Evile @ Audio, Glasgow

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@ Audio, Glasgow

27th September 2015

Review and images Ritchie Birnie


After 3 years and 2 cancelled gigs I expect I was not the only one to wonder if tonight’s scheduled gig would go ahead but it did and what a gig it was!

The brutality was started by Glasgow based band Circle of Tyrants. A special word must go out to the venue as they never fail to tie up support bands that are relevant to the main act. You never get a mismatched band or an uninterested audience. This makes for an enjoyable evening and keeps everyone happy prior to the head-liners.
 There is a lot going on tonight, in Scotland it is a bank holiday and the date is the anniversary of Cliff Burton’s untimely death and a blood moon all rolled into one. The night could end in disaster but not on Tyrant’s watch. They obviously had a good bit of local support to help quieten the nerves and with an ever exuberant frontman in Kwondo they had no fear of failing. Kwondo gets the mood set straight away by asking who is on holiday tomorrow and who is drinking. The answer does not need printed here.
 They played a blistering set and even managed to pull together a couple of mosh pits. A very good band so if you are local make sure you check them out.
Evile were quick to bring up the fact that they had to cancel the gigs in 2013/14. An apology readily accepted and forgotten once the first frantic chords were struck on “Underworld”. The ears start to bleed, the skin peels from your face and if you were anywhere near the PA your heart was getting rattled in your ribcage. The tempo was set.
The guys let us know early on that this was really the Skull tour as it was the one that should have been done way back in 2013. To that effect they are going to play the whole album. This makes a very drunk crowd very happy. The songs come thick and fast, furious and brutal until we get to “ Tomb”. Matt Drake introduces this as a ballad which I suppose it is, for three minutes then it is back to regular business. Those three minutes were enough to gather our senses for the attack that was to come. The band were dripping in sweat already by this point and with this being a sold out show the audience were not far behind them. It is a very tightly packed venue with nowhere to go to escape the onslaught.
With “outsider” we get introduced to Piers, the new band member or as I would call him the ginger wind turbine. A wind turbine that has short circuited and is on full tilt ready to fly off its pylon. Between his neck action and the frantic wrist strumming frenzy this guy is going to suffer in old age but to hell with that the man can play. A seriously good replacement and one that won the fans over very quickly. He can look forward to being as loved as the rest of the band.
Before “New Truths” we go back to the cancelled gigs with Matt asking if anyone still had the original tickets and when the shouts returned with a resounding “ Aye” he was surprised they had not turned to dust. As the song breaks into a canter you can see the camaraderie between Matt and Joel, they are laughing away and just enjoying the set. Having been to many, many a gig it is always a great sign when you see a band interact on stage. Too often band members can become ostracised from each other and it becomes a very cold and sterile thing. I am not someone who goes to see a band play a track exactly as it appears on CD or vinyl. I want to hear a band speak to me, tell me tales, go off in a different direction or even cock something up. I want to feel a part of the show and remember these little differences.
The band finished on “Thrasher” as expected and to be honest this gig was far more than I expected, again this is something I love about live gigs. You can attend some shows with no expectation and you come away with your mind blown. Tonight was one of those nights. I seriously recommend going to see Evile live, you will not be disappointed and guess what? You will not need to wait another 3 years as like the proverbial bus you miss three and then they come along two in a row. They are supporting Sepultura very soon and I would not miss this double bill for any amount of money…you should not either.

Yes this is a set list on a paper plate
Yes this is a set list on a paper plate