The Malmo Festival 2015 with Syron Vanes, Suicide By Tigers, Carubine, Va Rocks, Andromeda

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The Malmo Festival 2015

Malmo, Sweden
14-21/8 – 2015

Live review and pictures by: Anders Sandvall

With bands like Syron Vanes, Suicide By Tigers, Carubine, Va Rocks, Andromeda, Van Haven ( Van Halen cover act), Wolfsblood, Kamchatka


The annual Malmo festival is located in the central parts of the city and lasts for a week. The festival includes performances by bands in all kinds of genres, as well as showcasing art, world foods, carnivals, exhibitions, and spoken word and stand-up. Everything is free and the festival lures people from all over the world. The biggest stage is situated at the grand square in the middle of the city and the other stages and music tents are scattered all across town. About three years ago a bunch of disappointed hard rockers and metal heads formed a page on Facebook, where the main issue was to make the festival book more rock and metal acts. The page grew fast and a group of people took on the task to bring harder music back to the festival. This year a tent was arranged that only included hard rock and metal music. It took three years and a lot of talking, but no one took initiative to do something about it until now.

malmoefestival_2015_area_pictures_1malmoefestival_2015_area_pictures_2This new stage was called the Rock Stage, and was hosted by the label Roasting House. One of the driving forces behind the Rock Stage was Micko Tweedberg, executive for the record label Dead End Exit Records, which is a sub-label to Roasting House Records. The Rock Stage was located across in the middle of the street between the train station and the Savoy Hotel, which is just a 5 minute walk from the grand square. When the booked bands were released, many aired their opinions on which bands they had wanted to see at the Rock Stage and many weren’t happy with the performing acts. Well, why didn’t those who complained form their own agenda and make something happen instead of complaining about people who actually set things in motion? I think it was a great initiative and if things went well, maybe the organization behind the Rock Stage will be able to book bigger bands next year. 31 bands performed at the Rock Stage during the week and I hadn’t a clue who several of them were and therefore I chose to write about the ones I knew or was interested in hearing.

malmoefestival_2015_area_pictures_3malmoefestival_2015_area_pictures_4I was a bit disappointed when I saw the bookings on the other stages, where not much harder rock/metal acts were presented. Rival Sons and Bombus were the hardest acts and overall it was a poor selection of harder bands presented over the week. The Rock Stage presented 4 to 6 acts each day and the program included a lot of local acts and a number of acts linked to Dead End Exit Records, such as Demotional, Carubine, Cloudscape, and Pretty Wild. The cover acts Dressed To Thrill (Kiss) and Van Haven (Van Halen) performed as well, so in other words the Rock Stage offered fans acts in diverse genres like rock, blues, hard rock, sleaze, and metal. Local rock DJ’s kicked off each day and also played music in between bands. Each day started off at 2pm, with different competitions and events. My goal for the week was to see Va Rocks, Andromeda, and Wolfsblood, which all are local acts more or less known to the world. The first acts on each day had a playing time for 45 minutes, the following 60 minutes and the final act 75 minutes. For reasons out of my control I couldn’t attend the first day of the festival but was told by friends that the Rock Stage had some serious problems with the sound system.