W.A.S.P. with support on The Bloody Road To Golgatha European Tour 2015 -Leg 1- Moriska Paviljongen Malmo, Sweden

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The Bloody Road To Golgotha European Tour 2015 -Leg 1-

Dynazty – special guest
Critical Solution – support act

Moriska Paviljongen, Malmo, Sweden
29/9 – 2015

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall


W.A.S.P. is back out on the road promoting their brand new album GOLGOTHA and the tour began in England in the middle of September. The Malmo show was the first one on Swedish soil, although the tour in Sweden includes 6 shows, all of which took place in smaller towns. GOLGOTHA is the band’s 15th album and and is the follow up to 2009’s BABYLON. It would be a lie to say that the band works fast in the studio. Dynazty and Critical Solution were the openers on the Swedish leg of the tour that stopped by Malmo on a Tuesday and the venue for the night was Moriska Pavlijongen which is situated in the local part of Malmo. The club was supposed to open the doors at 6 but for some reason was it delayed and it wasn’t until 45 minutes later we were let into the venue. Moriska Paviljongen is an umbrella for all kinds of music, where different clubs host shows and W.A.S.P were booked by the promotion company Skrikhult and Bad Blood Night Club that began back in 2013. They have hosted acts like Sister Sin, Entombed A.D, and The Scams to mention a few. All mentioned acts are Swedish so the W.A.S.P show was the first booking with a foreign band.

There were no problems with getting into the club and when I asked about photo pass they said I didn’t need any and that it was only to go into the club. The hall inside is pretty big and the stage is situated on one side of the room and the bar is straight across the other side of the room. There’s also a balcony but it was closed this night. After about 15 minutes it was so time for the night to start with…

Critical Solution

The four piece act kicked off their show in some really poor lighting with their heavy metal music. The band didn’t sound tight at all and the members didn’t feel cohesive in their appearance. It felt like they weren’t ready to take on a bigger crowd and the members mostly looked down at the floor while performing. After three songs I got bored and so was also the case with the audience that looked at the band without much enthusiasm. In the middle of the show the drummer took on a black piece of clothing with a hood and a mask and I have no idea what that brought to the show. He only wore that during one song and then he took it off and the show continued. There isn’t much to say about Critical Solution, I didn’t like their music at all and the 25 minutes they were given felt like an hour.

There wasn’t much prepping going on at the stage since it seemed like Dynazty was going to use the same gear as Critical Solution. The only thing that was changed were the cymbals. Since the entrance was 45 minutes delayed I guess the crew were under pressure to get things ready and moving fast. After 15 minutes was it time for the second act to start and the stage lit up to kick off their performance.



The Dynazty show kicked off right away and the band was warmly greeted by the people in the club. The first songs out were “Run Amok”, “Cross The Line” and “Dawn of Your Creation”. It was full speed ahead from the start and the entire band felt energetic like they wanted to show Malmo who Dynazty are. Singer Molin sang brilliantly and he’s got an amazing voice and talent. He thanked the fans for the support and said that the band’s new album is out and the next song “Unholy Deterrent” was taken from the RENATUS album. “Incarnation” was the next song out and the line-up in Dynazty is:

Nils Molin – lead vocals
Rob Love Magnusson – guitar
George Egg – drums
Mike Lavér – guitar
Jonathan Olsson – bass

Dynazty were blessed with better lighting which made it a lot easier to take pictures. It was especially Molin and Magnusson that ran around on stage kicking it with the fans and those two raised the roof for Dynazty. Molin wanted everyone to raise their hands in the song “Raise Your Hands” and he also got the crowd to sing in the middle of the song. You can’t say that the music of Dynazty fits into the heavy metal category but they fit in perfect in the melodic hard rock box and what an amazing show they brought to Malmo on this cold night. Even though the music is a little too tame and melodic for me I couldn’t help but be amazed by the joy and the fun the guys had on stage. They really enjoyed their time in the spotlight and that is something that really makes a show fun to see. Molin said that it was soon time for W.A.S.P to go on stage but first Dynazty had one more song to deliver. It was the first single from RENATUS the band ended the show with, called “Starlight”.


