Nuclear Assault – John Connelly, Dan Lilker, Glenn Evans

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Nuclear Assault conquered the speed/thrash metal scene of the 80’s with a razor sharp sound with crossover elements. Nuclear Assault’s lyrics were based on the everyday reality that we are facing even nowadays. The band’s albums HANDLE WITH CARE, SURVIVE, and GAME OVER are the obvious thrash metal gems. Even though Nuclear Assault have been on hiatus from time to time, once again the four piece have returned with a new EP and a massive European festival tour. sat down with John Connelly, Glenn Evans and Dan Lilker to talk about various and interesting topics.

You have a lot of gigs coming up during the whole summer?

Glenn : Yeah.

So this is one of those gigs here right now?

Glenn : Yeah.

You are going back home and then you are coming back later to Europe this summer?

Glenn : No. Actually we’re coming back; we are going to do Copenhagen and Hellfest in France next week. Whatever it is, in like 10 days or whatever. Then we go back home and then we come back out for the entire month.

John : I’m a teacher, so they have to work our dates around my work schedule. I’m not permitted to take a day off to go do something like this.

But you are playing Czech, Germany etc.

John : I have no idea.

You have no idea?

John : I don’t care, I get on the plane when I’m supposed to get on the plane. I get off, I get on a bus and I go on. What I care about is that, the stage.

Then you are going to South America?

Glenn : Yeah. We are going to South America.

With Exciter.

Glenn : Yeah.



Let’s talk about the most recent EP called POUNDER. Was it the obvious plan, to start writing new songs once again as you didn’t want to be nostalgia band anymore? Because there are a lot of bands coming from retirement and doing some gigs and going to the hiatus again ?

506494John : Yeah, yeah. The problem is very sound with this 2:29. If you are going to record a material, you have to go to a record company. If you go to a record company it is like; we will pay for the recording session, you will never see any accounting, it’s bad. It was bad before the Internet, has gotten worse since the Internet. Now we’re in a position where we can actually control what we do and how we release the material.  So we decided we will get together and will record four songs at a time throw out an EP and the next and the next. It’s because the record companies are not involved anymore, everything is done through Glenn’s efforts to let us do this ourselves.

Do you think that writing new songs is kind of challenging nowadays, because you have the past legacy?

John : No.

Glenn : It’s back to square one, its back to where we started the way it should have been in the first place. But as far as that is John and Dan writing the songs, and as years went on I started writing songs because I wanted to try my own things. But what I decided was my songs weren’t Nuclear Assault, and Nuclear Assault is basically John and Dan writing the songs and that’s how we started and we wanted to get back to square one. Where it really began and basically that’s where we started, and John’s writing and Dan is writing and that’s how it’s staying. It’s not going to be any, I’m not writing any stuff for Nuclear Assault and that’s it. It’s just John and Dan writing. I’ll the handle the business and they can do the fucking writing and we’re back to where we started, as in game over again basically.

John : But the writing never stops.

Glenn : The writing never stops; they continue to write because there is plenty to write about. John’s lyrics, they are very conscious. They are very…

John : Of the moment.

Glenn : Socially aware, socially conscious lyrics and he writes about what’s going on. Which is why they have longevity, because they last? Songs like Critical Mass to this day, Another Oil Spill. It’s like the whole thing, it never stops. So John, he’s got his finger around… He can put his finger on the pulse of what’s going on at all times, even Analogue Man in a Digital World. A lot of people fucking too busy tweeting and they’re getting fucking, you are crashing a goddamn four time vehicle into somebody, because you’re too busy tweeting or too busy texting somebody. So you are driving like basically a killer vehicle and killing other people while you’re doing it, because you are too stupid to realize that; I’m not supposed to do that. He’s got his finger on the pulse of all issues, so I’m just letting Dan and John handle the writing and I’m trying to guide the business scene. That’s the way it started out and that’s what we’re back to right now. 


IMG_1806Speaking of lyrics some more, as for the HANDLE WITH CARE album, I admire your lyrics because they really describe what happened almost 25 years ago. Basically it’s the same thing that happens nowadays. Do you feel that Nuclear Assault or you are some kind of Nostradamus ?

John : No, no.

Glenn : Dan, he knows how to write music. His musical writing and John’s musical writing together is unique, and you are not going to get a combination like that anywhere. John’s lyrics on top of that is the icing on the cake, where you are socially aware of what’s going on and he can put his finger on a pause now or 20 years from now of what’s going to… That’s the way I see it and that’s why I’m leaving the writing to these guys and I’ll just guide, like I said.

