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Tengger Cavalry

Interview with frontman Nature Ganganbaigal

Interview by Melanie Brehaut

Tengger Cavalry

Mongolian folk metallers Tengger Cavalry have undergone a major change recently, with the band permanently relocating to America and vocalist Nature Ganganbaigal recruiting new members for this most international of bands. Melanie Brehaut spoke to Ganganbaigal about the recent changes, and what it means for the band’s future.

So, an all new lineup, how exciting! And a very multinational one at that. How do you think that will affect Tengger Cavalry’s signature Mongolian sound?

Thank you! Yeah we are experiencing one of the most innovative changing in the band. However our sound will never change. We will keep what we were doing, and keep balancing between Mongolian folk and metal. It won’t become another band with brand new sound.

What was behind the decision to permanently relocate to America and establish a new lineup?

It is just my music career is developing stateside, so after two year’s move to US I decide to re-launch the TC project and recruit new people. I want to keep doing what this band is doing before.

Tengger lineup 2015

Can you tell us about the new members?

Yeah sure. Our bassist Alex is a death metal guy and he is into very brutal and extreme death metal with old-school sound. He played with Immortal before. Our drummer Yuri was touring around the world with big bands such as Nighwish and Therion years ago. Our Tuva fiddle player Robert comes from a Tuvan folk background. We all have our uniqueness, which add a lot to the band.

Are there any plans to tour now?

We are talking to booker and trying to figure out a tour plan next year. Can’t say much yet but we are working hard on it.

What about new material. Anything on the horizon yet?

Not really. We are trying to bring the old songs on stage. That’s our main task currently. But we probably will start to write something next year.

Are you surprised at the international attention the band is receiving? How do you feel about it?

Yeah I am very surprised. It is very inspiring to see people give so many positive feedbacks. I actually feel a lot of pressure cause I really don’t want to disappoint my fans. I want to meet their expectation of what the new TC should be.

Tengger Lineup 2015 2

You are also studying film score as well as composing actual soundtracks, so your life must be very busy! How do you fit everything in?

Busy as fxxk. I am planing to have a concert at Carnegie Hall in 12/24/2015, which is the Christmas Eve. Let’s see how it goes. So much to work on, I can’t even list it. Also I got few gigs in Lincoln Center play Mongolian fiddle Morin Khuur.

What are your hopes and goals for Tengger Cavalry?

Be good, be professional, work hard and make the band as good as possible.

All the best for the band and your film scoring Nature, and we at Metal Rules UK hope Tengger Cavalry tour over here someday! Thanks for your time today.

Thank you so much!

Tengger Cavalry America

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