The show was great but I wished for a little more support from the crowd. The band did an amazing job and they worked really hard to get the crowd going but maybe it was the wrong week day to let loose on; it was a Tuesday and many probably had a job waiting the next morning.

Set list
Run Amok
Cross The Line
Dawn Of Your Creation
Unholy Deterrent
Raise Your Hands

The entire stage became empty and behind a curtain the headline act’s gear was placed. More people had now arrived at the club but it wasn’t sold out by far. A few minutes after us photographers were let into the photo pit a security guard told us that we weren’t allowed there if we hadn’t got a photo pass, which was something I had asked for at the entrance but was told weren’t necessary. All of us had to move and go through the crowd to the other side to talk to the people that took care of the entrance; they didn’t know anything so they had to talk to the band’s tour manager. After a while he came back with photo passes and we once again had to go through the crowd and back to the photo pit on the other side of the room. It was a huge mistake from the organizers to not hand out passes at the entrance from the start, instead we had to go back and forth through the crowd and wait for answers. It took a lot of time and patience but luckily we were back before the show began.

I wasn’t impressed at all when I saw W.A.S.P. the last time, and my expectations were therefore not too high for this show. Everyone knows that W.A.S.P. only plays for about 70-75 minutes these days but I decided to keep an open mind and see if Blackie could surprise me.



The intro played while the curtain dropped and revealed a huge drum set and a huge video screen behind the drums that said W.A.S.P. On each side of the drums there were another two screens. On top of the two smaller screens, lights that shined red were added to make it all look really majestic. Everyone but Lawless came out and faced the screaming audience; the screams became even louder when Lawless made his way on to the stage. They all stood with their backs to the crowd and turned around when “On Your Knees” marked the beginning of the show. The song transcended shortly into “Inside The Electric Circus” which made the fans scream louder. The W.A.S.P. of today consists of:

Blackie Lawless – lead vocals, guitar
Doug Blair – guitar
Mike Duda – bass
Randy Black – drums

“The Real Me” followed and the fans again screamed as loud as they could. Lawless seemed to be in a good mood and walked to the edge of the stage connecting with the fans. Both sound and lights improved a lot once W.A.S.P. began their show and Lawless wanted fans to scream for him and he asked if Malmo was ready for some love. “L.O.V.E. Machine” was the next song out and needless to say, the fans sang along. The band had a lot of space to move around on at the stage and Lawless and the guys used the stage to walk and run around on. While the songs were played, the screens showed videos and it all was really nice and added some atmosphere to the music. Lawless didn’t have to do much singing since the fans sang almost the entire song for him and he seemed happy with that.


It started to get a bit warm inside the club, and Lawless said that the band had a new album coming out later this week and that they were going to play three songs from GOLGOTHA this night. The first new song out is also the new single, called “Last Runaway”. Blair took off his shirt and that made the female part of the audience really happy. Next song up was taken from the BABYLON album in “Crazy” and the fans greeted all of the songs with open arms as the evening proceeded. The screens showed pictures of Elvis, Michael Jackson, James Brown and Jim Morrisson and when the song ended the band went off the stage and “The Titanic Overture” came on. On the screens it said that in 2012 it was 20 years since THE CRIMSON IDOL was released and after the over 3-minute long break, the band re-entered the stage and fired off “Arena Of Pleasure”. Duda spun around while he was playing just like he used to do and Lawless didn’t have to do much to gain the love from the fans, he had the audience in the palm of his hand from the very start of the show. “Miss You” taken from GOLGOTHA followed instantly and it was a really nice but sad ballad that Lawless sung from the bottom of his heart. It was a moving few minutes for both the band as well as the fans. At the end of the song the band changed into “Thunderhead” taken from the album THE HEADLESS CHILDREN before they slipped back into the original song. Another intro was showed on the screens and “Hellion” was the next song up.