John : The question is; I’m Nostradamus? No. I am a person who looks at what is going on in the world. The problem, there is the old son in history. I don’t remember the philosopher who said it; but those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it. I don’t remember, there was something honor. But the bottom line is he’s correct, if you don’t learn from your history you will repeat it over and over again. We do the same stupid stuff over and over and over as a species. As a teacher teaching history, I always tell my students I don’t have to make up anything. All the idiotic stuff has already been done and it’s bizarre and weird as something I lay out to you guys as a scenario, what if this and this and this. No, nobody would ever do that. Yeah, they did. It has already been done; I don’t have to make anything up. Stupid stuff has been done by people over and over and over again, it is our history, it is what we do. To me the big problem is we don’t look…

Glenn : You don’t learn from your fucking mistake. What I’m saying is John’s got a way of putting lyrics together, where they actually cover the basses and there is nobody who can touch him when it comes to that, as far as I’m concerned and I wouldn’t be in this band. I wouldn’t be near anybody in this band if it wasn’t for the fact John’s lyrics are on the money, like I said he’s got the pulse on what’s going on in the society at all times. I trust his lyrics and Dan as a musician I trust his musicianship as a writer, the two of them together; it only happens once in a life time. So you can’t get that, a lot of bands will write about sex and drugs and this. No, these guys have got their pulse on what the fuck is going on. Dan has been out there with Brutal Truth and all these other bands; he’s been out in the scene for so long. He talks to people; he knows what’s going on. The music that he writes is fucking like different from anybody else’s and when him and John are together, that’s like when I’m in my best, I’m like good.

Because I know these guys are fucking artist and I’m just like a kind of like… I don’t know what you would call it, like a foundation of what’s going on. I can see what’s going on, I can’t express what’s going on but I know it’s going on and I know these guys are the guys responsible to do it. So it’s my job to take it to whatever steps it has to go through in order to get it to the masses, and I rely on these guys. Like I said, to write the stuff and I get it to the masses and that’s it. That’s the way it goes, pretty much.

You wrote  a song about digital man, digital world called “Analogue Man in a Digital World”

Glenn : Yeah.

About the tweeting and the texting they…

Glenn : And a lot of magic and digital world, yeah.

When you’re seeing the world nowadays from your perspective –  European Union versus Eastern block, Russia – Do you think that current state of the world is a little bit unbalanced?

Glenn : It’s very unbalanced.

IMG_1781Which could inspire to write lyrics about again as you are a teacher.

Glenn : Yeah. Because there is a lot to write about, there is a lot on the ground to cover.

John : We have an extraordinarily weak president in the United States, this has never occurred at a more critical time in our modern history for the last 50 years. In Europe you have a very bizarre situation, where you have a former head of the KGB Vladimir Putin re-asserting control over Russia and the former Soviet states; and utilizing his contacts as former head of KGB, utilizing the power, utilizing that and he was actually illegitimately elected to his position, and now he is expressing control over areas like the Ukraine.

Glenn : That’s because we have a weak president and he’s not doing anything about it.

John : I’m going to speak there just a slight little bit. I have no love for Obama, but the problem is putting controls, the oil supplies from most of Western Europe. He’s in a position of power; he can essentially do whatever he wants. Provided there is nobody to oppose him, Western Europe cannot oppose him because they’ll lose their oil supply. The United States cannot supply Europe with a short form oil, because we have over the last 50 years decided oil exploration is evil and bad and because it’s bad for the environment, we can’t do it. Now that we actually really have a strong reason to be able to provide oil to the world, we can. So now for Vladimir Putin is in a position of very much because he’s in the power. The United States is marginalized not only by the problem with oil production, but with our president who is content to say; not really my problem, I have no idea what’s going on. Shut the fuck up.

Glenn : He’s a fucking clown basically.

John : So the rest of the world is fucked because of two reasons, there is this…

Glenn : Putin is taking the advantage of his weakness basically.

John : You got two things going on; you have Western Europe depend upon Russian oil which is not historically the case. But you also have a weak American government which is just, that’s what is good to preach.

Glenn : There is a lot of other stuff going on too, with sanctions and fucking China and Russia. If you want to get to all that shit, but let’s talk music. Right now there is a lot to write about and John is the guy to do it, because he knows the shit and we’re not stupid either. We all know what’s going on, we are not fucking 20 years old. We are not writing about sex, drugs and getting laid tomorrow. We are writing about real shit, and that’s why the songs like “Critical Mass, Analog Man in a Digital World”, stuff like that. It’s pretty fucking obvious what we are trying to say, every song. The thing is the combination between me, John and Dan is it’s a foundation. It’s a very solid foundation that you can’t crack. It’s like it doesn’t come very often, and we’re just right now it’s almost like serendipity synchronicity type of thing that we all came together as far as the chain of events, what’s going on in all of our lives and we came back together at this point. Now the world is in such a position that there is so much going on with the trade deficits and this and that, and the oil and the stock. There is so much going on, there is so much to write about. I have a lot of frustration, I hit drums hard. Dan is very on top of shit, he knows his shit on. He knows how to write music.

John’s lyrics and his writing are right on top of everything. So what we have here is like a collaboration of three people getting together and saying; we need to say something right now. That’s why our stuff continues to be popular with a lot of people, 20 years later. You look at it in this way; a 100 years ago the most communication people every had was like speaking to their neighbor. Now look at it, we’ve got text, we’ve got voice, we’ve got this, we’ve got that, we’ve got computers. What are they going to think of 20 years from now? They are going to be beaming fuck shit up to like Mars and everything. So we’re like aliens to the people back in the 1800s right now, we are going to be aliens to the people that are coming in the next 20 years. So when you look at it from that point of view, you really got to be almost predict the future and as far as your Nostradamus. It’s not knowing how to predict the future, it’s just common sense of what’s about to come. Being able to put your finger on what exactly is happening, and what exactly is going to happen in the future. Only on an escalated faster pace now, because now it’s like…

508A sense of humor, from what I have understand, has been part of Nuclear Assault since the beginning.

Glenn : Yeah.

John : Always.

And it will be.

Glenn : Yeah.

John : A lot of songs that hit.

Glenn : Before we signed with the record labels and stuff, it was fun. When we signed with the record labels, all it me it was a job. We had to perform for these people, we had to make money for these people. We had to go on tour for these people. Guess what? They made all the money, they got all the glory and we are home and we are working steps again. Just like everybody else in the goddamn planet. The thing is, we are in a position now. We are saying; we’re older, time out. We are older; we don’t need you guys anymore. We’ve done it; we’ve been through every goddamn ring of the ridge. You can’t tell us that you are going to give us a deal on this and that. We are saying; no, you are not going fuck with Assault this time. Because we know…

John : There is no money.

Glenn : We know the ins and outs of the business; we know the ins and outs of how the industry works. It’s a monster and if you look at any other interview, if you read anybody else’s interview on the Internet on YouTube, whatever. They are all saying the same thing, the fucking record labels are stealing all the musician’s money, the musicians don’t have a chance. What we are saying is we do have a chance if you know how to do it, if you’ve been down that road and have gone through all the bullshit. You learn from your mistakes, you learn from the deals you sign. From the contracts you sign, from the abrogation you had to do. Now it’s fun, we go out. We are having fun, so as far as the humor thing it’s always going to be there. Because you got to have it essentially, you don’t want to take it too seriously.

John : The humor thing was always there, that’s me, that’s Dan, that’s Glenn. Eric came along and honestly he just kicked everything else over…

Glenn : He’s slipped right in.

John : Eric kept the humor part into high gear, for us.

Glenn : If there is anything around Eric, is always going to be related to a gay joke. So he’s going to be watching you, sausage is really good at breakfast. He’ll jump on that thing.Eric is cool. He fits right in, because it’s you got to have the humor. You can’t take it too fucking serious. Like most of the bands I see they’re wearing fucking pain and this and that, and they are all dressed in black. I go home and I fuck in pajamas for Christ sake and play drums for 75 minutes, I’m killing myself up there. I’m not wearing makeup; I’m not wearing eye shadow. I’m not throwing my fucking sticks, I’m playing the goddamn drums. He’s singing his fucking…, go loud.

John : And laugh now and like it, and…

Glenn : And playing his guitar and Dan is fucking… Look behind you, there is a towel full of blood. He ain’t fucking around, he’s like into it. He’s playing for the people, that’s what we do.

