New Estonian documentary “Heart of a Wolf” – featuring Metsatöll and Finntroll

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New Estonian documentary „Heart of a Wolf“ coming to Estonian cinemas from October 30th.

Director Liina Paakspuu’s full length music documentary „Heart of a Wolf“ („Hundi süda sees“ in Estonian) is about the nature of folk metal and features two bands – Metsatöll from Estonia and Finntroll from Finland.

The film premiers at 7pm in Tallinn’s CC Plaza on October 29th and will be screened with English subtitles in cinemas across Estonia from October 30th.

Hairy rockers mixing their metal sounds with traditional music instruments, pagan symbols and songs in their native language draw audiences from all corners of the world. The film focuses on Estonian band Metsatöll and their older Finnish brother Finntroll with the aim to get an insight into the nature of Nordic folk metal.

Quote from Liina Paakspuu:
„I like that there is something primitive and even naíve about Metsatöll’s music, but it has a sort of raw power that can unexpectedly hit you in the core of your inner cosmos. There are common traits to all Nordic folk metal bands. Finntroll from Finland is a huge name across the world and figuratevly the band is like a big brother to Metsatöll. I chose four main characters from the two bands – the „poster boys“, meaning the lead singers Markus Teeäär and Mathias Lillmans and „the hermits from the woods“, meaning Lauri Õunapuu and Jan Jämsen.
Wolves are a common symbol for both bands. Markus Teeäär from Metsatöll says in the film that he started to make Metsatöll’s music as through the eyes of a wolf. Wolves are important to Finntroll’s founder and lyricist Jan Jämsen as well, also in other art forms besides music.“
Trailer (YouTube):


Screenings in Estonian cinemas (30.10.- 13.11.2015):

CC Plaza:



Hiiumaa kino: 06.11 at 15:00 and 07.11 at 18:00

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