Venom INC and Vader live @ The Underworld, Camden

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With special guests VADER, DIVINE CHAOS and WITCHES

 live at The Underworld Camden, London

September 21st 2015

Review & Photography by Fernando Bonenfant

The opening act of the night were WITCHES; a French death metal band from Antibes. Witches, formed in 1986 are first French band with female guttural voice. They have been touring with bands like SIX FEET UNDER and EMTOMBER and were a perfect act to open for this old Skool extreme metal night.


They have a great energy live and delivered a perfect set that I really enjoyed and i would surely go and see them again. This is why I love going to gigs to see bands I don’t know, there is always a chance to discover great bands like this.

witches (2)

Then it was time to get heavier with DIVINE CHAOS. Their drummer James got double duty this night with his 2 bands as he’s also drumming for VADER. He made a great impression from the second he sat on that drum and turned into a machine.

Divine Chaos (2)

DIVINE CHAOS started the gig with full attention of the crowd and delivered a technical set with aggressive, punchy riffs and solos. I love the combination of trash and death metal with that high stage energy. Once again first time hearing or seen a band I can’t wait to get to another of their gig. I would recommend to everyone to watch these guys closely!

Divine Chaos (1)

Now time for Vader, who’s crowd wasn’t as big as during their last appearance here at The Underworld earlier this year, but non the less it was enough Polish fans to make them fell at home.

vader (2)

Playing songs like “Reborn in Flames” and “The Wrath” with relentless blast beats and shaded guitars, the pit was a nonstop chaos.


Vader delivered a furious set continuing with “Vicious Circle” and of course “Decapitated Saints” the band put on an electrifying performance, even after more than 30 years they still proved why they are at the top of the death metal scene.

VENOM INC – Iron and Steel

venom (3)

After 20 years and most acclaimed “Prime Evil” album. Mantas, The Demolition man and Abaddon are back to play an old-school set performing their classic album.

venom (4)
Here again very energetic set starting by Prime Evil to set the mood with full participation of the crowd.


From the start to finish they just delivered a fast, aggressive and loud old school freaking show, playing songs like Schizo, Warhead, Welcome to hell etc, the point is they just done what they do the best and rock the old Underworld with a perfect old school extreme metal night with a mix of old and new fans!


Prime Evil
Die Hard
Don’t Burn the Witch
Live Like an Angel (Die Like a Devil)
One Thousand Days in Sodom
Buried Alive
Raise the Dead
The Seven Gates of Hell
Sons of Satan
Welcome to Hell
Black Metal
Countess Bathory
Witching Hour