IMG_1778John : But the humor thing, that’s Nuclear Assault. We are not like ; “ it’s so horrible”. You have to have a sense of humor about this shit, always been a way of approach things. It’s always been an element. Eric, God bless him. I love playing with the guy, he is awesome, he is amazing. He’s a great guitar player and he’s going to create sense of humor.

He’s the piece of puzzle, which is needed in Nuclear Assault, right?

John : He’s a puzzle, yes. Yeah, absolutely.

Glenn : Absolutely. We’ve tried a couple of other guitar players in the past and it didn’t work out.

Like the guys from T.T. Quick.

Glenn : T.T. Quick, Dave DiPietro came in for an album, Karl Cochran came in for awhile.

John : Dave is amazing, amazing.

Glenn : Dave is an amazing guitar player.

John : The guy is holy crap, that goddamn good.

Glenn : Because I played with him in a band called T. T. Quick, we did two albums together.

With Mark Tornillo.

Glenn : Mark Tornillo is in Accept now.

John : I will be on stage with Dave DiPietro and he will be doing this crazy crap like flipping his guitar upside down, and playing an arppegio down the neck as the guitar it’s in there. I’m listening and I’m; holy crap! Are you fucking kidding me? Holy crap!

Glenn : I’ve had a talent, but I can recognize talent and I knew that he was the guy to bring in.

John : Dave was amazing.

Glenn : When we needed a guitar player and I brought him in, and things started changing. But we went to a couple of different guitar players, when Eric came in it’s just like; this guy, he’s the shit. He’s cool, het fits right the fuck in and he’s a piece of the puzzle. Now we got like 30-40 shows go straight and it’s not going to stop there, we got a new EP. We are going to do another one, we are going to do another one.

John : Eric is a member of the family, that’s kind of the thing. He’s not the new guy, he’s the family.

Glenn : He’s part of our family now.

John : He’s not the new guy, he’s the family.

Glenn : It’s hard to find somebody to fit.

John : It’s kind of been that way since day one. I flew in to Brazil to do shows for Nuclear and it was the first time meeting there and it was like, I felt like I had known him all my life. He’s going to be great. 



When I saw you at Wacken 2002, you had this guy, Anthony Bramante. But I guess he didn’t want to continue with Nuclear Assault ?

510John : We started writing the new record after Wacken, Anthony was nowhere to be found.

Glenn : He did show up for one song, he showed up for the song I wrote. it’s called “My Own Way”. That’s the only one that we all played on by the way.

John : But he made himself absent.

Glenn : He wasn’t there, but Eric was.

John : At some point we were all looking at each other like; why do we need him here? We said; okay, don’t come. Where are you now? I’m at a softball game. Okay, don’t come.

Glenn : But at that time it was like we had no money, we had no budget. We were doing a record in somebody’s basement, it’s like starting from very, very scratch.

John : We were writing a record that he absented himself from, to me that was kind of the…

Glenn : Yeah, he was absent the whole time. So it wasn’t four guys, it was three guys trying to make things work without the fourth guy appearing. So it’s like that was the kind of transition time, when Eric came.

John : Dave and Scott came in, Anthony was there. He absented himself, he was gone and then it was…

Glenn : It became a competition between Dave, it became a competition between Dave and Anthony. Each other were trying to outdo each other, and they being the…

John : Virtual solo?

Glenn : Yeah. Overwrite him and then Anthony didn’t take that very nice, so Anthony kind of bowed out. So Dave also and he’s in the picture, he brought Scott into the picture because Dan had said; I had enough, I’m out of here. He went out to Brutal Truth. But when Scott came in, Scott came in from Dave. Dave brought Scott in and again I draw out Dave in from T. T. Quick. So now it was me and John and the original members without Dan, I brought Dave in, Dave brought Scott in and then it was me Scott, Dave and John. We did one album on EMI records, something wicked and then we did a world tour, and we said; this isn’t Nuclear Assault anymore, it’s like Nuclear Quick. Nuclear Assault and T. T. Quick in kind, because it was me and Dave in T. T. Quick and Scott. But anyway it wasn’t Nuclear Assault anymore, but after that happened…

IMG_1814Before that happened, let me go back a little bit more. John got to the point, we were so fucking busy, we were touring so much and we were making so many records. John was like; I don’t want to play guitar anymore, I just want to sing. That’s when I brought Dave in as a second guitar player, because John put down his guitar and that’s when we did Wacken. The first song that was Dave and Anthony and John on vocals, I’m not sure if it’s Wacken or… Roskilde. Then that was Dave and Anthony, Dan and John just on vocals while it was Dave and Anthony on guitars. Then it was drooling guitars, they hated each other. Each one wanted to outdo each other. So after that it became so much of a combat and we lost side of what we were doing basically, so Dan was like; I’m out of here.

