A fellow metalhead tells his story of how he just missed the massacre at Le Bataclan in Paris

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Written by: Morbid XIII for Metal-Rules.com

Hugo Aribart
Hugo Aribart

Friday 13 was never this grim. We were close to losing an important brother from our metal community during the devastating attacks in France in the night of November 13.

Hugo Aribart is a metal fan and music video editor who’s worked with some well known bands such as Dynasty of Darkness which debut album features members of Mayhem, Morbid Angel & The Kovenant. The 70s rock fueled French band Flayed and the blasphemous Black Metal band Regarde Les Hommes Tomber.
Here’s the man’s own words:

What is your name and what do you do?

Hello my name is Hugo Aribart, I’m 28 and I’m a video editor. I work for a tv channel called Star24 and i make music videos for metal bands.

Can you tell us what you saw at the concert? How did you manage to escape the incident? What were your first thoughts when you heard what had happened?

I saw the first five songs, it was excellent but I was too exhausted by my week at work and most of all, I’ve had enough of social interactions, so I left […] needless to say, parisian’s natural un-politeness doesn’t suits me very well and therefore I live in a small suburban town called Saint Germain En Laye 20 minutes away by train from Paris.

This and the fact I went to the venue alone made me leave the Bataclan to get some rest.

I didn’t notice anything unusual outside. It was a typical Friday night with people gathered around, talking; laughing, smoking cigarettes, drinking beer or wine or whatever at bar terraces, etc…

I came down into the subway and while seated in the train my phone didn’t stopped vibrating, I took it out of my pocket and that’s how I realized that i’ve had just escaped a slaughter; My friends were asking me if i was okay so I told ’em I was and asked what was the problem? and that’s how I knew I’ve had just escaped a massacre.

So I was like “WHAT THE FUCK?!”, it was so unreal.

Noticing that my phone’s battery’s was dying I texted my mother to tell her I was safe and took the train home and started asking everyone if someone wanted to have a beer with me, I just wanted to shut my brain down, so I did with my friends.

Hugo Aribart @ Hellfest
Hugo Aribart @ Hellfest
Hugo Aribart with Katon of HIRAX
Hugo Aribart with Katon of HIRAX

What are your thoughts about what happened?

When I woke up the next morning horribly hungover my first thoughts where of confusion.

It took me a while to eat something, drink a lot of water before I was able to stare at a computer screen and then that’s where I watched the amateur footage online, you know, the video in which you see people running out of Bataclan’s back door walking over dead bodies (one of them is still moving though), people dragging their dead friends away, people hanging from the windows… While you can still hear the shooting in the back.

That’s when it hit me and I realized the horror.

I stood here, in front of my screen, speechless.

Peoples were killed because they went to a rock show, because they were at bars, because they went to a football game…

What shocked me the most is that a lot of the victims are the same age as me.

Clearly it is my generation that has been targeted. People like me who like to go out on a friday night.

Amongst all the places they struck, they attacked a place which was, to me, was the safest place in the world : A Rock show. I haven’t been able to feel anything but deep sadness and disgust for the last two days.

Did you know any of the people who lost their lives?

No, but a girl I know was there, I was looking for her amongst the 1,500 people in vain. I don’t know much but I know she got shot in the leg, she’s in a hospital and she will have the bullet removed early this week. I’ll try to call her again soon and perhaps ask her if she could give you her testimony.

I know that a friend of mine lost someone, I am still trying to reach out to more people.

I can also say that all the pictures of the victims posted on the social media really disturbed me because I recognized some of the people I saw in the Bataclan before the show.

What do you think the French government should do?

I don’t do politics at all, but we should get rid of ISIS very quickly…

 What is the reaction and response by the metal community in Paris after the event?

The same as every community : deep shock, sadness, fear, disgust, anger, etc…

Do you think this will affect the metal community in the future?

Yes, the same way it affects everyone here, but life will go on.

What would you like to say to the French community and the families that lost their loved ones?

I’m really sorry for all their losses.

Would you still go out at concerts and events after this?

Of course I will! I won’t stop living my life the way I want because of this. I refuse to live in fear so should the rest of us. Just on that note, I am going to see SunnO))) in a week 🙂

We should take care of each other, not stupidly give into hate. I’m not the only one and they won’t get what they want.


Watch some of Hugo’s best works here:

Reference: “What happened at the Bataclan?” by the BBC.

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