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From Hell’s Heart:

We thought it would be cool to follow up last week‘s topic of the best replacements with a top 5 WORST metal vocal replacements. However, so we don’t all have the same list, we had to have some (dis)honorary members that we MOSTLY agree that didn’t fit as a replacement (maybe they don’t suck not on their own, but do for the role into which they were thrown).

The (dis)honorary top 3 worst  metal vocal replacements:

1. Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden)
2. John Corabi (Motley Crue)
3. Gary Cherone (Van Halen)

Staff Selections


More often than not, my selections are not based on the fact that the singer in question cannot sing, but that they are just not at all suited for the band they joined.

1. Anette Olzon – Nightwish

Close on the heels of Blaze Bayley (who I couldn’t use in my personal list for above-mentioned reasons), in terms of unsuitability, is Anette Olzon.  From the epic/operatic to a vocalist more suited to Abba-pop, this was another perplexing replacement. Unlike the Iron Maiden situation, the song-writing did not falter. Even though the vocal style was not what I thought was required, Nightwish’s music remained brilliant and enjoyable.

2. Eric Forrest – VoiVod

Eric is far from a bad vocalist, but with him on vocals the band just didn’t have the same weirdness and became much more generic. Eric was in the band from 1994–2001 and they have since thankfully reunited with Denis Bélanger (Snake).

3. Jizzy Pearl – Quiet Riot

He’s not a bad singer, and I do wish they could succeed again, but the ghost of Kevin DuBrow (R.I.P. 2007) still hangs over the band.

4. Derrick Green – Sepultura

I haven’t listened to Sepultura since Chaos A.D…..well I’ve listened to them, but only to their old albums. They just don’t sound like the Sepultura I loved in the late 80’s/early 90’s anymore without Max.



Again another tough assignment…no one likes to place blame but sometimes change happens for the worse. A band has a killer singer who just wants to leave and the band suffers and the replacement has to step up to the microphone and deal with it. I was going to mention a few common targets that many people thought were a horrible choice but I liked…Reece replaces Dirkschneider in Accept, Vescara replaces Niihara in Loudness, Corabi replaces Neil the Crue, and Olzen replaces Turunen in Nightwish, all of these were not so bad to my ears but to most they were just bad moves. Some bands narrowly avoided disaster like Missy K joining Stratovarious and Vuvlatron joining Gwar. It’s all pretty subjective, but all we need is George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher to replace James LaBrie in Dream Theater and everything would be cool.

1. ) Pit Passarell replaces Andre Mataos in Viper

What the hell were they thinking? I understand the band wanted to keep the vocals in house but they should have got a replacement who could sing the old stuff. The end result was a radical change (for the worse) for the band as they dabbled in modern rock after a pair superb Power Metal albums that put them on the map. They have never really recovered.

2.) Yngwie replaces Tim ‘The Ripper’ Owens in his own band

I actually like Yngwie’s voice, it is deep, soulful, bluesy, raspy, throaty and totally 100% wrong for his own band. He could sing in a southern stoner band be a vocal god, but in the fast, clean-burning neoclassical style of his own act, it just sounds out of place. Yngwie’s previous vocalist roster read like a glorious roll-call of the world’s Power Metal elite; Soto, Boals, Turner, Edman, Vescara, Leven, Owens, White…how he thinks he could possibly compete with any of those guys boggles the mind. He should stick to being the world’s best guitarist and leave the singing to the professionals.

3.) Bjorn Flodkist replaces Thomas Vickstrom in Candlemass

It was a blow to Candlemass to lose Messiah but they managed the change well by recruiting the excellent singer Thomas and released a decent album, (CHAPTER VI) but another quick change and the band wallowed for a pair of album with Flodkvist before the return of Marcolin.

4.) Soren Adamsen replaces Daniel Heiman in Crystal Eyes

It is virtually impossible to replace Heiman, widely regarded as one of the best Power Metal vocalists based on his performance in Lost Horizon.

5.) Kai Hansen replaces Ralf Scheepers in Gamma Ray

It pains me to even include Kai on this list but truth be told he can’t sing nearly as well as Ralf. Few can.



1. Matt McGachy – Cryptopsy
2. Derrick Green – Sepultura

3. Rob Dukes – Exodus
4. Angela Gossow – Arch Enemy
5. Johnny Solinger – Skid Row


Helias Papadopoulos

1. Anette Olzon – Nightwish
2. Alissa White-Gluz – Arch Enemy
3. Johnny Solinger – Skid Row

4. Tim Ripper Owens – Judas Priest (I did like the albums he made with Iced Earth and I think he was a good vocal replacement in Iced Earth)


1. Anette Ozlen in Nightwish

Yes, it was Holopainen’s band and his choice, but I didn’t have to like it.

2. Ville Laihiala taking over the lead vocals after JP Leppäluoto leaves Poisonblack

After numerous applications and demo tapes to replace JP, Laihiala must have thought it was all too hard and took on lead vocals again. Sexy voice, Ville Laihiala does not have.

3 Johnny Solinger replacing Sebastian Bach in Skid Row

How does one replace the irreplaceable?

4 . Rob Thompson replacing Danny Cecati in Pegazus

Only because Danny is a legend and also irreplaceable, although Rob didn’t do a bad job.


Anders Sandvall

It is really hard to change singers in a band when the singer has been there forever. I think that many bands take it too light, and only after one or two albums fire the singer from the band. I think that all bands should stick to their guns and wait a bit longer before they fire the singer. Often it is the songs or the album that isn’t good, so why get rid of the singer when he/she probably only did what the band leader told him/her?

1. Accept Udo Dirkschneider to David Reece

Accept is one of my childhood heroes and many of their albums considers as classics today. But when  Dirkschneider left and the rest of the band released the album “Eat the Heat” back in 1989 the album was so bad that I still today hate it. There is nothing good to say about this album.

2. Candlemass – Thomas Vikström

Messiah Marcolin is not the original singer but I see him as it. Thomas Vikström. I have nothing against Vikström he is a very good singer but he didn’t fit in is this band at all.

3. Nightwish Tarja Turunen to Anette Olzon

Turunen is all Nightwish and Olzen didn’t do  a good job replacing Turunen. A lot of the bands older songs were not played during Olzon’s time in the band because she couldn’t manage to sing them.

4. Morbid Angel David Vincent to Steve Tucker

Vincent is all about this band and a lot of classic albums were released with Vincent behind the mic, when Tucker replaced Vincent it all fell apart for the icons.

5. Sepultura Max Cavalera to Derrick Green

This band is one of my favorites and had been that for some time, but when the brothers Cavalera left the ship, it didn’t turn out well. The band became tired and wasn’t able to recreate the success they had with the Cavaleras.