So then Dave brought in Scott Metaxas, and when Scott Metaxas and Dave came together and me and John; Dave was like, this fucking guy is stupid. So basically Anthony got fired, because he wasn’t showing up for rehearsals. He was at a baseball game, so we were all like. This guy ain’t to it, fuck him. He’s out of here. Then it was just me, Dave, John and Scott. We did one record that we split up and then through the years, coming back together, piece-meal, trying this, trying that. We finally got back to where we belong basically.

Because of all these line-up problems and so on – did you realize the thrash thing kind of disappeared from the map and the new style came in, death metal, grunge. Did you think that it’s time to pull the plug and put Nuclear Assault on the hiatus?

Glenn : Yeah, we decided to pull the plug. But let me tell you something, SOMETHING WICKED is a fucking call out to Armageddon The Armageddon. It’s in a Major Motion Picture. The album sold over a 10,000 and we recouped immediately. We were on I.R.S, we were on MCA and we couldn’t even break a 10,000. We took HANDLE WITH CARE and survived to break 100,000, 200,000 units, 300,000 units. After the whole split up and then SOMETHING WICKED came out, there was a completely different deal on EMI records and it was a new line-up. We tried it, you got to give it a try. So it didn’t work. So what? We’re in movies and the video came out, and it’s like it worked for the time but it wasn’t Nuclear Assault anymore. It was time to just say; that’s enough, let’s take a break and that’s what we did. You know when it’s time to take a break, pull the plug and kind of like…

Dan Lilker left the band after the OUT OF ORDER album…..

Glenn : The OUT OF ORDER was out of order, that’s why it’s called OUT OF ORDER. OUT OF ORDER was a mess. There was a lot of fighting, there was a lot of bullshit going on, going OUT OF ORDER. There was a lot of shit that went down and that’s basically, we spent the entire summer in my house doing pre-production. Late nights and drinking and whatever. We spent a lot of time in my house in Warren Grove, doing pre-production.

During OUT OF ORDER. So what happened was when we were recording HANDLE WITH CARE, I was like; I don’t need to be here, I’m going to fly back home. So I got this bug in my ass, like I want to put out my own record. I went to the record label and I said; give me a fucking record deal. They said; okay, here is $5,000, will give you a $20,000 deal. I said; okay, thank you. Those guys were out there recording, finishing up HANDLE WITH CARE. They came back, Dan was like; I’ll do Brutal Truth, you want to do a side project too. John wanted to do a side project too, so all over sudden…

515Dan : Lawyers told us to do side projects to untangle the legal shit that was all tied up between the two labels. They said; we need you guys to not do anything with Nuclear Assault right now, because we need to fucking take care of some shit, untangle some legal stuff.

Glenn : He was a good lawyer because he collected loyalties of worldwide from every fucking we ever sold and everything we’ve ever done. So he probably got us all our money.

Dan : But he needed time to do that.

Glenn : He needed time to do that.

Dan : So we said, we really shouldn’t do any stuff that’s called Nuclear Assault right now. So if you want to do something creative, just do it what you want and will all do a little solo project. Mine turned into something more permanent.

John : This is the first time I’m hearing about any of this.

Glenn : But Dan, we did Brutal Truth.

Dan : He recorded the first Brutal Truth.

Glenn : I recorded it in Warren Grove, where we were doing demos for OUT OF ORDER. We were recording for OUT OF ORDER and as we were all hooked up there, and all the stuff started coming about and the CIA thing, the Brutal Truth thing, The John Connelly things. That all came together during that period, so basically going OUT OF ORDER. We were kind of like; we weren’t really focused on it. We were kind of like almost distracted by our side projects.

Dan : I was distracted by the fact that I was really going to get to death metal and grindcore, and it was affecting my creativity with Nuclear Assault.


 Did you feel that thrash thing was out of the thing to have?

