Interview with Dushan Petrossi of Magic Kingdom, Iron Mask and more.

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Interview with Dushan Petrossi of  Magic Kingdom, Iron Mask and more

by JP


Tell us how the reception to the new album SAVAGE REQUIEM has been?

Very very well, great reviews ,we are happy, like always some people dont like changes and wine for Olaf ‘s return, but I wanted a touring band again and not only a studio project, I dont need guys who never wanted to play live gigs anymore. Christian is doing a great job as vocalist and I like him like a brother, he’s sincere with me and that’s all I ask. Same goes for Michael and Vassili which is my best friend for 22 years , we are very faithful when it come to friendship and working together, its always been amazing and we understand each other fast.

The cover art is amazing, who did it?

Artwork was done by the amazing Stan W. Decker; it’s a first collaboration , I told him what I wanted to see on the front cover like I always did for all my albums before, and he did a stunning piece of art, he will also do my next Iron Mask album cover.


You made the jump from Limb Records to AFM Records.  From a business perspective, how has the transition been? 

You know sometimes you need to search for other horizons to secure a better place for yourself, business went down hill and a lot of labels and musicians are suffering, and to go on I needed a new label, who believe in us , Limb did a great job in the past but it was time for us to move on after 5 years of silence.

How did you discover  your new vocalist Christian Palin?   After working with two veteran vocalists (LeClercq, Hayer) were you a bit worried about working with a new, untested singer?

Christian also got experience, he’s got his band Random eyes, and did an album with a french prog band , I contacted him because I liked his tone, I know how to work with singers in studio to make them scream out their best performances, the singer on metallic tragedy was just a kid when we met him without any professional band or recordings, it’s a hard work and long process sometimes but only the result counts in the end -)

With your members scattered across the world, how hard is it to bring all the parts together to record an album?

I record all the instruments demos songs and the voice melodies for the singer home ,then I send this out via mp3, so everyone can learn their parts home before going in the studio to record the drums and the final vocals. So there’re really no problems., and anyway Uk and Finland isn’t that far from Belgium.-)


For our gear fans, tell a bit about your basic set-up for recording.

I have a very good audio card RME fireface800, I use CUBASE 7, this is all I need for the guitars and bass recordings, then I also get a lot os orchestral sample and virtual instruments pluggins as EASTWEST Platinum symphonic orchestra, EASTWEST symphonic choirs,or others like Silk, Ra, Voices of passion, Stormdrums for huge movie percussions, EZ drummer2 for preproduction and programing the drums so Michael can learn the rhythms.Lately I’ m endorsed by Tronical tuner system you put on the head of your guitars try it out!!! a real time saver miracle! I also use Elixir strings , best on the market!

You have said that Yngwie is a big influence.  Have you heard any of his newer material and if yes, what do you think? 

I heard a couple of songs , but I prefer the 80s and the 90 s albums , when he had a real good singer and good production…

You have two projects on the go, Iron Mask and Magic Kingdom. Do you have a favourite?  Do have a different writing style for each band?

I can’t choose, they are my children , -) Iron mask is more of a neo classical and melodic hard rock style, Magic Kingdom is symphonic epic speed metal , it’s very different , still in the same nest but quite different.

You mentioned recently that you are writing Sci-fi novel. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Well, I’ d love to talk about it but I really prefer to finish it before, my goal is to make a real good book which could eventually end up in a movie. The idea is very strong and new and I hope the characters will one day become as popular as Iron Man, or Spiderman, I strongly believe they could be , this is very special and I m looking forward to tell more about it asap, writing is a very difficult process , but I have already 40 pages done and all the story ready with every details in my head.


You also mentioned you are working on material for new albums by both your bands!   Where do you find the time?

Its just a matter of inspiration , when it’s my book then I don’t do music, then the next week I work on the new Iron mask album, but i will start the next Magic Kingdom in 2016,it will be a long song divided in 10 segments, The metallic Tragedy chapter 3 in 10 parts. Lotta prog and cinematic parts, with different singers, and I hope with a real orchestra this time.

What is on your agenda for the immediate future?  Do you have any touring plans?

Some touring in the fall , but nothing signed yet , we’ll keep everyone posted on our Facebook pages , cheers mate and thanks a lot for this interview!


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