Sepultura – Helsinki Finland

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   Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland


               Review and pictures by Petri da Costa

Sepultura has been having a busy touring schedule lately. After promoting their latest record, “The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be The Heart”, they started to do a 30th aniversary tour worlwide which started early this year. This gig in Helsinki was one of their last gigs of this run, and joining them on this special occasion were two local bands: Mors Subita and Nuclear Omnicide.


The first band, Mors Subita, started early, and unfortunately I ended up missing their whole set. Following them was Nuclear Omnicide, which I missed their first couple of songs, but was able to catch most of the gig. This young crossover band had a lot of energy on stage and kept the crowd head banging and moshing, definitely a great fit to open for Sepultura. It was a short set, but straight to the point and I’m sure that they’ll be getting more exposure in the years to come.

Sepultura 2

After the usual waiting for the change up, Sepultura hit the stage strongly with the classic “Troops of Doom”, a great choice to start their set, and without much delays continued with “Kairos” and “Propaganda”. Then came the first surprise of the night: “Breed Apart”, which if I’m not mistaken had not been played since the “Roots” tour. Frontman Derrick Green played some percussion during this song, and also in couple more songs later on during the set, adding more power and intensity to the song.

Then came the more thrash songs of the band: “Inner Self” and “Dead Embryonic Cells” which had most fans in the circle pit or head banging. It was interesting to notice how drummer Eloy Casagrande played some classic songs, keeping the essence of Igor’s iconic drumming but at the same time bringing his own “stamp”, sometimes in terms of speed or  just adding a new beat. There’s no denying that Eloy has brought a whole new level of energy and musicianship to the band.

They continued their well mixed set with “Convicted in Life”, “Choke”, “Cut–Throat” and the newer “Sepultura Under My Skin”. For the old school fans, Sepultura played another under-looked classic “From the Past Comes the Storms”, followed by “Territory”, “Polícia”, a shorter version of Motörhead’s “Orgasmatron”, and ended the first part of the gig with mosh favorites: “Arise” and “Refuse/Resist”.

Paulo 2 Derrick3

Obviously everybody knew that Sepultura would come back, and they came back with one of the highlights of the evening: the intro “The Curse” and one of Sepultura’s first songs, “Bestial Devastation”. You could see that not many were familiar with this song, but nevertheless it was great to hear live this gem. Before playing some of their more known songs, they added “The Vatican”, from their latest album, on the set and closed the night with “Ratamahatta” and the inevitable “Roots Bloody Roots”.

Sepultura hadn’t been in Finland for 3 years, so it was great to seem them live here again, especially during this tour. One extremely positive fact was that there was his younger generation of fans amongst the old school fans, even to the surprise of frontman Derrick who thanked the younger fans for coming up.


The idea of their set was also great, pretty much giving the fans and the crowd in general a good perspective of the band’s 30 year career, this was without a doubt their best set in years. I have to say also that although guitarrist Andreas Kisser and drummer Eloy never showed any sign of slowing down during their 90min set, you could notice sometimes that the band was a bit tired. That’s completely understandable since they’ve been on the road for a long time and playing a set like this can’t be that easy. However, this didn’t affect tonight’s experience, and I’m sure that the fans hope that the band won’t take 3 years to come back here.

Sepultura set list:

Troops of Doom
Breed Apart
Inner Self
Dead Embryonic Cells
Convicted in Life
Sepultura Under My Skin
From the Past Comes the Storms
Polícia (Titãs cover)
Orgasmatron (Motörhead cover)
Refuse / Resist


The Curse
Bestial Devastation
The Vatican
Roots Bloody Roots

Derrick2 Andreas 3

Andreas 2