Since the last time I saw the band they have a new drummer – Randy Black (ex- Annihilator, ex- Primal Fear etc.) and the hard hitting Canadian did an amazing job behind the kit. After playing half of “Hellion” the band changed into “I Don’t Need No Doctor” and another medley was nailed The title track “Golgotha” followed and the screens showed red clouds and a white dove that flew across them into space. At the end when Blair did his long guitar solo the sound system broke down and we couldn’t hear much from the band. We could only hear parts of the music and Lawless became furious when he noticed it. He walked and stood at the side of the stage while Blair finished his solo, luckily the malfunction with the sound was solved quite fast and the show could proceed as planned. Lawless came back, said good night and the band walked off the stage.


That ended the ordinary 60 minutes of the show but the fans shouted for more and a new intro marked the beginning of the encores and first out was “Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the Rue Morgue)”. The fans sang along with Lawless in the song and while again the screens showed the video to the song. Without lying, it was clear to see that the band’s old classic tunes worked in favor of the new ones and the audience sang along to the older songs rather than the more current ones. That song was the first encore and the band went off the stage once again. The fans still weren’t satisfied and shouted for more music. It took a while until the band got back out again and Lawless stood at the edge of the stage playing the intro to “Wild Child” on his guitar. He did that a few times and walked over to his mic and said “I’m a wild child, come and love me” and the song kicked off. The song ended and Lawless said that the audience maybe didn’t wanna go home yet. “Even though you might have to get up early tomorrow, I don’t care, because “I Wanna Be Somebody”” and so the song began. In the middle Lawless silenced the guitars and it was only bass and drums that played while the fans sang the lyrics. It was done three times until Lawless was satisfied and ended the song after a long outro. He said “Good night Malmo” and the band left the stage for the last time and the show was over. The show lasted for about 90 minutes which means that Lawless scored a personal best! Maybe the long show depended on the really long intros they had featured which extended the show a bit.


It was nice to see the band in such a good mood and they all worked really hard connecting with the crowd. The back-line set up was amazing and really added atmosphere to the show. The set list was a bit more varied than it used to be, which was totally OK with me, but why does he continue to play songs that have been in the set list for centuries now like “L.O.V.E. Machine”, “Wild Child” and “Chainsaw Charlie (Murders In the New Morgue)”? It would be nice to hear other songs than those, it’s time to trade them for other ones. I mean, Lawless has so many songs to choose from so why didn’t he come up with something new? Why not play something from albums like STILL NOT BLACK, KILL FUCK DIE, HELLDORADO, UNHOLY TERROR, and the list goes on? And why featur two covers when he has so many great songs of his own!? Still, this show was one of the greater ones I have seen with W.A.S.P. and it was great to see that Lawless seemed to be having fun on the stage. The band felt energetic and maybe Randy Black had something to do with that? But why didn’t Lawless introduce Randy Black to the fans!?


Bad Blood Night needs to look over a few things like having the doors open on time and not 45 minutes late, and also take look and come up with a new routine for photo passes…please! I asked the guy in the door when I went inside if I needed a photo pass and he said no, well apparently I did. The organizers have some things to think about before they book foreign bands to the club again.

Despite the messy routines, it was a great show with a revitalized W.A.S.P. and I’m really glad they stopped by Malmo.


Set list
On Your Knees/Inside The Electric Circus – medley
The Real Me
L.O.V.E. Machine
Last Runaway
The Titanic Overture
Arena Of Pleasure
Miss You/Thunderhead – medley
Hellion/I Don’t Need No Doctor – medley
Chainsaw Charlie (murders In the new morgue)
Encores II
Wild Child
I Wanna Be Somebody


Thanks to Lea Amling at Triada Communication for help with press/photo pass to the show.
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