Hex Morbidity Interview

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Hex Morbidity Interview

With Jarod Lawley

Interview & Photos by Jo Blackened
Altercarnated Photography

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Thanks for the interview today. It’s the first time we’ve heard much from Hex since your ‘In Satan’s Honour’ split release, what have you been up to since then?

Well that was almost 18 months ago, so a lot has changed considering the band is still in the earlier stages of development. But in that time I’ve been progressing a lot in terms of writing, production and really altering the aesthetics of the band- a total revamp really. It’s been a long process and more of just a “crafting”, but there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel.

You used to have 2 members…what made you decide to become a one man band?

Four actually – but it has been just myself for at least a year. I didn’t find any people who I felt compatible enough on a deeper level, other than just simple friendship to make music with, as nobody else in the band was writing or creating. I wasn’t interested in playing live and I could play all the instruments myself, it was therefore easier just to become a “solo” project.

Do you find it easier doing the vocals/instruments yourself?


Do you play drums yourself or just use a computer programme for your band?

Previously everything I’ve played myself, but at the moment I’m experimenting with software and samples; the main benefit is the production/sound quality- the actually playing/ability isn’t a big factor as Hex’s music is hardly technical. Using drum loops are primarily helpful during song-writing, it is an easy way to just “drag and drop” the ideas in my head onto a track in the recording software.

Your latest track, “Pallu Noctu”, is very different to your older material, what made you change direction?

It’s been something I wanted to do since the last release, and probably just reflects how my taste has changed and therefore the way I write music changed. It became very unnatural for me to write material in the older style and it felt very natural writing in the newer style, so I followed what felt good.


Your song was placed on the British Black Metal compilation, how did this come about?

I saw the compilation and just got in touch with the person behind it, Andy Horry, asking if there were any spaces left. He said there was room for a Hex track and a week later it was released.

What did you think of the compilation? Was you pleased with it, and do you have any favourite tracks?

I really like it, I’ve listened to it a lot. I really like the tracks from The Infernal Sea and especially Forneus, but more importantly it was just a great exposure for Hex to be featured.

In late 2013 you covered Nunslaughter’s “Unbaptized”, what made you decide to cover this?

I thought it was a great song with a very strong and clear message. However, I felt the original lacked the really aggressive conviction the lyrics deserved, especially in the vocals, so I decided to express a lot of contempt towards the Christian faith through this song.

Where is Hex Morbidity’s sound going? And will you be releasing new material again soon?

Further in the direction of “Pallu Noctu”, but that was just a short snapshot of the future. It is a track off the upcoming EP from Hex Morbidity which is long overdue, but I aim to release it quite soon.


What inspires you when writing your lyrics?

Emotions and life…it has always been that way. I see my lyrics as like a personal diary entry,  which is why I’ve never published them.

What do you think of the black metal genre in the UK at present?

It is a bustling scene with so many different bands that all have their own styles and sounds. It’s a good time for underground music right now, both for live bands and those who just release studio recordings.

What bands have influenced you?

Mainly European bands; Abigor, Evilfeast, Hecate Enthroned to name a few. I’m also very inspired by the classic metal bands, as that is what I grew up on and I really appreciate the values and styles of those acts.


You have quite a dark image. Is this important to you personally & with Hex?

I get excited by bands with intriguing images and the whole ‘package’ that fans can appreciate, so of course I want to create that for myself. With regards to whether it’s personal or not, I regard everything I do with Hex as a reflection of myself at the time, so yes it definitely is important to me.

What is the writing process like for Hex?

I tend to write quite sporadically, with ideas coming to me at random times and places. It’s often when I’m feeling a certain mood, that I will go to my guitar and get some riffs written and then keep on building from there.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Playing live and hopefully getting some plans together regarding an album release. I’d like to have some good promotion and exposure by then aswell, but of course that will have to come with hardwork.


If you could play with anyone, who would it be and why?

That’s a difficult one to answer! I think Behemoth would be brilliant, because I really admire what they are doing at the moment in terms of where they are taking their sound and their stage shows/imagery.


Do you plan on playing live and if so, would you recruit other members to join?

I do…hopefully next year or just after. If I can find the right people I’ll welcome other members, or just have live/session members.

What do you like to do, when you’re not concentrating on music?

I love writing and reading and just exploring the English language. I also collect old records on vinyl, going on long walks and enjoy attending gigs in London when possible.


Thanks for your time today, is there anything else you’d like to say?

Thanks for the interview and for your support. I hope everyone gets a chance to listen to the new track and enjoys it!