AGNOSTIC FRONT live at The Underworld, London

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Live at The Underworld Camden, London

3rd October 2015

Review & Photography by Fernando Bonenfant


Tonight BROOKLYN finest Agnostic Front have travelled overseas to shake the souls of London. Outside Metal fans are queuing, drinking, smoking and hustling with the guy on the door to try to get ticket to The Underworld sold-out show.


COLDSIDE, hardcore acts are the first of two support bands from Florida to take the stage tonight. All members nod their heads in time to the beat as they play a variety of epic songs, while some die hard hardcore fans start immediately mushing. The band ends the energetic set with a cover of Madball’s “New York City”. Roger also said to give it up for COLDSIDE as he believes in them!


Next up are The Old Firm Casuals and they don’t just warm the stage, they burn it down. These guys hold enough energy for the whole audience.


Guitar player Casey Watson storming the stage whilst lead singer Lars Frederiksen raises his instrument to the audience. The band rip through variety of songs, taking the crowd out on a high with tunes like “Off With Their heads” and “wolves Of War”. As the boys leave the stage, it’s clear they’re an act to watch again.


It’s finally time for the main event; Agnostic Front step confidently on the stage breaking straight into it with “The Eliminator”.  The room shakes, their energy is high, there are fast the sound is heavy and their timing spot on. This is Hardcore at its finest!


A few songs in and the band decided to get to the new album The American Dream Died with “I Can’t Relate” then back to some good old school and classics, such as ”For My family” and “Your Mistake”.


“Its time for my biggest circle pit!” yells Roger Miret, The man’s a bundle of unkempt energy, beating his chest to the classic. As that familiar riff kicks in, the whole room explodes to the Hardcore classic “Gotta Go”


Agnostic Front don’t go off stage for their encore – they don’t need to. And just when everyone thinks it’s all over “Addiction” begins, taking the last of the crowd’s energy and finishing off the night with “Blitzkrieg” cover song from The Ramones. They played a spectacular performance.


Today has brought together metal and hardcore fans from all round the London. There’s a reason Agnostic Front have been around so long.  Despite their passionate songs and chaotic shows, they hold a humble attitude towards their fans and other artists.

A lot of people in bands get it in their heads that you are their fans and they are fucking cool but any real underground artist doesn’t think that way and especially in hardcore. Its all about brotherhood and everyone is welcome and warm to everyone, and after having meeting them again that night all I can say is we still have long days ahead with the Godfather of hardcore.


Thanks Nuclear Blast for the support \m/