  1. Only My Death Is Certain

All right some Testament mind association definitely popped up in the previous songs, but when the acoustic start of the song is like Testament, there is no doubt about that. The song itself aint any hyperfast one, instead midtempo one throughout. Especially the epic chorus with the whole band singing gives the utter brilliant feeling to the song. Again Testament came to the mind with the strong influneces


  1. P.S.T

If the Pantera influences play the strong part in the first two songs, there seeing the Pantera cover off from the Power Metal album was any that major surprise. The funny song done with the cheek-in-tongue in the Lost Society style. Picking up the more obscure song from the Pantera catalogue was nothing but a right choice, but these more known ones are remembered by the metal fans.


  1. Terror Hungry (acoustic version)

The guys have always thrown some pretty wild and humoristic things on each album. Besides the Pantera cover, the acoustic version of Terror Hungry was another one. To be honest the simple less metallic sounding tune could be the real top ten chart stuff.



Lost Society have created the lethal metal output for sure. The first two opening songs caused the jaw dropping effect because of the heavy groove sounding elements. However Lost Society definitely puts the full force ahead on the album. So the band hasn’t forgotten the thrash roots. Even though the title of the album is BRAINDEAD, however this song wasn’t played this time. In genera it ain’t sure in which order songs will be released on the forthcoming album. As far as the cover song are concerned it ain’t sure on which and where those cover ones will be released.

Lost Society has proved to be one hell of a band with the skilled musician coming up great riff and hopefully the metal fans worldwide will approve of BRAINDEAD.

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