Wicked Inquisition Interview with Nate Towle

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Wicked Inquisition Interview
with Vocalist/Guitarist Nate Towle

Interview by Jo Blackened


[INTERVIEW] Wicked Inquisition

Hey, thanks for your time today. First of all, you used to be known as ‘Sludge’ can you please explain how you guys first came to meet and why the name change to ‘Wicked Inquisition’?

The current lineup came together in late 2012 after various personnel changes. We changed our name to Wicked Inquisition very quickly after inception (2009) because quite frankly, “Sludge” sucked.

What is the meaning behind your name?

Nothing in particular; its sort of a homage to cheesy NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) band names – like Witchfinder General (one of my favorite bands).

[INTERVIEW] Wicked Inquisition.2

You’ve just finished touring around USA. How was the tour  and where has been your favourite place to perform and why? Is there anywhere else you’d really like to play but haven’t?

Well, we have really only toured the Midwest, but overall the reception has been good. I’ve enjoyed performing in Milwaukee, Eau Claire, and Chicago. We want to get out and play the East and West coasts, and we plan to this summer.

Wicked Inquisition

You’re releasing your first full length album ‘Wicked Inquisition’ this month, can you tell us about the concept behind the album? And what can fans expect?

There isn’t really one singular concept but I will say its just a doomy album with a touch of NWOBHM influence. Fans can expect a more mid-tempo traditional approach to doom as opposed to a slow fuzzy one.

What are your personal favourite songs on the album?

I really like Tomorrow Always Knows.

The first track of the album is called ‘Black Magik Nacht’, is this directly related to occultism, or was it meant more ‘tongue in cheek?

Tongue and cheek for sure! The song is actually about a lucid dream experience I had. Its just a joke title sort of fitting the mold of the generic doom song title referencing Satan or the occult.

What are your preferred subjects to sing about lyrically?

Problems and challenges I face in day to day life.

What is the writing/recording process like when it comes to new material? Do you all contribute equally?

I’ve written most of the music myself, though other members do add their own elements. In the future we are looking to have more a collaberative effort.

Have you always been into Doom metal growing up & who would you say are your strongest influences?

I started getting into doom metal around the age of 13. A number of strong influences. For sure Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Witchfinder General, Judas Priest, Trouble, Budgie, Blood Farmers, Blue Cheer….

Your sound is very old school doom metal, was this intentional when first starting out & what are your thoughts on the current modern metal sound?

Intentional in the sense that its what I was listening to most, but I’d say that other influences from outside styles have certainly found its way into our music. Overall modern “radio” metal is pretty lame, but I guess whats “modern” is subject to interpretation. Lots of newer doom, “retro”, or stoner acts that are just awesome right now.

If you could tour with anyone, who would it be and why?

Trouble – they have influenced me greatly.

Will you be attending/performing at any festivals this year?


Will you be touring Europe/England this year?

No, though hopefully one day!

What bands do you like to listen to personally…anyone standing out for you at the moment?

I’ve been listening to this band called Bloodrock, awesome Texas heavy rock from the early 70’s.

Lastly, is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

Thanks for the support!

First single “Black Magik Nacht”: