Loggins and Messina (SACD)

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Loggins and Messina (SACD)
2015, Audio Fidelity
Rating: 4.5

As with many releases by audiophile label Audio Fidelity this was an album that that I was not too familiar with the music. Thanks to Poison who included the groups “Your Mama Don’t Dance” on their second album OPEN UP AND SAY…AHHHH back in ’88 the song was revitalized for a new generation. It was this that made me become aware of Loggins and Messina although I never did check out their catalog apart from this song.

Fast forward to 2015 and Audio Fidelity release the self-titled second album by the band. Naturally I was interested as I loved both versions of the hit song. Once the disc arrived and I had a chance to pop it into my player and sit back to enjoy it I was pleasantly surprised at how many songs that were somewhat familiar to me. It must have been the fact that as a child in the 70’s with two older siblings who played the old K-Tel albums and listened to AM Radio that some of these songs were burned into my subconscious. Whatever it was, I am grateful.

This album sums up an era for me. I cannot say define as until now I was unfamiliar with it. It is an album that has that feel good Summer sound with incredibly smooth production. It’s upbeat, yet mellow at the same time. It has a slight folky sound to it in spots that would help bridge the gap between a 60’s Hippy and a 70’s Stoner. For me, personally “Your Mama Don’t Dance” and “Thinking Of You” are the clear winners here. Maybe it’s the familiarity? Maybe it’s just the sheer awesomeness of the songs and how amazing they sound? Whatever it is it’s worth the price of the disc. The entire release is a solid mix of music with Messina’s songs the more upbeat ones where the Loggins are the mellow ballad-esque ones with the more folky vibe. Whichever your preference, they compliment each other perfectly.

Back in May of ’88 when I bought that Poison tape upon it’s release and heard that infamous song for the first time would I ever have thought that 20+ years later would I be sitting back and enjoying the mellower original version. It just proves that good music is time and ageless. Kudos to Audio Fidelity for keeping the music alive by preserving albums of yesterday with fantastic sounding editions.