Skyforger release a brand new album and prepare to play in London, UK

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Words: Anna Dumpe / Publicity photography


Skyforger – the only pagan/folk outfit to ever make it outside the borders of Latvia are finally ready to present their latest and highly anticipated studio album Senprusija that has hit the stores after 5 years or constant gigging and more or less intensive work on new material and concepts.

Aside from it’s musically-historically concept and the ever so present pagan folklore influences, the new album’s theme focuses more on telling the story of the third extinct Baltic nation – ancient Prussians, making this a right treat for all the history geeks, vikings or simply the curious out there.

Senprusija album offers 12 brand new tracks touching up on subjects, like the heroic freedom battles between Prussians the Teutonic Order (1260 -1274), their traditions, ancient gods, life and death, and are sung in all three Baltic languages – latvian, lithuanian and prussian.

The album artwork, to complement the concept of Senprusija, is an image showing that all that’s left of once so mighty Prussian nation is bones and different artefacts found in the archaeological excavations. The rest has disappeared into oblivion.

To give you all just a little bit more detailed and personal view on the album, here’s what Skyforger singer Peter had to say about the album himself:

Senprusija is our dedication to Prussians – one the Ancient Baltic nations who have been destroyed throughout the centuries. I think that for us, the remaining Baltic people of Latvia and Lithuania, it is very important not to lose and forget this important section of our mutual history, that’s why it was so important for me and the band to make this album.’

Skyforger are currently on tour to promote Senprusija and after plenty of European dates, the band are about to perform at London’s Electrowerkz on the 2nd of May, 2015.

Accompanied by bands, like Thy Worshiper, Praesepe and Mørktår, it is looking to be a night full of heavy action, so grab your bagpipes and make sure you’re there on time.

For those unable to attend the London show, Skyforger are heading back on the road to do more European shows and you can read all about them on their Facebook page.

For an insight of what to expect from Senprusija, we offer you to check out their video for a track called “Rāmava”.

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Senprusija is out via Thunderdorge and available to purchase from