The Malmo Festival 2015 with Syron Vanes, Suicide By Tigers, Carubine, Va Rocks, Andromeda

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The band of interest this day was the local heavy metal act Syron Vanes, which was one of the last bands to be booked. The band was going to play between 8.30pm-9.15pm but I was there long before it was time because I wanted to check out the area and see how the Rock Stage was planned. The premises was gated because there were a bar selling alcohol; in front of the bar there were tables and benches for people to sit on and behind the bar was situated the tent with the stage. The DJ booth was placed right beside the entrance and the toilets were situated outside the area. The view was over the canal and central station, and it was a pretty small place the Rock Stage had been given. Quite a lot of people were already gathered and the majority were drinking alcohol and talked to friends while waiting for the band. I met the head of the Rock Stage, Micko Tweedberg, and he told me that the area could include a maximum of 750 people, including the bar as well as the tent. I met up with a few friends and took a closer look at the stage. There was a small and slim photo pit inside the tent and the stage was pretty small. On one of the sides there was a small market where people could buy band merchandise and different kinds of metal music items.

Syron Vanes started out back in 1980 and the band comes from Malmo Sweden. The founding members were drummer Staffan Lindstedt and guitarist Anders Hahn. The debut album, BRINGER OF EVIL, was released 1984 and was followed in 1986 by REVENGE. The band released their latest studio album EVIL REDUX 2013 and the band have had a steady number of members come and go over the years. In 2011, bassist Sellborn and drummer Bergentz joined the group.

After having problems with the sound the band was ready to go and all the fuss had made the band 15 minutes late. The crowd stood eagerly waiting for the band to kick off their show and after a final sound check it was finally time to go.

Syron Vanes

First song out was “King Of It All” and it was followed by “Only Hell Remains” after which singer/guitarist Vahlstrom said that it was nice to be on stage and that the band were really happy when they got the request to perform at the festival. “Hellion Child” followed and the sound system worked pretty well but less so the lights. It felt like those responsible had forgotten to incorporate lights and Sellborn and Hahne stood in the dark while all the lights were focused on Vahlström. The audience stood still and watched the band and clapped their hands after each song. The line-up is:

Rimbert Vahlström – lead vocals, guitar
Anders Sellborn – bass
Anders Hahne – guitar
Mats Bergentz – drums

On each side of the speakers stood two smoke machines that were directed to the roof and blew smoke while the band played. It was smart to direct the machines against the roof, that way the stage wasn’t flooded with smoke. Vahlström thanked the crowd again and he looked genuinely happy to be performing for the people gathered in the tent. He was pleased to see so many familiar faces and said it was now time to play a song from the album INSANE as the title track continued the show. Syron Vanes plays traditional heavy metal and they do it well, there’s nothing to remark on when it comes to the music and I think that the band put on a great show. Vahlström was the one who took on the lead guitar parts and it’s not often a singer also plays lead guitar. The crowd seemed to like what they heard and applauded heavily. “Gods Gift” continued the night and I have to say that I was especially impressed by the co-operation between Vahlström and Hahne.


“Higher” followed after which it was time for the crowd to sing. Vahlström said that the band performed in Germany a while back and that crowd could sing loud, however he knew that the Malmo crowd could sing louder. The band then lauded into “End Of The World” which was the song everyone should sing in. The audience did a great job and the band was happy with the effort, “Race To Hell” followed immediately. The stage was pretty small which forced the members to stand still on their spots because there wasn’t much space to move around on. Vahlström said it was time to leave but there was one song left to play and it was “Born To Rock”. By now the crowd had woken up and given the band huge support. This kind of support should’ve been shown from the start and it was unfortunate that the crowd woke up so late. The fans shouted for encores but the band didn’t return because their time was up.

The show was terrific and the band did what they could in order to get the tired crowd going. The performance felt solid with nothing but the bad lighting to complain about.


Set list
King Of It All
Only Hell Remains
Hellion Child
God’s Gift
End Of The World
Race Me To Hell
Born To Rock


The Rock Stage was a small but pleasant surprise and I once again salute the ones who made the stage come to life. Syron Vanes was the one band that I cared to see this night but I was about to return the next day to listen to one of the highlights of the festival.


A new day and new bands to see. The first band ,and one of the highlights for me, was the local act Suicide By Tigers that was scheduled to appear at the Rock Stage at 5.30pm. The band was formed in Malmo in 2012 by singer Nils Lindstrom and guitarist Peter Rudnert. Drummer Johan Helgesson and bass player Peter Broch joined forces in 2014. All of the members are well known musicians within the local scene. The band’s debut album is scheduled to be released in Fall 2015, and since I loved the members’ previous acts, I was eager to see how Suicide By Tigers would sound.