Dan : It was getting old for me; I wasn’t inspired by it anymore. Let’s face it, we do music the industry love it. I’m not doing this music to fucking make a million dollars, so if I’m not IMG_1752feeling something then I shouldn’t be doing it. I felt very guilty because I had tell these guys in ’92; look guys, I would really rather just do Brutal Truth. That’s where my heart is.

When HANDLE WITH CARE came out, it sold a lot.

Glenn : We were at the top of our game.

Did you get some kind of wrong impression that next album is going to be much bigger?

Dan : No, because we were going back and forth between labels with that fucked up deal.

Glenn : Combat Records had us under a fucking five album deal, and basically when we signed with Mile Copeland as a manager. We signed with Miles Copeland, Miles Copeland went to Barry Kobrin from Combat Records and he said; I want Nuclear Assault. Barry said; Fuck you. Miles was like; what do I have to do to make this deal work? So what wind up happening is they went back in a flip-flop deal, where I.R.S Records and MCA. Distributed by MCA we get the next record and then Combat we get the next record, and then I.R.S we get the next record. It was a unique deal.

Dan : It sounded good on paper.

Glenn : It has never been done before, and what happened was at first each label was trying to outdo each other. But then… So the labels were trying to outdo each other and at the end of the day he said; fuck you, I’m not doing anything. I’m not doing anything and that’s was it, nobody put any promotion or anything behind us. But it was a mess, it became a mess and it was just too much to fucking deal with. Because it wasn’t what it was supposed to be, it wasn’t what it started out to be. It became like this complicated fucking process, like; wait a minute, this isn’t what we worked our fucking asses for. We were all just like; I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough and we parted ways. That’s all.

What about the CIA project thing?

Glenn : That was just me.

If I’m remembering right, you wrote a song dedicated to your wife or your girls.

Glenn : You know why? Because I had to fill in 10 songs, because you get paid for 10 songs for publishing. If you do not have 10 songs, if you have nine songs you only get paid for nine songs. It was basically, I’m trying to fill the album with songs to ten. Back then, that’s how much you get paid for publishing. But as far as CIA, it was just me doing a side project and I just called the CIA because were on I.R.S Records. You know what? I.R.S Records sold to MCA. You know what they are called now? CIA Records. But the whole thing was CIA, it was just me doing want I wanted to do on the side without trying to interfere with what they were doing.

519One question for you John. Dan went on with the death metal and grind-core thing. Why didn’t you get interested in playing the extreme stuff?

John : I have a good taste.

Glenn : Everybody has different taste, that’s what makes any good song because of the flavors.

John : Do you have a pen? I’m going to illustrate this in the simplest way I can possibly.

Glenn : Anyway, whatever. The side projects came because were all bored with the fuck we were doing.

John : Are you ready?

I’m ready.

John : This is when we started, this what you get. The problem I have with metal music, it is a dog chasing its own tail and an effort to be harder and harder and heavier and heavier. How much of this can you fucking honestly listen to? We are Nuclear Assault. The songs have texture, they have movement. There is a beginning and middle one and rise and a fall.

For Dan, because you are more into extreme stuff – But how did you get interested in playing the  classic thrash stuff again – Do you feel that going back into Nuclear Assault is some kind of nostalgia thing for refreshing memory from good days of the ’80s ?

Dan : Yes in a way and especially from writing it, this new POUNDER Ep, three out of the four songs. They are great songs, they are really good.

Glenn : The Nuclear Assault back to the beginning again, it’s like very fresh.

Dan : No, it was nice to write and play thrash again. Because I play a lot more intense stuff, but it’s all about Nuclear Assault is not supposed to be something that is really what John was just making the noises. So yeah, I know how top separate it in my dream when I’m writing the music. If it’s time write some thrash, it’s not going to be too fast or too evil. I know how to say; this is what we need and it’s not that and it’s not that.

Glenn : And he hit the nail on the head, totally. We would write it soon and recorded it. 



What is this studio you run and where did you record the stuff ? 

525Glenn : Sonic Ranch, I recorded my solo shit. Nuclear was booked to record there and for some reason the time slot got screwed up by the studio, and we weren’t able to record there.

Dan : For the one that’s out now.

Glenn : For POUNDER, we were supposed to record POUNDER in Sonic Ranch. We had recorded Overload – What happened was, there was a conflict of time. We knew we had this tour, we knew we had to get a record out. So we chose the second best studio which was in Ranchester, near Dan’s house. Which was more convenient, because we rehearsed. He wrote the songs, John wrote the lyrics. he wrote one song. John wrote Died In Your Arms, but it was just the way, and it was just the way things fell into place. They were all from Dan and Eric is from Ranchester, John is from New York and I’m down South. We all flew up, rehearsed the songs. Went right in the studio, recorded them and that’s what out now.

