Bloodstorm Interview with Vocalist Rob

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Bloodstorm Interview

Interview by Jarod Lawley

We spoke to French melo-death band Bloodstorm to learn more about their history and formation, their new record and their hopes for the future.

Hi Bloodstorm, thanks for your time, could you please introduce yourself/selves to our readers?

Hi Jarod, thank you for having us! We are Bloodstorm, a 5 piece melodic death metal band from the French Alps.

A couple of the band members met when you were in school, do you think having this bond from an early age has shaped the band today much?

Absolutely! We believe that being great friends is paramount when you play in a band and that’s probably why when all the other bands in our area kept breaking apart, we stood strong and kept going no matter what. Making music with your old friends rather than band “colleagues” is so much more personal and fulfilling and really a lot more fun.

The band really kicked off in 2009 when you were joined by vocalist Rob, how would you describe the atmosphere of your early rehearsals and gigs?

We’d met Rob at a bunch of parties and gigs before he joined the band, he was already the vocalist for a symphonic black metal and was only supposed to record vocals for our very first demo. It was very hard to find any decent vocalists in our area and things really clicked on both sides so he ended up staying as the true 5th member of Bloodstorm. Getting gigs was hard in our area as every band wanted in on every event, he ended up having to play shows with both bands on numerous occasions which got to transfer the fan base that he had established with his other band over to us.

That and a hell lot of booze!! We actually had a pretty bad reputations with the local press as a bunch a drunkards that somehow manage to pull off great shows.


What hopes and ambitions did you have when you released first album, “The Coming Storm”?

I think we were really proud of our songs and really wanted to have them recorded. We knew nothing about music business and never got around to look for a label and send it to magazines for reviews. Rob moved to London a few months after the release so we didn’t play that many shows and didn’t really know where we were going. We loved playing together and it never was an option for us to stop playing. We considered getting a new vocalist but we quickly realised that nobody in the band is expandable and that Bloodstorm wouldn’t be Bloodstorm if the lineup changed in any way. These years were very frustrating but we cherished each little gig that we had and started writing new material.

Four years on, do you feel you have achieved what you wanted with your new album, ”Breaking The Pyramid”

Well Rob is finally back and we’re stronger than ever! We’re extremely proud of this new record and I believe that we can take things to the next level. We’ve been booking shows for this fall and we’re getting ready to go on our first European tour opening for Nightrage next April. We’re also in talks with a decent looking label for an international promotion/distribution contract. It’s very exciting and quite a scary learning curve.

What is the concept behind the album’s artwork and lyrics?

The concept behind “Breaking The Pyramid” is a rejection of the pyramidal system that has been in place for a very long time. It’s a giant middle finger to the hypocrisy and greed poisoning our society and feasting relentlessly on the misery and the ignorance of the majority. It’s a great big laugh at this so called civilized West. And we talk about beer.

How do you expect the album to be released by those who are already fans of the band?

We’re pretty positive that they’ll enjoy it very much. The production is far more impressive and the songwriting is much more mature than our previous record. This album is much more melodic so it is possible that the more extreme part of our fans might be a little disappointed but that might get a few nice surprises.

For those who don’t know Bloodstorm, how would you describe the sound of the new album and who would it appeal to?

Melodic death metal with a touch of groove, for fans of Soilwork, Machine Head, DevilDriver…

You’d probably be better at defining our sound, we’ve been struggling very very much with that…

Where would you like Bloodstorm to be in five years time? Are there any countries or festivals you aim to have played?

Everywhere in the world! Every festival in Europe that we go to as fans, we don’t have any limit!


Thanks for your time today guys, where can our readers go to find out more about the band?

Thanks you again for having us! You can find us on Facebook

Or on our website

We have an indiegogo campaign going on to help us go on tour next April, if you want to support to band and help us get to the next level it would mean the world to us, plus you can get some really cool stuff! We’ve got a really cool introduction video that I’m sure you will appreciate..