The Paul Butterfield Blues Band (SACD)

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
2014, Audio Fidelity
Rating: 5/5

The infamous debut from The Paul Butterfield Blues band gets the special treatment from Audio Fidelity on a hybrid SACD. This will play in all regular CD players so no worries if you haven’t got a Super Audio player. Being a casual Blues fan and as someone who bought the EAST-WEST disc that Audio Fidelity released the news of the debut being issued was welcomed. The combination of Butterfield, Bloomfield and Bishop cannot be beat.

This is an essential album for any Blues fan. It is the real deal. While listening to this it sounds as though you are in a small club hearing the band onstage in front of you. The clarity and live essence is unreal, beautiful soundstage. From the instance that “Born In Chicago” began I reached for the volume knob to turn it up. I was in Blues heaven. This album is the definition of Blues Rock. It has the perfect blend of both genre’s. There is enough edge for Rock fans and the rest is pure Blues for the purists.

I cannot get enough of this album and in the short time of owning it I cannot count how many plays this disc has gotten. It will never be too far from my player. If you want to check out the Blues but are a bit skeptical then begin here. Fantastic album.

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