ZEIT Interview with Fur (Guitar, Vocals)

Photo - www.nancydremow.de
Photo - www.nancydremow.de
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ZEIT Interview with Fur (Guitar, Vocals)

Interview by Edward Blackthorn


Fur – Guitar, Vocals
Win – Drums
Flakmann – BassZEIT.3

The three structures that breed life to ‘Zeit’; natives from Germany, are Görlitz/Chemnitz/Leipzig. Releasing their third creation (EP) entitled as “Trümmer”, meaning ‘Debris’ in English, in April. They now bring one more curious musical piece and explain to us their views and thoughts upon it.

Greetings. How are you?

Quite alright

First of all I want to thank you for your time in doing this interview.

Thank you too!

Tell us how everything started? When you met and decided to create this band?

Win and I met at a freshman party and it was love at first sight. He had a drumkit and I had a guitar. We recorded our first demo and needed more grit to give it the proper feeling. Flakmann as one of the first people I ever made music with was the only logical choice to fulfill this dirty job.


“Trümmer” contains many sound variations and quite interesting atmospheres. How or from where did you inspire and absorb yourselves to compose?

There is always something that can inspire you. Yesterday Flakmann and I got inspired by an old Goombay Dance Band Song:


And tomorrow it could be something completely different. We get inspired by everything around us, which is mostly urban misery.

Was it hard to find a proper sonority in which all members in the band agreed, as I noticed there are different approaches such as heavy, doom and stoner in this release?

We are always looking for the sweet spot, a high point or the right groove. The genre which perpetuates that comes second. It certainly helps, that we know each other for a long time and are essentially just friends having fun together. By now we got a pretty good idea, how we want to sound and use this as a foundation to explore the possibilities.

Can you tell us your main musical influences/sources?

There is so much different essential music that it’s impossible to give it a sort of ranking. It also changes with the seasons and of course with every genre, mood and time.

It’s still fresh and needs to evolve, but what are your expectations to this EP?

To be another piece in our journey. That’s mainly it. We made it and gave it a final form. After that it is not ours to control anymore. But of course it would be nice to get rid of the copies I made at home and work.

The whole diverse content of this record was recorded as a live setting at a low/raw production. Was this planned or you just decided this after being in the studio?

The first demo/ep release we did was the result of a few years jamming at home with an e-drum, digital distortion and headphones. Weeks and months of trying, testing and tweaking it. After that we needed something else. Right now it feels the most natural to present the music in the way we experience it while playing. It’s always about becoming a united force while playing together.

And with regards to your songwriting process, do you use certain methods or specific ways to focus your minds?

The best thing for me is, to work on different projects at the same time. That way I can choose the right challenge for my mood and be the most productive. If I don’t find the next riff or can’t decide between possible choices, I leave it be and work on a different song, ask the band or let it go on the big pile of unfinished ideas to be forsaken or revoked later.

Photo - www.nancydremow.de
Photo – www.nancydremow.de

Do you have any plans for the future? Concerts or anything that you can tell us about coming up?

There will be some gigs later this year. Maybe a video, if we are in the mood.

Are you thinking about releasing a full-length soon?

We are working on the next EP, which will be the final chapter to our wintersturm-trilogy. Hopefully this piece of pissed-off-depressive-shit will be finished at the end of this year.
After that we will probably do a full-length. How will that record be? Maybe it will be known to the metal world as the most optimistic and life-affirming black metal record ever to be heard by human ears.

I have concluded our questions. Is there anything that you want to say/add to our readers?

“I’m worried about the beer supply. After this case, and the other case, there’s only one case left! Yeah, yeah! Barney’s right! Yeah, let’s drink some beer.“