Hardcore Night – Helsinki Finland

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Expanding other type of extreme music and becoming familiar with different styles of bands however sharing the brutal and aggressive ambitions in their music is definitely refreshing and interesting. Going to the ultimate Hardcore Night festival kind of thing headlined by Madball was both brutal and sweaty experience. It is pretty convinced these kinds of hard core events draw total different kind of audience base than a normal and traditional metal concert and gigs. It is obvious these kinds of hard core events with some major band as a headliner are needed for sure.

The venue was nothing utter perfect for the hardcore night event. The old small worn out and a bit dirty industry catacomb created the unique atmosphere for the Hardcore Night even with six bands all in all. The domestic hardcore outfits kicked the night off and did a marvelous warm-up show by playing on two separate stages.

Väistä! is a Finnish singing hardcore outfit. When the fourpiece kicked the set off, the crowd was still entering the venue. However the small intenmite second stage with the narrow venuespace created the perfect match with the starting band. However the audience still politely stood a few meters away from the stage whereas the vocalist got more room to move.

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Upright is another great Finnish hardcore outfit. The singer was sweating like hell. His relentless stage performance was incredible and his raw and powerful outrage in the vocals proved to be one hell of hardcore singers in the Finnish scene. Of course the audience could have been more appreciated toward Upright, not standing a few meters away from the stage. By the way Upright is getting a new release out soon.

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You Can’t Keep Me Down set was incredible short, merely 18 minutes. Damn the four-piece outfit should have done a bit longer set, as the vocalist was in the flames and looked extremely pissed off. The band sounded tight and uncompromising raw.

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Foreseen’s debutalbum titled HELSINKI SAVAGERY turned out to be a piece of brutal slap of intensive crossover thrash punching. Therefore the band’s performance and stage appearance was brutal as hell. The brutal and relentless playing and moving on the stage encouraged the audience go beserk. Foreseen was merciless and uncompromising showing and giving no inch up and offering any kind of mercy. The band pounder the songs off from the debut album with the brutal grip and hit the audience with the tremendous sledgehammer.

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Before Madball was unleashed to give a lesson of NYHC, the domestic long time hard core mongers Bolt hit the small stage to give a lesson of the true Finnish hardcore strike. The five piece proved to be in a one hell of vicious condition right in the beginning of the set. Even though the stage was small and narrow and on the floor level, but that didn’t prevent Bolt cause the ballistic reaction. The frontman of Upright appeared to be doing the guestgrowling while raging in the pit. Bolt

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The tension amongst the audience could be insticted and felt, it was obvious the crowd was eager to cause the total ballistic reaction in the venue. They did and so did Madball.

Madball’s frontman Freddy Cricien was a relentless duracell bunny having got 220 volt or even more right up thru his spine. The man went all around the stage and someone trying to hug him, he slipped kind of agilely. Whereas the long time bassist Jorge “Hoya Roc” Guerra focused on the playing and the guitarist Bryan “Mitts” Daniels did the same thing, but also communicated with Cricien and joked on the stage. However both left the room for Cricien and several stage divers. The set consisted of a number of songs from SET IT OFF and in general it equally featured a number of old songs, but also from the latest output HARDCORE LIVES. However the audience acted liked expected, brutal raging in the pit and old school diving. In general the typical whirling type of raging dancing has turned out to be a permanent way of having fun in the pit. Occasionally it looks hilarious, but on the other hand other audience member had to watch out a little bit. This is the hard core gig and there has to be brutal and intensive slam dancing and diving. Without those aspects the gig would be extremely boring and a band wouldn’t get the fuel to feed the flaming fire.

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These kinds of events should be arranged more where some major headliner with a number of domestic ass kicking hard core outfits in a venue like this one, the place is gonna be packed.