The band did sound check when I got there. Not many people had gathered yet, most people there grabbed a beer and hung out at the bar listening to the DJ. Family and friends of the band were there and I had a chat with a few of the members. All in all, a nice atmosphere was sensed at the Rock Stage.

Suicide By Tigers

The show kicked off right as the soon as the members walked on the stage. They played two songs after which Lindstrom thanked the crowd and said – “We are Suicide By Tigers and we’re going to play for you tonight”. The band’s music is best described as well played classical rock n’ roll and the small but brave audience seemed to like what they heard. The line-up is:

Nils Lindstrom – lead vocals
Petter Rudnert – guitar
Johan Helgesson – drums
Peter Broch – bass

Lindstrom sang magically, Rudnert impressed on guitar, and the rhythm section was solid as a rock with the hard-hitting and technical Helgesson in charge. The band’s music felt promising but since it was the first time I heard them was it hard to have an opinion. Besides the drums, percussion were placed nearby, which Lindstrom played occasionally. Lindstrom and Rudnert moved across the small stage and Broch mostly stood still on his spot. Helgesson played his drums so intensely that they moved and the drum sticks attached to it fell out on the floor beside the crowd. A few of the kids in the crowd got a hold of the sticks and started to bang them at the fence in front of the stage so hard that their mom had to tell them to stop. The band didn’t mind that and continued the show; really impressing with their music. The entire band did a great job and I’m really eager to hear what they can achieve on album.

malmoefestival_2015_suicide_by_tigers_live_1malmoefestival_2015_suicide_by_tigers_live_2malmoefestival_2015_suicide_by_tigers_live_3malmoefestival_2015_suicide_by_tigers_live_4Lindstrom used the percussion during the last song and he pounded so hard that one of the drums fell out. Suicide By Tigers treated the crowd to an intense 45 minute set and they sure made me curious about their music. I’m definitely going to invest in the debut album later this year. It was nothing but 45 minutes of high energy classic rock n roll music executed by some of the best musicians in Malmoe.


It was 45 minutes until the next ac,t Carbine, hit the stage but not much more people had arrived to the area. As soon as Suicide By Tigers had removed their stuff from stage, it was time to rig the stage for Carubine and the sound check began immediately. I stayed and overheard the sound check and it seemed like the band had problems with adjusting the sound. It wasn’t the first time the organizers suffered from poor sound system issues and it took a while until everything was ready and clear.

Carubine comes from Stockholm and is a trio influenced by hard-rock and 70’s prog music. The band is signed to Dead End Exit Records and that’s probably why they were booked to perform at the Rock Stage. No one stood in the middle of the stage, both guitarist and bass player stood on each side and the one in the middle was the drummer. With thought of the poor lighting, I dreaded to see how this was going to end up. At 7 o clock was it time for Carubine to continue the evening at the Rock Stage.


Singer Gatica said it was fun to be in Malmo, performing at the festival. The members stood still during the entire show and nothing much more but a lot of smoke happened on stage. The main focus was set on bass and drums as the guitar and vocals were almost lost in the mix. I thought the music was kind of strange, it was groovy hard rock mixed with prog and rock n’ roll. That combination sounded really strange in my ears. Carubine is:

Alex Gatica – lead vocals, bass
Robin Kulbay – drums
Erik Kling – guitar

Carubine’s music was nothing that appealed to me. I thought the songs was too long, vocals were bad and the music was poorly executed. The small audience clapped their hands politely and it was pretty obvious that the band hadn’t much live experience since no one talked in between the songs and both Gatica and Kling seemed to be more interested in looking at the floor and not to the crowd. Gatica urged the crowd to buy some merchandise and then he announced the last song “New Low” that ended the show.

malmoefestival_2015_carubine_live_1malmoefestival_2015_carubine_live_2malmoefestival_2015_carubine_live_3malmoefestival_2015_carubine_live_4malmoefestival_2015_carubine_live_5Musically the show didn’t do anything for me and the band needs to rehearse more until they take on a live crowd next time. The ones that were most interested in listening to Carubine were the band themselves.

Set list
Burning Water
The Charm
New Low

The Carubine show ended Sunday for me at the Rock Stage and since I had no idea who was appearing later during the night, I chose to go home.