From Hell’s Heart: Top 6 songs about metal!

From Hells Heart

From Hell’s Heart:
What are the top 6 songs about METAL?

This week we reflect upon songs that are about the very thing we all love – heavy metal.  Typically, these songs have the word “metal” somewhere in their title. Some may not, but for our purposes, we’ve excluded any songs where the title/topic is “rock”.  As much as “Long Live Rock n’ Roll” is an awesome song, or as much as there are other killer songs using the more generic term “rock”, it is not considered here. So here’s what we came up with…

The Top 6

#1.  Anvil – Metal on Metal

From Anvil’s second album of the same name, “Metal on Metal” is a classic of the genre, and Anvil’s most identifiable song.

“Metal on metal
It’s what I crave
The louder the better
I’ll turn in my grave”

#2. Primal Fear – Metal is Forever

From 2004’s DEVIL’s GROUND is a Primal Fear classic that they just about always include in their live set as it’s such an anthem.

“Faster beats are pounding
Glowing tubes – high sounding

Metal is forever
In every single matter
Metal is forever
Nations come together”

#3. Judas Priest – Metal Meltdown

Throwing down the shred gauntlet at the intro,  Priest proved in 1990 that they were more than relevant to a new generation of metalheads. This song contains everything that is excellent about metal.

#4. Manowar – Metal Warriors

Our brothers of metal, Manowar find their spot here with their song “Metal Warriors”.  It contains everyone’s favorite line “Heavy metal or no metal at all whimps and posers leave the hall” Who can not love that?!

#5. Venom – Black Metal

“Lay down your soul to the gods rock `n’ roll”

From 1982’s album of the same name, “Black Metal” belches to the #4 spot!

#6.  Exodus – Metal Command

“Fists are in the air, banging everywhere
thrashing to the sound. faces melting down
it’s time to fight for metal tonight
bangers take your stand and obey
our metal command”

From 1985’s thrashterpiece, Bonded by Blood!


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