Dan : The middle of grim winter.

Glenn : The thing is like; what are you going to do? Wait until the time is right? You can’t wait; you got to do it now.

Dan : We knew that we had to have something that we didn’t have available for release now, to write 45 minutes of music. We won’t just put out some shit.

 I was coming to that, this is supposed to be the Final Assault.

Glenn : Yeah. That is something…

Dan : That’s a geographical effect.

Glenn : Yeah. If that came about, I just kind of like let’s do something like…528

Dan : So we are not going to play something sweet anymore.

Glenn : Yeah. It’s a final Assault, but we don’t know what that really means. The final Assault thing was like just, let’s go out and do a final tour and it turned into like. Let’s do a final Assault of that and that got coined for some reason, now it’s everywhere.

Dan : We are not going to do an Ozzy like; this is the last tour. Then come back three years later and then…

Glenn : We have other material; we’ve got Sonic Ranch booked for December 26th. We go in and we are going and we are going to record another EP. Because EPs are basically better than albums anymore, you can get quality and not quantity.

Dan, Can you tell a little bit about your retirement thing?

Dan : The real truth about this is that it was the easiest way to stop doing Brutal Truth without making it like, I don’t want to play Brutal Truth anymore. Because that was the band that was a full time job, making albums and touring. Whereas this is a planned, strategic thing. We are going to play a bunch of shit and if they want us to go to Australia will go to Australia but it’s not go on for eight years. I have started doing stuff like electronic music, where I can do that, stay in my house.

Glenn : We all still do different stuff, he does his stuff. I do my stuff, John does his stuff. When it there comes a Nuclear tour, we come together and do Nuclear Assault. We all agree on doing it, we do it. We focus when it’s time to focus and it’s like, I still do my side stuff. He has Blur coming out with his other band.

Dan : Not Blur, actually came in from England. Blurring.

Glenn : Blurring, whatever. I’m sorry. I don’t know if there was a difference between Blur and Blurring and one was gay and one wasn’t.

Have you been able to follow all these band in which bands Dan plays?

Dan : He knows because I tell him, because this Facebook with the sharing.

Glenn : I know what’s going on and I know also timing is a big issue. He’s still doing Brutal Truth for a long time and…I knew that was coming too, you can read between the lines basically and I saw it. I was still doing my own stuff and just having fun and John was off doing his stuff, like I said it was synchronicity thing, the chain of events that happened. That I went and recorded a record and I said, I sent the record to Dan and I sent it to John and I said; why don’t we do a record? Dan was like; okay, I’m just finishing up with Brutal Truth. The timing was just right. John was like a fucking teacher and I’m into it too, it just came together. It wasn’t planned.

Dan : Everything happens for a reason.

Glenn : It was just like a chain of events that fell into place and here we are again, no science involved. It was just what happened.

You are going to record a new EP after this POUNDER?

Glenn : Yeah.

Have you already got new songs ready?

Glenn : We have some material.

Dan : We have some ideas that are not songs yet, but are going to be songs. Kind of like an embryo before the…

Glenn : We still have to finish, like learn the ones we just recorded to play live.83932

Dan : I can tell you that I have…

Glenn : He has good shit.

Dan : I have to set my brain, maybe it’s not.

Glenn : But the thing is there wasn’t enough time, like I said because the time was very limited before this tour. So we knew we had six months to get our product out.

Dan : Because we don’t live in the same town.

Glenn : The songs that Dan came up with were perfect; John had one that fit right in. So it was just kind of like a glove and it just all worked.

Dan : I’m glad to try to do that again, because we have the summer where we’re busy doing shows. But once it gets to September, October. Which is the same time I wrote the shit last year, and now it’s getting cold.

 It’s like Finland.

Glen : Thinking about it is like the GAME OVER we’re able to play, SURVIVE and work here again.

Dan : Like in the old day

Glenn : Here we go again, basically start from scratch and we’re hungry again.

Being hungry is important.

Glenn : Very important, yeah.

Dan : You have to give a shit.

Thank you for your time, this was really interesting to have all three of you here. 

Glenn : That’s very rare.


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