Wednesday 13 + Evil Scarecrow @ The Garage, London

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Wednesday 13 + Evil Scarecrow

@ The Garage, London

30th October 2015

Review by Soozi Chameleone
Photography by Jo Moolenschot

Wednesday 13 (5)

This Halloween weekend we had the pleasure of witnessing two delightfully festive acts in all their glory; Futuristic/Robitic/ Crab (?!)- themed Metallers Evil Scarecrow supporting well loved Horror- Punkster Wednesday 13 for the “London UK Halloween Weekend” here at the Garage. Sandwiched in between his “Blood, Guts and Gore” Tour of the US and the “Astro- Psycho” Tour throughout Europe, Wednesday choosing to spend Halloween over here with us feels like a privilege and an honour, and lets face it, Halloween is probably more important to Mr 13 than Christmas! And in true festive style, his UK family is out in full force tonight!

Off the back of their Bloodstock Festival appearance and this month’s release of their third album, Galactic Hunt, Evil Scarecrow [4/5] led by the enigmatic front man Dr Rabid Hell, emit an electrifying energy and have the audience in the palm of their collective robitic/ pincer- shaped hand.

Evil Scarecrow (5)
Despite not having their complete line up (Meister Klaus Von Unterschlafen is filling in on guitar and Princess Luxury is replaced by friend of band, Chucky the Bastard), this does not prevent them from throwing themselves into their set and delighting the crowd with their off- the- wall brand of crushing, eclectically inspired metal.

Evil Scarecrow (2)
From sexy Militia females accompanying them on-stage for ‘War and Seek’ to their trademark Robotic Crab leading the way and riling up the audience to join in with pincer hand gestures for ‘Crabulon’, Evil Scarecrow relentlessly storm through their set and even manage to include party poppers, a conga line that weaves through the crowd.

Evil Scarecrow (4)
This also included Chucky the Bastard grabbing a floor tom and bashing his way to the bar at the back of the venue.

Evil Scarecrow (1)
They couldn’t have done more to gain at least an extra few hundred fans tonight, if they tried!

Evil Scarecrow (3)

From Manic Spider Trash to Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13, Murderdolls and now a solo career that has been going strong for the last decade, there is no stopping Wednesday 13 [5/5]

Wednesday 13 (6)
This Halloween Weekend in London could be seen as a celebration of his career; as his first night features a selection of favourites from his most popular albums, including a handful from 2008’s highly successful release ‘Skeletons’ and his latest record, ‘Monsters of the Universe’: ‘Come Out’ and ‘Plague’.

Wednesday 13 (5)
The second night marks the 10 year Anniversary of ‘Transylvania 90210’: ‘Songs of Death, Dying and the Dead’, with it being played in its entirety, but we get treated to the likes of ‘Bad Things’ and ‘The Ghost of Vincent Price’ from this record tonight.

Wednesday 13 (4)

Kicking off with a couple from his latest release, Wednesday 13 and co soon dive straight in to his back catalogue, delighting his dedicated fans with favourites such as ‘Skeletons’ and ‘I Want You… Dead’.

Wednesday’s vocals are faultless, stage presence captivating and his surly, understated and practically static band members make for the perfect accompaniment to this undead, Horror Punk aficionado who shows no signs of relenting anytime soon, which is just as well because his popularity and love from fans is as strong as ever.

Wednesday 13 (3)
Regularly demanding feedback from the audience and under- lit with a slime- green spotlight, Wednesday 13 knows how to take command of stage and witnesses alike and his ability to do so may be down to his upbeat- yet- sinister, musically solid- yet simplistic flavour of Horror Punk that appeals to such a varied range of people.

Wednesday 13 (1)
Angsty teens can relate to lines such as “I want bad things to happen to you” following a particularly hard break up, and old school Misfits fans will appreciate material so richly drenched with Horror movie references, the last number of tonight ‘Monsters of the Universe’  being just one of many examples.

Wednesday 13 (2)
I don’t think anyone would be disappointed if Wednesday 13’s release of this year is marked with a 10 year Anniversary of the same vain as this weekend…. He’s quite simply addictive!

Wednesday 13 Setlist

1. Keep Watching The Skies
2. Astro Psycho – Galactic Blood-Drive
3. Get Your Grave On
4. Serpent Society
5. Skeletons
6. All American Massacre
7. Suffer
8. The Ghost of Vincent Price
9. Planet Eater: Interstellar 187
10. I Want You… Dead
11. Hail Ming
12. I Love Watching You Die
13. Scream Baby Scream
14. Calling All Corpses
15. Home Sweet Homicide
16. Bad Things
17. Monsters Of The Universe